Let Me Be (A Futile and Failed Attempt to Respond to sushicat009's Love Me Like You Do)

December 7, 2015 (2 years ago)
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[Sinubukan kong gayahin si wickd.witz na sagutin din yung tula. ngunit,subalit, sumakatwid baga'y sawi ako. lol)

I've been loving you from a safe distance,
I've chosen this path of less resistance
Coz to you I am a nonexistance.

Wanted to be the one to see you through,
No matter what comes, what you say or do-
I just want you to stay and somehow true.

Let me be the words of your melody;
Maybe we'd make a perfect harmony
That lovers could sing till eternity.

Let me be the canvass that you paint on,
May it represent a still echelon;
It will be a delight to look upon.

Let me swim in the vastness of your sea,
You're the firmament to the finned, you see;
That without you how my breathing would be?

And in the end I wish that I could say:
I love you more than any words could lay-
Jus let me be the one with whom you'd stay.

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