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March 3, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Long vs Short ----- StoriesI've read a number of adequately long stories here. What I mean are chapters that consist of multiple scenes.

I'ts makes me wonder how they - the writers - put a specific pace for each scene wherein it won't be so rigorous that the whole chapter could be one steamy pile of humping on one corner of a room, which brings me to short stories.

Short stories on the other hand, I've read alot of this that makes use of scene by scene chapters. Every chapter is a specific setting, a room, a car, a long conversation somewhere - which always caps off with a loud "Uuummfffpp!". laughing

I've been reading my manuscripts, "Confirm Friend Request #1" for example is an amalgamation of brain-fudging scene jumping horror of a story - FYI: di po horror yung istorya, erotic din po iyon. LOL. laughing

On the otherhand, the prologue "Confirm Friend Request" is a correctly paced single scene structure. Which I would say, is my first and foremost best write-up. 

Badtrip lang yung chapter 1, akala ko makakagawa ako ng isang medium sized chapter. laughing Kaso mukhang tanga lang yung time skips at scene changes.

Now i've realized, its better to give a specific pace for each scene. So that your brain wont explode with too much ideas that you are writing or READING. wink

P.S.: Mahirap pala gumawa ng isang chapter na mahaba. Parang isang session na nagpipigil ka para tumagal ang sarap at di mabitin ang kapareha mo. LOL. tongue-out

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