Love Lost And Other Poems (revised edition)

September 15, 2017 (9 months ago)
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For No One

When love has gone

and lovers are estranged,

the words of love once sweetly spoken,

the vows of love so bitterly broken,

the fragments of dreams, and the  promises broken.

Where have they gone?

The look of love, once so intense,

now forever beclouded by tears

for the love they thought would last for years.

The sweet feeling, the tender embrace, the sensual touch,

the soft whisper  and warm  caress

 now  leave a bitter taste of sadness.

Where does love go when its gone? 

Love Lost

wherever you are  now,

i hope  that life has been kind to you,

that you are blessed and happy

as I always pray for you to be.

 how great is my regret  for the love  I   had  once 
the anguish of  knowing  I  passed   that  golden chance.

now, like stardusts  in the darkened  galaxy,

fragments of our moments   will forever be  in my memory ..

haunting  my  nights and my days.. after all these years,

 after all the loves,  after all  the people   through the years,

 nobody has loved me the way you  loved me…..

nobody has gazed upon me with such loving eyes…..

nobody has uttered my name with so much  tenderness

nobody has touched me  with such warmth and  gentleness…

our bodies—naked  in the warm  afterglow of  our youthful  passion.

wherever you are now

i hope you could still remember, if only  our joyful  moments

and  forgive  my foolishness   and the  unbearable  torments   

 that broke your heart…that  brought us apart.

wherever you are now

I pray  that you would  forgive me... and  remember me…..

even once in a while.  


Hind na kailangang  marinig ko pa

Kay tagal ko ng alam  ang nais mong iparating.

Na wala na, wala na tayong  dalawa..

Kung bakit kasi pilit pang umaasa

Kahit pa nakikita ko na sa iyong mga mata.

Ang pagkamatay ng   pagbig  na aking inakala

Wala  na ang  lambing sa iyong  mga salita,

Ang init sa  iyong  mga halik,

Ang  pagsuyo  sa iyong mga  yakap

Wala na.

Hindi na kita pahihirapan pa.  

Ito na ang  huli nating  pagkikita.

Dapat nga  sana ay nuon pa.

Pero papaano ba  wakakasan, ang pagibig

na  sinumpaang  walang hanggan.

Huwag,  huwag mo akong  kakaawaan

Masasaktan ako.  Mawawasak..

Subalit, kung may  pahanon  ng  pagtangis,  may  panahon  ng  paghilom.

 Pupulutin ko ang bawat piraso ng  nabasag kung pagkatao,

Buuin ko muli ang bawat bubog nitong  pusong  nadurog.

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