Lagtalk with Tito Boy

September 23, 2017 (8 months ago)
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Lagtalk with Tito Boy
Date of Show: Depende sa Availability/Willingness ng Guest      
Running Time: 30 mins (longer depende sa Lag)


TB: Good Evening Everyone welcome to lagtalk with tito boy. (Canned Applause Sound)

Establishing  Shot kay tito boy.. zoom in/half body shot after  the applause

TB : Welcome sa  Special Episode ng Lagtalk with tito boy.. sa episode na ito, I would like to talk about the lagtalk,..uhmm.. noong bago pa lang ako dito or newbie na tinatawag nila, I witness a lot a hotseat, o yung initerviewhin ang isang blue or purpol sa lobby with some intimate question. i was informed that “hotseat” is a kind of “welcoming” sa site o sa lobby,  since when it started? I don’t know, it’s a culture that has been passed from the one newbie to another newbie.  On a personal note, hindi ko na maalala sino ang naghotseat sa akin.

Camera 2(left) further zoom-in head shot

TB: Actually , natuwa ako sa hotseat, at natutuwa pa rin ako sa hotseat, uhmm lalo na pagnagkakagulo na sa lobby everybody wants to get some action, nagsasalimbayan ang mga tanong at whisper at mga comment, nabubuhay ang lobby at nakakaaliw basahin ang convo…  kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko subukan ko kaya maghotseat minsan…  pero I have a bit reservation.. 

Back to cam(front) 1 head shot

TB: Naisip ko masyado magulo ang salimbayan na mga tanong, masyado magulo kapag ung question ay by product ng spur of the moment or kung ano lang ang interest ng interviewer, so naisip ko maganda may structure, so I’ve  decide to put certain  questions  that subtle enough but enticing enough to generate further questions and put a structure in the line of questioning… yes mga kaibigan, the following question are not new, it’s been floating around for along time, since penpal, phonepal, mirc at hanggang sa ibat ibang chat room ngaun, the mode of delivery the question may change but the essence is same, to start a conversation, wherever that lead is up to the “audience” and the “guest”. 

Switch to camera 2( left side) mid body shot

Another element the comes in the making of the “lagtalk” is the handlename of “uncleboy”.  Nalimutan ko na kung sino ang unag tumawag sa akin na Titoboy instead of may handle name, since then tito boy and uncle boy become interchangeable.  Idagdag pa natin ang kalbo na avatar na One Punch Man.  

It was a beautiful coincidence,  Kalbo + titoboy  plus series of question  equals to “lagtalk”. A word play of the show “fast talk with boy abunda”  who has the same element ;  kalbo (na beki) , Tito boy (Abunda) and a series of question.

As per encouragement of a.bit,  sultry siren and savior  i ve have decided to post the question of lagtalk here. 

Roll VTR: Lagtalk questionnaire

cat o dog
isda o ibon
laptop o desktop
android o iphone
shirt o sando
bikini o tback
boxer or brief
romper o pajama
short or pajama
favourite color?
sleeping position fetal, on stomach o on your back
Pink or brown
Cotton or lace  
Pillow o comforter
comfort food
best way to your heart
kung bulaklak ka? ano ka?
best skill
2 words ideal boyfriend o girlfriend
favorite food.
sexiest part of your body
best asset
chest or abs
boob o butt
artista na gusto mo makatalik? why?
turns you on the most about the opposite sex
turns you off the most about the opposite sex
naughtiest thing you've ever done
shave or wax    
trim o shave
long foreplay o quickie                 
position: man on top o woman on top
missionary o dogstyle     
dila o daliri                          
blowjob o handjob
screamer o moaner?     
dominant o submissive
erogenous zone: neck o leg  o ear
Foreplay or Roleplay
sexual fantasy?
anong the fantasy fulfilled alin ang best....
mmf o ffm
sex in public place?
sino ang best sex mo?
swinging? Yes or no
mayaman o masipag
When is the best time of day to have sex?
Size or performance
katawan o performance
1 to 10, 10 being the highest, gaano ka kagaling blowjob 
most sensitive part of your body
sexiest compliment you’ve ever given
Doggy style or cowgirl   
dogstyle o 69
mayaman o masipag
Spit or swallow?              
favorite position
craziest place you ever had sex
passionate sex o rough sex
bondage? yes or no?
biting o spanking
sweet talk o dirty talk..
after sex cuddle o sweet talk...
malakas ang kiliti, legs, neck or hips
light on light off
sex o chocolate

But the most important part of the lagtalk is the guest.  There will no lagtalk if walang willing and cooperative “guest” na game na game na sumasagot sa mga tanong. Gusto natin bigyan ng malaking pasasalamat ang mga naging guest ng lagtalk

Roll VTR: List of Guest

Rei                     annaleisekeating

Justmezcx           ayeen

mayumi97           clue11

peppermint        MaryMagdalene

tralala43               anahbitcoolet

abit                        charlie27

savior                    chiilabs

reipil                      iamjada

curiouslang         olivia

princessxxx        Diwata224

mavybee             arkie

gary lising            pinkishpink

sweetbaker        shymalandi

raven35z0           kayecee

dee                        roashdf

badoodles           denise

Marcella               aphroditexxiv

diwata224           Sophia                

akela                     Loona chan        


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