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April 2, 2015 (3 years ago)
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“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISAAAAA!!!”, as all of my friends were cheering!

It was my 22nd birthday. I was celebrating it with some of our college friends. We were at the comfort of our home. My boyfriend, Julius, planned a mini-gathering and invited few of our closest friends back in college. It was just 9PM that time and the party was just getting started.

“Hey, babe! Happy Birthday!”, as Julius approached me and gave me a smack on the lips while I was sitting on a heightened chair.

“Thanks, babe! Thank you for inviting everyone to celebrate it with me!”, I politely said.

“No problem po. It's the least that I can do.”, as he kissed me again.

My relationship with Julius has always been a roller coaster ride. Both of us are not perfect, we know that. We have our quarrels and misunderstandings, like normal boyfriend-girlfriend do. But I have a deep dark secret that I was still keeping from him, Alvin. Almost 2 months since Alvin and I had our motel escapades. We continued our communication via text messages, but haven't seen him since. Julius didn't know anything about him or what I've done. It was just a matter of time before I could drop the bomb on him or he might find out himself. For that point in time, I was just going with the flow.

“Happy Birthday, dear! Cheers!”, as one of my girl friends, Nikki, approached me to have a toast.

“Thank you! Thank you!”, as we shot our glasses.

We were in the garage. A long table was set-up for us to use. Alcohol drinks were rum, vodka and tequila. No beer because I didn't like the taste of it. I was focusing on the tequila, because it's one of my favorites. Junk food, pork bbq, chicken finger and buttered corn were among the dishes served that night. If I could still recall, we were 9 that evening including me and Julius.

“So, musta naman ang buhay buhay, ha, Mare?”, as Nikki suddenly asked.

“Okay naman. Stress sa trabaho. Palagi kasing madaming paper works na kailangang asikasuhin. And knowing my boss, she wouldn't let the deadline to be extended.”, I told her.

“Ha ha! Ganyan talaga, girl, sa banking company. Puro papel ang inaatupag. Bakit hindi ka na lang lumipat sa iba kung stress ka lagi?”, she wondered.

“Tiyagain ko muna doon. Since, kaka-start pa lang naman. And kuha muna ako experience para pwede na akong mag demand ng salary sa susunod kong aapplyan.”

“May point ka diyan. Oh, siya! Maginom na lang tayo.”, Nikki got up from her seat to get more tequila.

She poured my shot glass with it, handed a lemon and the salt dispenser. We clanged glasses before we did our shots. I have no concerns getting drunk that night because it was my birthday and I was at the comfort of home. If ever I'd passed out, Julius can accompany me to my bedroom. For that night, I should just have fun and not to worry of anything.

“LISAAAA!!!”, as Mon, one of my best buds back in college shouted.

“BAKIT??!?!”, as I played along.

Mon put his arm across my should. “Thank you ah! Enjoy kami sa party mo! Wuhoooo!”, obviously, he was already drunk.

“Ha ha! Lasing ka na, Mon!”, I told him.

“Ako?! Hindi ah!! Malaki ang kargada ko! Tara inom pa tayo!”, as he invited me to sip a shot of his glass with rum in it.

I got his glass and drank it straight up. Ugh! I don't really like rums but I'd prefer it over a bottle of beer. Drinking beers would only make my stomach ache. That's why I hated it. That's why I didn't buy any. I know my guy friends would suggest it but it's my party, my house, my rules that night.

“Nice! Apir!”, as we exchanged high fives.

“Grabe! Ang tapang ng timpla mo!”, as my face was like sickening.

“Ha ha! Okay nga eh, parang wala lang sakin. Happy Birthday ulit, Lisa!”, as he gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Thanks, Mon!”

Every time a friend approached me, he/she invites me for a toast. Different mixes of alcohol were already inside my belly. I was getting dizzy but still okay and could go on for hours more. The atmosphere was so fun! Everybody was laughing and singing. It was full of joy! I was so thankful to those guys for celebrating my day with me.

I was just beside Julius when my phone began vibrating inside my pocket. When I pulled it out, it was Alvin, he was calling me. I didn't answer it because Julius might question it, hence, I dropped his call. Seconds after, Alvin sent me a text message...

Alvin: Bakit ayaw mong sagutin?
Me: Bakit ka ba tumatawag?

As I discreetly hid my phone from Julius' sight so I could reply to Alvin.

Alvin: Babatiin sana kita. Birthday mo ngayon diba?
Me: How did you know?!
Alvin: Haha! Uhm, because we have a common friend, Dee?
Me: Ugh! Oo, birthday ko ngayon at katabi ko boyfriend ko, so, huwag ka munang magtext!
Alvin: Eh ano naman? Iba pangalan ko diyan sa phone mo diba? Hindi na niya mahahalata yan. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
Me: Thanks! Sige na, may ginagawa pa ako.
Alvin: Teka lang, ito naman! Magusap pa tayo.

“Babe, sino yan?”, was shocked when Julius suddenly asked me.

“Ha? Ka-officemate ko, babe. Bumati lang.”, as I slid my phone inside my pocket and quickly got my drink to take a sip.

“Ah, okay. Gusto mo pa ng tequila? Ubos na yang iniinom mo.”, Julius offered me.

“Sure! Ok lang, babe.”, as I gave my glass.

That was a close call. If he would have had got my phone to check it, then the perfect night might not end very well. I'm sure there'll be a quarrel between us. An intense one because he was already consuming too much alcohol at that point. It's a recipe for disaster, if ever. But fortunately though, he's not the type. He would not bother checking my phone out, as long as I'd do the same. Which, on my end, it's a win-win.

My party went on. It was passed 11PM and everybody was starting to get noisier. Signs that they were getting tipsy. I was controlling my pace, though. I didn't want to be the first person to drop in bed. Sometimes, I come in and out of the house to walk my dizziness off. Also, to check if Alvin was still annoying me. Thank God, he didn't send another text message after his last one.

I was in the kitchen to grab a glass of water for a friend when Julius followed me...

“Babe! Are you okay?”, Julius asked.

“Yes po. I'm still fine.”, confidently told him.

“Good!”, and then he wrapped his arms around my waist and began kissing me on the lips.

His hands moved swiftly down to butt cheeks. He squeezed it a bit. “Hmmm...”, as I gave a little moan inside his mouth. Our tongues were engaged in a matter of seconds. Julius pinned my back on the kitchen counter. Then, quickly, his right hand went inside my maong shorts from the back. It reached my ass and groped it. I was submitting to him when I heard a voice...

“Lisa? San ka?”, it was Nikki.

We immediately stopped and fixed ourselves. “Bakit? Nandito ako sa kusina.”, as I shouted. When Nikki came in, Julius and I pretended that nothing happened.

“Oh, bakit?”, I asked her.

“Sorry to disturb you guys, ha ha! May naghahanap kasi sayo sa labas. Naka kotse. Hindi ko naman kilala kung sino.”, as she explained.

“Huh? Sino yun?”, sounded confused.

“May ineexpect ka pa bang bisita, babe?”, Julius followed.

“Hm, alam ko kayo lang ininvite ko. Teka, check ko kung sino 'yon.”, as the three of us walked outside the house.

Julius accompanied me outside. After I looked around, the car from afar was a familiar one. Only a couple of seconds when it finally sinked into my mind, it was Alvin's car!

“Babe, sino 'yon? Kilala mo?”, my boyfriend questioned.

I really didn't know what to say to him at that point. “Ah, oo, taga dito lang din 'yon. Childhood friend ko.”, as I alibied. “Diyan ka muna, babe, puntahan ko lang sandali.”, I instructed Julius to wait for me in front of the gate.

“God, what the hell is he doing?”, I was thinking that for myself while walking towards Alvin's car.

Alvin opened his car's door and went down before I could even get near it. “Hi! Happy Birthday!”, with a grim on his face.

“Anung ginagawa mo dito?!”, as quietly as I could. I was preventing to voice it out so Julius could not hear our conversation.

“Gusto lang naman kita batiin in person. Masam ba 'yon?”, Alvin said.

“Siraulo ka ba?! Nandiyan yung boyfriend ko oh!”

“Eh ano namna? Hindi pa niya ako kilala. I have no worries, he he!”

“Fuck! Can you just go home, please? You are not welcome here!”, I was starting to get irritated and nervous at the same time.

“Kararting ko lang, papauwiin mo na ako kaagad? How rude, Lisa. He he!”

“Basta! Ayokong nandito ka! Please lang, Alvin! Please!”, begged him.

“Pakilala mo lang ako sa boyfriend ko then I will go. I promise!”, he smiled.

“As what? The guy who fucked me twice?! Baliw ka na talaga noh?!”

“Ayaw mo? Gusto mo ako magpakilala? Isang sigaw lang naman eh.”

“Just don't! Please lang!”, as I stared at him with eyes wide opened.

“Okay. Okay. Ipakilala mo lang ako as a friend then I won't bother you na. That's it!”

“GOD!! You're just an asshole, do you know that?!”

“And you love fucking this ahole, am I right?”

“UGH!! FINE!!”, as I walked back to the house.

Alvin was just behind me. Julius, meanwhile, was still patiently waiting for us. And when we got closer, I introduced Alvin...

“Babe, meet Alvin. As I said earlier, kababata ko siya.”, my nervousness has sky-rocketed. “Alvin, this is Julius, my boyfriend.”

“Hi, bro. Nice to meet you!”, as Alvin offered a hand shake.

“Alvin, nice to meet you too, bro.”, Julius offered his.

That might have been the most awkward thing that ever happened in my entire life! The guy I love and the guy I fucked, met in my freaking birthday! In my goddamn home! How weirder can it get?

“I've heard so much about you, bro. Lagi ka kasing nakukwento sakin ni Lisa.”, Alvin told Julius.

“Ah talaga? Well, weird, I've never heard anything about you from her.”, my boyfriend was beginning to wonder.

“Eh kasi, babe, wala lang naman din akong ikekwento tungkol kay Alvin kaya hindi ko nasasabi sa'yo. Tsaka minsan lang naman kami magkapagusap niyan kaya minsan nakakalimutan ko na.”, stupid reasons came out from my mouth.

“Ah, okay. Bro, baka gusto mong shot? Madaing alak sa loob.”, he suddenly invited Alvin.

“Okay lang, bro, thanks! Dumaan lang naman ako para batiin si Lisa.”

“Oo nga, babe. Tsaka may work pa siya tomorrow. Maaga pasok niya”, I quickly followed through.

“Maaga pa naman, babe, eh. I'm sure Alvin wouldn't mind a couple of drinks, diba? Unless, may tinatago kayo?”, Julius said.

“HUH?!”, shocked on what he said.

“Joke lang, babe! Ikaw naman! Ha ha! Tara na, get inside, bro.”, he insisted.

“Well, sige.”, Alvin went inside after Julius.

What in the world just happened there?! Now I was thinking how can I divert my attention from Alvin. I'm sure I will be distracted the whole night, but I was finding a way to avoid any interaction from him, physically and even verbally. God, help me!

Julius introduced Alvin to the folks. Alvin then shook everyone's hand before settling on a seat across where I was seated. Julius and I went back and continued the party. One of my guy friends handed Alvin an empty glass and just told him to get any drink he wanted.

I still couldn't believe Alvin was sitting in front of me. My mood went to silent mode when he arrived. Some of friends noticed it but I just told them that I was getting tipsy, just another alibi to divert the topic.

Nikki came to me. “Pst! Ok ka lang, dear?”, she asked.

“Oo naman! I'm good. Medyo hilo lang.”

“Don't drink na. If you want to rest, then go.”, she said.

“No! I'm fine. Inom pa tayo. Maaga pa! He he!”, as I laughed it off.

“That's my girl!”, she poured another round of tequila in my glass. “By the way, sino yang Alvin na 'yan? He's cute ah.”, as Nikki whispered.

“Ah, kababata ko and taga dito lang din, malapit lang.”

“Is he single?”

“I think so. Hay nako, huwag ka na diyan. Humanap ka na lang ng iba.”, I swayed her.

“Bakit naman? He's a hooker. Bagay kami, ha ha!”, as she giggled hardly.

“Basta, girl! I think he's a player.”, which is so true.

“I don't mind playing with him, though. You know me, I like playing games!”, as she sipped her drink.

Nikki was really into Alvin. But I was trying to protect my friend for getting hurt, if ever they hook up one day. Or, there's just one side of me that I was being selfish and only wanted Alvin's attention to be focused on me alone. It sounded funny and weird but at the time, it was the way I felt for him.

Short after, I felt my phone vibrated. Took it out from my pocket and saw that Alvin texted me...

Alvin: Quite nostalgic huh? Remember this setting?
Me: I don't want to talk about it! And you shouldn't be here right now!
Alvin: Well, I am now. And your bf invited me. Haha! :P
Me: You should leave soon, then.
Alvin: Why? I am still enjoying the drinks. Besides, I like starting at your nice legs. Reminds me of our deed at the motel.
Me: Fuck you! Don't tease me!
Alvin: I like how tight your maong shorts are. Your ass has beautiful curves.

After his last message, I didn't reply anymore. I just looked at him with a cranky face. He just grimed back at me.

“Babe, ok ka lang?”, as Julius called my attention to check me.

“Yes, babe! I'm still good. Eh ikaw?”

“Ok pa din, ha ha! Medyo napadami na pero kaya pa.”

“Okay. Not too much ha?”

“Yes po. Don't worry. Dito naman ako matutulog eh. And probably, tabi tayo?”, as he winked.

“Ha ha! Nandiyan sila Mommy, noh? Hindi pwede. Anyway, I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Gusto mo samahan kita?”

“Nope. Sa room ako mag CCR, may kukunin din kasi ako sa taas.”, told Julius.

I got inside the house and went up to my room to take a leak. Before I headed down, I took some snacks that were kept in my closet to serve it downstairs. I also changed my shirt because I was already sweating and exchanged it with something thin and comfortable.

Short after, I came back outside. I quickly noticed that Nikki and Alvin were already sitting beside each other. They were “closely” chatting and having some giggles. Nikki really likes him, I could tell from her face. Alvin, I thought, was just playing along with her but his smiles and creepy look into his eyes were also visible.

I thought I was relieved because Alvin's attention was diverted to Nikki. But deep inside, something was kicking my stomach. A gut-wrenching feeling that I couldn't understand. At that point, I just didn't mind it. My eyes were saying otherwise because it was always veering towards the two. I, in no reason at all, was observing their chit-chat.

“Babe, tignan mo yung friend mo tsaka si Nikki, nagkaka-igihan na ah, he he!”, my boyfriend also noticed it.

“Oo nga eh. Trip nila isa't-isa.”, I replied in a low-toned voice.

Julius went to into drinking with Mon. Meanwhile, the two were still at it. I saw Alvin's hand was furtively glazing on Nikki's legs. She was only wearing a skirt that night that's why Alvin had an easy access. They were talking so close that just a few little more inches, their mouths could interact. I was becoming to be selfish at that point. Didn't want Alvin to be toying with someone else. Especially a close friend of mine. What a crazy feeling!

All of a sudden, both of them got up from their seats and went outside. Nikki walked ahead while her hand was tied up with Alvin, like she was inviting him. I glanced away because they might see me checking them out. I was kept wondering on what they're going to do. My feet were itching to follow them but my butt was pinning me down because I was still in denial that I was getting jealous. But when I noticed that they haven't come back yet for a long time, that's when I already stood up and walked outside the gate.

“Babe, saan ka pupunta?”, Julius asked.

“Tawagin ko lang si Nikki, babe. Wait lang po.”

And when I got out, I saw the two standing at the side of Alvin's car. Nikki's arms were wrapped around Alvin's shoulders. They were petting in public. I watched them for about few seconds before I voiced out Nikki's name to call her.

“NIKKI!!”, as I shouted over the distance.

They were surprised and halted whatever they were doing.

“LISAAA!! Coming!”, as I heard from Nikki.

She jogged back and left Alvin there. “Oh bakit, girl?”, she asked.

“Nawala ka kasi, nagiinuman pa tayo! Ano bang ginagawa niyo sa labas?!”, even though I already saw them.

“Ah, wala naman. Naguusap lang, ha ha!”, she laughed.

“Naguusap ha? Tara na, pasok na tayo at gusto ko nang kainuman!”

We went back inside and sat near Julius. Told Nikki to sit beside so I can detach her from Alvin. Yes, I admitted that I was jealous and selfish at the same time. Alvin also came back after a few minutes. He looked at me. I stared back with an irritable face. Alvin, for sure, was clueless on why but I just wanted to let him feel that she can't touch my friend, moving forward.

Alvin was left in an island after that. He wasn't talking to anyone, only sipping on his alcohol. I quietly got my phone and texted him...

Me: Huwag mong lalandiin kaibigan ko ha? She's not what you think she is.
Alvin: Haha! Talaga lang ha? Ano bang paki mo sa ginagawa namin?
Me: She is my friend and I don't want her to be played like a fool.
Alvin: Played like what I've been doing to you? Admit it, you were jealous.
Me: DUH?! Why would I? I have a boyfriend and you have nobody!
Alvin: He wouldn't be once I tell it to his face what we've done.
Me: Tangina mo! 'Wag mong subukan, he wouldn't believe you!
Alvin: Oh really? Eh ang daling ipakita nitong text message mo, haha!

After that, I left again and went inside the house to cool off. Pissed so much with Alvin that I deliberately shut the door hardly. Went to the kitchen to get some ice for my drink. I sipped all of my remaining tequila in one go. Didn't even followed it with lemon and salt. I drank it straight up. Checked myself in the mirror and noticeably, I was already reddish. I had too much drink and it's a sign that I should stop. But before I should go to bed, I must tell Julius first, which, in seconds, got me walking towards to the garage. And when I was inches away from the door, Alvin suddenly went inside.

“Saan ang CR niyo?”, he asked.

“Doon!”, answered him briefly and just pointed out the direction.

He immediately grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to go with him.

“Anu ba?!”, as I almost shouted. But he continued to drag me. “Sige, magiingay ako!”

“Eh di magingay ka! Nang malaman ng lahat kung gaano ka kalandi!”, he wittingly said.

I didn't what to reply. He threatened me and I didn't want to make a scene in my own party. We were still in a tug-of-war, but since he's strong and his body is built, he was easily winning the struggle.

“Bitawan mo nga ako, Alvin!”, as we almost got near the CR.

Alvin didn't let go. Hence, he guided my hand to touch his dick from outside his pants. “Gusto mo naman 'to, diba?”

It was already bulging!

“Ano?! You want this or not?!”, he asked again.

I didn't respond. I just let my hand spoke for myself and tightened my grip a bit, signaled that I did want it. In unforeseen feeling, I was craving for Alvin. Enviousness together with too much alcohol hungered me.

Alvin sensed it and immediately pulled me inside the bathroom. He opened the light, closed the door and locked it. We kissed. Torridly. Hastily. We were like thirsty people. Our tongues got engaged in a sword fight. Lashing. Embracing. Alvin and I were tumbling inside until we settled ourselves in the shower area. He pinned my back against the wall. His hand swiftly traveled inside my shirt and into my bra to caress my breast. At the same time, my hand also joined the act as it went inside his pants and briefs to stroke his cock. Believe it or not, that was the only first time that I really touched his manhood.

“Uhhhmmmmppppffff....”, as we both exhaled a moan inside our dripping mouths.

The taste of different alcohols were tasted as we continue to passionately kissed each other. The thought of getting caught thrilled me. My delight for fervor was quickly put up. I was scared but it was overpowered by lust. I was just hoping that no one would notice us.

Alvin lifted my shirt and bra and went down on my chest to play it with his tongue. I undid his pants and pulled it down together with his underwear. My hand commenced on masturbating his shaft. It was so freaking hard! Meanwhile, upstairs, Alvin was biting my nips while mashing the boob cheek.

“Shhhhhheeeetttt!”, as I moaned.

Short after, he stopped to turn me around. I was now facing the bathroom wall. He rapidly removed my shorts and panties and was preparing to enter me from behind, when suddenly...

Tok! Tok! “May tao?”, as someone knocked on the door. It was Julius!

Alvin shut my mouth with his left hand. “Uhm, bro, nandito ako. Wait lang.”, as he shouted. He then point his dick into my hole's entrance, carefully.

“Ah, okay. Sige, bro, sorry.”, as I heard my boyfriend answered from outside the bathroom door.

Alvin pushed his way in me. I was trying whatever it takes to keep my moan from letting out. He thrusted deeper and deeper until he began moving his way in and out of my tight cunt. Alvin's right hand groped and fondled my boob as he continued to pound me stiffly. My eyes were rolling in delightfulness but my heart was beating fast like hell! I was so fucking scared we could get caught but I didn't want to think of it, not at that point yet.

“Bro, matagal ka pa ba?”, after Julius knocked.

“Uhm, ou, bro. Ang sama kasi ng tiyan ko. Baka matagalan pa. Sorry ha?”, Alvin's voice was shaky and was like catching his breath.

He was preventing his hips to hit on my ass because it might make devious sounds. I wanted to really let out a slight moan just to exhale the burning feeling inside. But Alvin was tightly shutting my mouth up and I couldn't do shit!

“Ok, bro. Sa labas na lang ako iihi.”, Julius finally gave up and hoped that he walked away.

Alvin commenced fucking me. He changed his pace from being concerned to being harsh. His hips were now banging against my butt cheeks. His hand was pinching my nipple so roughly. From his covering hand, he inserted two fingers inside my mouth. I sucked and licked both of it with pleasure.

“Uhhhhmmmmm...”, as I sobbed while doing his fingers.

After few moments, both of his hands went down to hold my hips. I sensed that he was already near to explode. He leaned his head forward to put it on top of my shoulders. He drilled harder and faster. His thing was getting angrier and bigger. I was waiting for his climax.

“Ooohhh fuuuuuck!”, as I heard him moan near my ear.

Few more pumps and he quickly removed his manhood out of my pussy. He swayed to my right side and stroked it. “Uuuugggghhhhh!”, as quietly as he could. His cum fell all over the tiled floor. I just stood there and watched him. “Daaaaammnnn!”, he followed through as he finished the last drop of his juice.

I fixed myself up and told him to hurry. Instructed Alvin to go out first and just text message me if it's clear. After few more minutes, he gradually opened the door and stuck his head out to check if there was someone outside. He quickly signaled that it was clear, so he went straight back to garage and I quickly went up to my room. As soon as I reached my room, I was so relieved! Finally, I could take a breather!

Stayed in my room for a while so no one would notice the steamy interaction me and Alvin did. But my lower abdomen were hurting because Alvin left me hanging! If we've stayed a little longer inside the bathroom, some other person might go there and use it as well. My phone suddenly vibrated and it was Alvin. He sent me a text message...

Alvin: Thanks for the lovely quickie! Haha!
Me: Shit ka! Binitin mo ko!
Alvin: Sorry. Let me make it up to you, then.

Took me a long time before I could reply back to him. I was thinking of where and when I could let my heated feeling out...

Alvin: Lisa?
Me: Meet me downstairs, after 10 minutes.
Alvin: You're the boss.

When I got down, Alvin was already in the living room, waiting for me. I took a peek in the garage through the screen door before inviting Alvin to come with me. I led him at the side of our house where there's a small window, overseeing the garage area. From my vantage point, I could see who'll be entering the house and still have enough time to come out from that spot.

As Alvin was nearing, I hastily pulled my shorts and panties down then positioned myself facing the window. He already knew what I wanted for him to do so when he was already at my back, he knelt and quickly ate my waiting vagina.

“Hmmmmmm....”, as I silently moaned.

He hardened his tongue and started devouring me. His hands parted my butt cheeks so he could eat me gracefully. I was also feeling his tongue overlapping my other hole which gave me so much sensation. Preventing my eyes to close in delightfulness as I might miss a person going inside the house.

“Uhhmmmmpppfff...”, as I bit my lips.

My hips began swaying. I was fucking loving his tongue action down there! I could almost feel my hot juices as it rushes inside. Alvin then repositioned himself and turned around. I spread my legs so his head could fit between it. He resumed munching my cunt. Looking down, I can now see his head. Both of his hands were holding my thighs. My eyes veered outside to check the other folks. They were still boozing and have no idea what was happening inside.

“Almost there....”, I said to Alvin.

And when I was already feeling the rush, I saw Julius stood up from his seat and was walking towards the door. I stopped Alvin and swiftly put my shorts and panties back. Told Alvin to stay there until Julius and I were clear from the area. After that, I ran in the living room and just in time when Julius came inside, I greeted him.

“Babe!”, as I called his attention.

“Oh, babe! Ginulat mo naman ako! Saan ka ba galing? Tagal mong nawala.”, he wondered.

“I was waiting for you. Halika.”

As I held his hand and and invited him inside the guest roo... Read More

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