March 30, 2014 (4 years ago)
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I am reaping the fruit of the lies that had occurred few months ago.
I made those lies because there are things that you are not comfortable with, like the vices that ive used to, the people I mingle with and most of all the institution which I belong. I had no time in altering those beliefs of yours neither had I intentions of stopping them when you were still here for I knew that I will be able to change them in no time, yes I knew in myself that I can change and forget those but it seemed that I ran out of time, things happened because you eyed on me like you never believed me. I am not blaming you its just that I am not comfortable with the feeling that is running in me now,I feel so much trouble, I am so afraid that you’ll call and tell me we’re done, but the lanterns we have seen on our first date reminds me of the things you want me hold on, yes those are my strengths. Sorry, for I needed to lie,sorry that I needed to do those acts to cover up my weakness, sorry that ive been a mess for a while and sorry that I made you believe I am good for nothing. But the love that I have for you and the love that I felt 21 mos.ago just grew and I will love yo... Read More

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