Love Chemicals at Work

April 26, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Now I noticed that I am more in control of my feelings. Before, it was so easy for me to fall hopelessly in love that I look stupid infront a guy. I was easy to read and uhmmm so easy.

This time, I felt that my mind has matured. When I agreed to work for a short-time in Viet Nam, I was all set to be serious and just be career-focused. Wala naman distractions kasi ang pa-payat ng mga lalaki (at na tu-turn off ako pag naiisip ko kung gaano din kapayat yon).

The local ladies are also thin. Beside a Vietnamese girl I look more on the voluptuous side. Everytime my friend, a Vietnamese, and I go out for lunch, all I can say is that I am now at the receiving end of men’s ogles. Hey, what happened! Magpunta sila sa Pilipinas dami magaganda doon.

Just recently, due to the demand our work, I met new people to work with. One of then is Nhan, a local Vietnamese guy. He was just different from all other guys. He is tall, nice eyes, good body too. He is really hot! Since he is new, and leading his own team, he has to discuss some topics with me.

So, it was just us in our little corner. Discussing for a long time! I actually have my own tasks. But we discussed for 3 long hours. Little did I know that a very important collegue was waiting for Nhan’s time. That colleague remarked ‘Hey Nhan, just because she is pretty and beautiful you spend all your time with her. What about us?’

Nhan just blushed that I have to smile secretly. He is actually quite young and his professional expertise is impressive.

Last Friday, last week, I did not sleep. I watched Korean series, ‘My love from another star.’ I watched it 4 times already. This series brings back silly ideas about love, destiny, and zing. I was wiping some tears away, when I received a message through skype at 2am from Nhan.

Nhan: Hi (smiley) Late??
Me: Uhmm just watching Korean series. You.
Nhan: hi hi working (with a big smile emoticon).
Me: Oh? Enjoy then
Nhan: Korean series (smiley again) just like my mom.
Me: It was also my mom who recommended that I watched this too.

That was pretty harmless huh.

Thursday came, I received an inquiry email from one of the client. But I can’t figure out from his signature his first name? So I sent Nhan a message.

Me: Nhan
Nhan: Yes, Antoinette
Me: If I want to send email to this name xxxLe which one is the first name?
Nhan: Le is the first name
Me: Gee. Thanks Nhan
Nhan: np
Nhan: yw (with a kiss icon)

If there is something I need, I normally ask from Singapore people. However, eversince Nhan arrived, the replies were ‘I’ll ask Nhan and get back to you’ or ‘I have to consult with Nhan’ or ‘Nhan is handling that now’.

Me: Nhan, do you have a minute? I need something. (So I described to him what I wanted in theory)
Nhan: Okay. I understand.

Then he worked on my computer and finished the task in front of my eyes in 30 mins! I was looking at him so impressed! I’ve never worked with anyone like that before. Normally, the responses are ‘I’ll check and get back to you’.

Me: How come that you know what to do right away? You’ve done this before?
Nhan: No. I just figured it out. (There is that twinkle in his eyes again.)
Me: Er… thanks Nhan (He was too close for comfort)
Nhan: You are already married? (He saw Ron’s ring. Napataas boses nya at narinig ng isang kasamahan ko.)

Sridher (yong nakarinig): She doesn’t look like she is married.
Nhan: Since when?
Me: Since I started working here. (nagstammer tuloy ako. I dont know how to answer him.)

I am really thankful of Ron’s ring. Naalala ko tuloy yong movie ni Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

Me: Why? Are you married?
Nhan: Yes (Saw his ring the first time we had that discussion.)

Me: Since when?
Nhan: Since last year.

Me: Wow. You must still be in honeymoon stage.
Nhan: Single is more fun.

He looked at me one more time and left to go back to his place. I was a little disconcerted with what happened that I went home immediately. Luckily Nathan (my FUBU in Phils) was online.

Nathan: Tsk tsk. Sa mukha mo sya nakatingin. Gwapo naman ba? (hmm yong lalaking to sobrang confident. Di to nagseselos not even with Ron.)
Me: Sakto lang. Wag mo na isipin yon share share lang.

Nathan: E pano na yong isang nanghingi ng date sayo para ipasyal ka?
Me: Ohh that. I backed-out. Told him im busy.
Nathan: Hmm mukhang ma –fri- friendzone sya.

If ever mamamasyal ako dito, it will be with someone special. I can imagine him wrapping his arms around me while looking at the view sobrang perfect ng moment na yon for me.

Me: Nathan. Ui! Ano na ginagawa mo?
Nathan: Heto, masakit na yong ulo ko sa baba. (at pinakita nya sa cam kung ano ginagawa nya while kausap nya ako)

Me: Really! Wala ka palang ni isang saplot! (Sa totoo lang habang kausap sya kanina pa nininigas yong utong ko. At medyo wet na rin ako down there.)

Nathan: Patingin naman maski konti lang.
Me: Ayoko Nathan. Shy ako.

Nathan: Itaas mo naman yong shirt mo nakabakat na y... Read More

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