Ladies' Confessions Series: Unfaithful Wife

May 4, 2014 (4 years ago)
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A misdemeanor that started before I got married, followed by an unexpected incident in the car, has become a secret affair. A guy, who used to be my ex, who used to be one of my husband's groomsman, became my fuck buddy. This is another story of my sinful married life. A risky move which I took, letting my body control me, not thinking the consequences, hence, let the temptation and pleasure fed on my good side.

Just a quick catch-up after the car incident though. Mike and I became text buddies. Mostly talked about the night that we had. We also had some intimate phone calls, that led to playing with myself. That was how I felt for him that time. The itchiness that he gave me was baffling. I felt bad for my husband though, because I didn't feel the same way with him. Fortunately for me, he doesn't check my phone, ever, left me with a free secret continuing communication with Mike. I was hoping that he will never find out.

Monday, and it was a typical busy day in the office. People were occupied, including myself, because of the workload the was left before the weekend started. Passed 9 in the morning when I received a text message from Mike.

Mike: Hey, sexy. Good morning! How are you?
Me: Hi! Dito nako sa office. Been busy for a while. Ikaw? Good morning, btw.
Mike: Ah, okay. I'm just here near the area. May kakausapin lang akong tao then probably drop by at your office?
Me: Huh?! What?! Gago ka ba, baka may makakita satin! DON'T!
Mike: Haha! So what?! Hindi naman nila ako kilala eh, diba? What are you afraid of?
Me: Siraulo! Hindi pwede noh?! Ano naman gagawin mo dito?!
Mike: Wala lang. Just wanted to see you again. Masama ba?!
Me: Shit, Mike! Don't try it this time!
Mike: I'll see you later. Bye!
Me: UGH!!!

What is this guy up to this time? Better not be doing a crazy thing, not now. But I was sure that all the he wanted was to have sex. I know Mike, I know he'd do everything just to have another hot session with me. I didn't want to think about it though, it would only make it difficult for me to concentrate on work. But the excitement thrilled me again, the itch the he left me was irresistible.

20 minutes have passed and he texted me again...

Mike: Tin, gawa mo? Ang tagal ng ka-meet ko. I'm here in Glorietta, waiting for him.
Me: I need to finish some reports. Dami ko pang gagawin after. Sigurado ka bang pupunta ka pa dito?
Mike: Oo naman. Don't want to waste this opportunity since malapit lang naman ako sa office mo.
Me: What if somebody sees us? Ano sasabihin ko?
Mike: Just pretend that I'm your client. Account Manager ka naman eh, they should know that iba't-ibang tao ang nakakausap mo. It's your field of work, Tin. Don't worry about it.
Me: Hm, bahala na! I better call my husband first. Text you later.

He didn't reply back to my last message. I then called my husband, just to check on him...

It took a while after he answered my call. “Hey, Hun! What's up?”, after he finally picked it up.

“Hi, Hun! Saan ka na?”, I asked.

“Still on our way to Tagaytay. Nag-stop over pa kasi kami sa Petron to have breakfast. Bakit?”

“Ah, okay. Wala naman. Well, ingat kayo ha? Text me when you arrive there. Say hi to Chris and JJ for me.”, I requested.

“Okay, Hun! Later. I love you!”, he said.

“Hm, I love you too, hun!”, then quickly hung up the phone.

Hubby was on his way to Tagaytay for a site trip with his colleagues. It's a part of his job wherein they assess the place where their next project will be constructed. Deep inside me though, it gave me some relief that he was not in the area. Eliminating any potential surprise visit from him, because he sometimes does that, just to bring lunch or something.

I then texted Mike...

Me: Hubby is on his way to Tagaytay.
Mike: Perfect! :)
Me: I hate you for this! :P
Mike: Oh, really? Do you hate my cock as well?
Me: Haha! Are you teasing me?
Mike: Tell me, don't you want my hard cock inside you now?
Me: Hm, I want your cock inside me, Mike.
Mike: Why?
Me: Because it always satisfy my cravings.
Mike: You really want it?
Me: Yes...
Mike: Good. But first, tell me what you are wearing right now...

Shit, our naughty conversation turned me on. I felt some urgency down there already. Crossed my legs, hoping I could have some friction between my thighs to ease it while I typed in...

Me: Hm, a white polo, black slacks, a jacket and white heels.
Mike: And underneath it?
Me: All black lace underwear.
Mike: Yum! Makes me want to fuck you hard!
Me: Can you, Mike?
Mike: I will, Tin!
Me: When?
Mike: Later?
Me: I want you now, Mike!
Mike: Hm, okay. I'll call off my meeting then. See you in 5 minutes.
Me: Hurry!

Got really horny after that exchange of messages. I slid my hand inside my slacks to take a quick check on my flower outside my panties. And damn, it was dripping wet already. Couldn't wait for him any longer. I wanted to be satisfied, multiple times again. You can call me a slut, a whore, a bitch, or everything you want, but if you're in the same situation, feeling the same shit, you'll do the same thing. Trust me!

After few more minutes, Mike called me...

“Tin, nandito nako sa baba ng building niyo. Wala pang parking eh so hintayin mo na lang ako diyan.”, he told me.

“Okay, wait, bababa ako. Puntahan kita.”, I said.

I went down and looked for his car inside the open parking lot. I knocked on the window, “Gusto mo sa building basement ka na lang mag park? Ako na lang bahala sa mga guards.”, I suggested.

“Ok, sige. Much better. Sakay ka.”, he then opened the door lock. I swiftly hopped inside.

I then taught him the way to our basement parking. Once we reached the entrance, I rolled his car's window to wave at the security guards. They then opened it and let us pass. Told him to park on B2 where my car was parked.

“Gamitin mo na lang yung next slot, sa tabi ng kotse ko. Sa colleague ko 'yan eh but she's on leave today.”, I instructed Mike.

“Ok”, he said then parked the car, facing the wall.

I immediately seized him with an eager kiss. Our lips got engaged in a matter of seconds. Sucked his tongue blazingly. I was so at him. The naughty chat fueled the lust motor inside me. He awakened the devil in me, again.

“Hmmmm, Mikeee. I miss you!”, then went back to kiss him again.

He didn't say a word, hence, he held my head, sneering his mouth and tongue deep into mine. My right hand sailed down to his crotch, carefully searching for his penis. As soon as I felt that it was fully erect, I grabbed it and gradually played with it outside his jeans.

“Ooohhh, Tin! You're too excited on my cock, huh?”, as he broke our kiss.

No words came out, I continued on him. My hands undid his jeans, pulled it down, together with his brief. Wasted no time and promptly went down on his dick and sucked it. I was easting the whole thing, from the tip to its shaft, down to his sacks. God, I was out of my consciousness that time!

“Hmmmm!”, heard him moaned.

My right hand joined the activity, masturbated his shaft, syncing with my head as I went up and down on his thing. Saliva was filling his manhood. I tasted some of his pre-cum, but didn't mind. Mike held my head and slightly tweaked my hair in pleasure.

“Aaaahhh! Ang saraaapp, tanginaaahhh!”

I was at it, in my full potential of giving him so much pleasure, when suddenly, my phone rang...

Stopped sucking his cock, reached for my phone inside my jacket's pocket and answered it. “Um, hello?”, while catching my breath.

“Tin, where are you? We have a meeting in 5 minutes.”, shit! It was my boss!

“Sir, I just went down for a second. On my way up now. Sorry.”, hurriedly said it.

“Sino yun?”, Mike asked while putting his pants and brief back on.

“It's my boss. May meeting ako, syet, nakalimutan ko.”, while using the sun visor's mirror to check myself.

“Oh, okay. So, paano na? Don't leave me like this.”

“Halika, sama ka sa taas. Stay in my office for a while.”, I said. He just nod his head and turned off his car's engine and then we both went up.

As we got up on the 6th floor, we casually walked inside the main entrance and through the front desk. “Kuya, he's a client. Kailangan pa ba niyang mag log?”, I asked the security officer.

“Hindi na po ma'am. Okay na.”, he replied and handed a temporary id to Mike.

We continued inside and headed to my office. It's just a small enclosed room, enough to fit a file cabinet, small computer table, a book shelf and three chairs.

“Mike, there are some magazines on the shelf that you might find interesting to read. I'll be back in a few.”, grabbed my laptop and went outside again.

I arrived in the board room, just in time before the meeting. “Hi everyone! Sorry.”, as I greeted my bosses and other managers from different departments. Few moments later, the meeting went on.

Half an hour have passed and the meeting wasn't done yet. The topic was the same old story. I hate redundant meetings! I should have been with Mike during that time, giving pleasure, and not listening to this boring session. I texted him and check if he was doing fine.

Me: Hey, are you okay there?
Mike: I'm fine, Tin! Pero binitin mo ko, grr!
Me: So sorry! This meeting will be over soon.
Mike: It should be, or else, I might leave if I get bored.
Me: Wait lang! Saglit na lang to, promise!
Mike: My cock is still longing for your mouth and pussy. Hindi pa tayo tapos.
Me: Bawi ako when I get back. You can do anything you want to me.
Mike: Saan? Baka hindi nako makapaghintay.
Me: Hm, we can do it there in my office if you want?
Mike: Interesting. I'm looking forward to it. Pero, hindi ako maghihintay ng matagal ah.
Me: I could excuse myself though. Tapos naman na yung report ko eh. I'll just tell them that I have a “client” waiting for me.
Mike: Good idea! Go, can't wait to eat your pussy, Tin!

I didn't reply after that. I waited for a little more time before I finally had the chance to excuse myself. Went back rapidly to my office and gladly, Mike was still there, sitting on my chair. I closed the door and locked it.

“Sorry. Took me a while before I could leave.”, I said.

As soon as I put my laptop down, he grabbed my arm and invited me to sit on his lap. We kissed. Tongues went in and out of our mouths, searching for each other. Both Mike and I were so aggressively embracing. So passionate, so intense, so heated up. I was addicted to him, so much that I was doing it inside my office, where many could know or see what we were doing.

I suddenly broke out, “Mike, wait. Yung pintuan may small glass window. Somebody might peek through it.”, worriedly said to him.

Mike stood me up then walked to the door. He glanced outside, seeing if there were people around.

“Hm, halika dito.”, he then guided me to a blind corner of the room. “Hindi na tayo siguro makikita dito kahit may sumilip pa.”, as he commenced.

We were both standing up, just beside the file cabinet. My back was against the wall when we continued our torrid kissing. Afterwards, he then began to lick my neck. His move electrified my body even more. I removed my jacket and threw it on the chair. Mike started unbuttoning my polo, one by one. As soon as he undid all of it, he quickly went down on my chest, pulled the right side of my bra and aroused sucking my boob. I felt his other hand navigated its way down, undid my slacks then swiftly slid it inside my panties. His middle finger gracefully brushed my clit, “Uhmmm”, held my moan so no one can hear it from the outside.

I fought back. My right hand seek for his thing outside his pants. It was already hard. Held it tight and started stroking it. He became hungrier as he bit my nipple. His finger downstairs was working on its own pace, spreading my juice around the labia. Once it got enough wetness, Mike inserted his finger into me. “Ooooohh! Mikeee”, still can't moan loudly as much as I wanted to.

After vigorously sucking my chest, he knelt on the floor, removed my under garment completely, including my panties. I was half-naked in my own office, shit! Never imagined that I could do such thing but it was quite a scary adventure with guilty pleasure that I will never forget.

With no words at all, he initiated licking my pussy. He put my left leg on top of his shoulder so he can munch on me even freely. His pointed tongue was glazing the labia and clit, alternately. “Ahhhmm!”, slightly moaning. Fondled my boobs, pinched my nipples. I was in ecstasy, I was in a small room of heaven! “Uhhhmmm..”, couldn't help myself, the pleasure was overwhelming.

Mike was hitting my spot. His tongue was consistently brushing my clit. “Ooohh, shiiit!”, as I felt my orgasm drawn nearer to its climax. I pinned my body down onto his mouth, danced my hips to the rhythm of delightfulness. The friction of my pussy on his tongue was so extraordinary. “Fuuuuck, Mike... I'm cumming”, almost there but one last lick and suck finally had me exploding, “Hhmmmppp... Oooohhhh!!!”, bit my lips, preventing the orgasmic moan from getting out. My body was jolting in so much pleasure. My hands pulled Mike's head even closer to my cunt, letting him absorb my lady-juices. He tasted it, savored it and loved it.

“Wow, Tin! Ang dami nun ah! Ang sarap mo talaga.”, as he quietly said while looking up to me.

Pulled him up, undid his pants and pushed it down. He speedily took out his dick from his brief, lifted my leg using his arm and gently pointed his sword into my waiting vagina. The tip slowly pushed its way inside, parted my pussy lips then the shaft came after. “Aaahh!”, as he moaned into my ear.

He kissed me on the lips then instituted his thrust. I clutched his behind and hauled it closer so he can penetrate me deeper. “Uhhmmpp, fuuuck!”, as he almost murmured inside my mouth while finding my tongue.

His pace got quicker. He was fucking me so hard that my back was banging the wall. “Go, Mike! Fuck me harder!”, while whispering to his ear. Mike did respond, fucking me even stronger, almost touching my innermost. “Tanginaaahhh!”, muted words from him.

Placed my leg on the edge of the computer table so he can use his right hand on me. Mike quickly groped my boob while devouring my neck. “Ooohhhh”, can't stop the satisfaction. He accelerated his thrust, even faster and faster. Fully in, almost out, that was the movement of his dick as he continued.

“Uhhmmmpp... Ahhh!”, as he was alternately kissing me on the lips and sucking my boobs.

“More! Harder!”, urging him.

“God, almost there! Ahhhh!”

I let go of his ass and held his head to suck his mouth. I didn't want him to moan like crazy. “Uhhmmmppp! Uhhhmmmmp!”, few more pumps then all of a sudden, he took his penis off... Read More

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