Ladies' Confessions Series: Turning Point

May 3, 2014 (4 years ago)
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It has been 2 and a half years since I married the love of my life. Also the same time when my ex and I had an intimate affair, moments before I stepped into the Church to take my vows. I won't forget that day, a guilty pleasure, couldn't-resist-temptation kind of thing. A lot has changed though. My relationship with my hubby went strong through the year. I bore a beautiful girl, which became our symbol of love and affection to each other. We were able to bought our own house, thanks to my husband's hard work and dedication. I was also promoted in the managerial position, at a private company in Makati. We were having a normal, peaceful and prosperous year until that one single day, one single mishap, one turning point of my life, that changed everything.

Payday Friday, it was. On my home to QC, from Makati, traffic was horrible in C5. Rush hour, around 8 in the evening. Been stuck there for ages! My phone suddenly rang, and it was my husband.

“Hi, Hun!”, as I answered his call.

“Hey, Hun! San ka na?”, he asked.

“Nandito pa din sa C5. Grabe! Ang traffic, sobra!”, in my tiredly voice.

“Ah talaga? Sana nagpagabi ka na lang muna sa offce.”, he said.

“Eh, hindi ko na naisip kasi wala naman din akong gagawin doon.”

“Hm, okay. Anyway, I'll be going out with Chris and JJ later. Konting drinks lang, kasi nagkayayaan, celebrate daw namin yung finsihed project that we did recently. Ok lang ba?”, he begged.

“Kayo lang ba talaga? Hm?”, I asked intriguingly.

“Well, to be honest, kasama din namin yung mga taga Sales department. Most of them are guys naman, so don't worry, hehe.”, he joked.

“Are you sure?! Baka mamaya may ka-table ka? Haha!”, joked to him as well.

“Meron, si Chris! Haha! Seriously Hun, I won't do any crazy things, without you around.”, he told me.

“Ok, ok. I trust your friends naman eh. I will call them though, for time to time just to check on you.”

“Fair enough, Hun! I would insist you to do that.”

“Okay, see later at home then?”

“Yes. Heat the tub for me before I go home. Let's shower together. Ok?”, he asked of me.

“Sure. I'll be waiting for you. Ingat kayo ha?”

“Will do. Ingat ka din pauwi. Kiss Lila for me.”, his last request.

“Ok, bye. Love you!”

“Love you too, Hun.”, as he ended the call.

I was in the Pasig area when we hung up on each other. I was getting pissed off with the traffic situation. It was barely moving! I've been there for almost an hour now and it sucks! Should have taken a different route, but it's too late for that, traffic on the other side was bad as it was.

A couple of minutes have passed and my phone rang again. It was an unknown number. I wondered for a while before answering the call.

“Hello?!”, after I picked up the phone.

There was no answer, but I can here a noisy crowd in the background.

“Hello?!”, I said again.

Still no one speaking, so I hung up. Kept me wondering for a second there. Who could that be? Might be someone from office? Or a prank caller? To clear out my mind, I phoned home to check on my daughter.

“Hello po, good evening!”, our maid answered the phone.

“Hi Ate Rosing, musta na kayo diyan sa bahay? Nakakain na ba kayo? How's Lila?”, I asked questions.

“Opo ma'am, kakakain lang po namen. Si Lila po nasa room, kasama yaya niya, pinapakain na po.”, she said.

“Ah okay, That's good. Pauwi nako ha? Medyo na-traffic lang ako, so baka gabihin ng konti. Don't forget to lock the doors. Meron naman akong susi ng house eh.”

“Sige po, ma'am.”

“Ok, bye.”

The moment I dropped the call, my phone rang once again. It was the same unknown number as earlier. I didn't answer this time, hence, just let it passed.

Almost 9:30 when I reached Libis area. God, this traffic got me driving for almost 2 hours now, which usually takes me an hour to reach home. There could be an accident somewhere on the way, I'm not sure. Or could it just be the volume of cars going northbound. Thanks for an evening radio show, it kept me entertained and at least lightened up my stressful night.

Few seconds more, my phone rang for the third time. I answered it quickly this time.

“Hello?!!”, annoyed voice came out from my mouth.

“Uhm, hi! Is this Kristine?”, a male voice promptly spoke.

“Yes! Who's this?!”

“Hi, Tin! It's me, Mike.”

“Mike?! Sinong Mike?”, I replied.

“Michael Rivera. Remember me, Tin?”, he followed through.

“Oh, Mike! How did you get my number?!”, shocked.

“A friend of yours gave it to me. Sorry.”

“Sinong friend?! Bakit ka naman napatawag? You shouldn't be calling me, Mike, you know that!”, I said irritatingly.

“Sorry, Tin. I just can't get you out of my mind, still. I could still remember the time....”

“Mike, just don't! Tapos na yun, let's move on! Kalimutan na natin, okay?”, I quickly stopped him on bringing up what we did back then.

“Can we just have a cup of coffee, Tin? Just for good times sake?”, he begged.

“No! I'm on my way home now, and you know I can't, Mike.”

“Please, Tin? Just this one time, and you will never hear from me again. Please?!”

“Sorry, Mike! Hindi talaga pwede. Bye!”, I then dropped the call.

I was still in awe when I heard his voice. Didn't expect that coming but he sounded differently. From being cocky and arrogant, he was like a changed man, or it's just a false human gesture, trying to get something in return. Nevertheless, I cut the conversation quickly, so the memory of the past won't haunt me. But to be honest, it never faded, I still savor it up to that moment. God, there's just something with Mike that won't get out of my system. Unexplainable feeling, or should I say, unfinished business.

Katipunan area, still, the traffic didn't give me any chance to get home to the soonest. I was still about 8 kilometers away, too far out of my comfort zone. Can't stop thinking about the call I had with Mike. Damn, why was that so? I wanted to call him back but the angel side of me was telling me not to. What if I called him back, what will I tell him? Stupid thought!

Snapped back to consciousness when my phone rang, it was Mike again. I kept it ringing for a bit, was still thinking if I'm going to answer it. If I do, then that's the point when I let my doors open for him. If I didn't, then I'm just minutes from saving myself out of temptation. Obviously, this story won't be posted here if I didn't answer the phone, right? Guys, I'm just human, I have my needs as well.

After few more phone rings, I answered his call.

“Oh, bakit nanaman?!”, acting ill-tempered.

“Tin, just one time. Sige na, pagbigyan mo nako. Wala kasi akong mayaya ngayon eh. Lahat may lakad.”, he was continuously begging me to join him.

“Hay! Ang kulit mo naman, Mike. It's already late, tell me how?”

“Nasaan ka na ba ngayon? Puntahan kita. Kita tayo somewhere.”, he said.

“I'm here in Katipunan. It's super traffic, don't even try.”

“Let's meet halfway then. White Plains maybe? There's a coffee shop there.”

“Hm, I don't know, Mike. Mahirap na.”

“It won't take long, I promise. Usap lang tayo saglit.”, he insisted.

“Hay! Ok, ok, fine. Where to?”, I suddenly asked.

“Let's meet up at Monsee's Cafe. Ok ka ba dun?”

“Ok, Monsee's then.”, I just replied back.

“Thanks, Tin! See you there.”, as he hung up.

God, what am I doing? Can't believe that he made me say Yes. Nonetheless, even if it's hard to do, I u-turned and headed over to the coffee shop. That u-turn slot will be remembered as the turning point of my life. Like in some movies, eh? Not all has a happy ending though, but this new adventure made me feel excited, for no good reason at all.

Luckily for me, Katipunan southbound was light in traffic that time and arrived just 15 minutes where I came from. I stayed in the car and texted him where he was. He said that he'll be arriving in 10 minutes or so. Before I went down of the car, I fixed myself and freshen up. I was still wearing an office attire that time. I went inside the cafe, sat down and waited for him.

After a short time, I saw him walking from his car to the cafe. He has really changed. From the ragged look that he was back then, he looked tidier this time. From wearing jeans, shirt and sneakers to wearing polo, slacks and formal shoes. He's not the same Mike I used to know. Well, at least, in physical aspects though.

When he got inside, his smiled while walking towards me. I was preventing to smile back but I can't help but to acknowledge his new look.

“Hi, Tin! Salamat at pinagbigyan mo ko.”, as he approached me and sat down.

“Sure, basta bilisan lang natin, okay?”, I told him.

“Ok, ok. Do you want coffee or something?”, he asked.

“No, thank you, I just want water.”

“Ok sige, order lang ako then I'll get you a bottled water.”, he walked to the counter.

I got my phone and checked if I had any messages or missed calls. Fortunately, there is none. I then texted my husband and asked where he is. Also sent a message to my daughter's yaya and asked if Lila was already sleeping. Didn't get any reply from them immediately though, so I just put my phone back after seeing Mike already making his way to the table.

“Here you go, bottled water for you and hot espresso for me.”, as he put the drinks down on the table.

“Thanks!”, I swiftly said. “So, bakit mo ko niyaya dito?”

“Actually, gusto lang talaga kitang makita, Tin. I missed you! I can't stop thinking about what happened to us back then, bago ka ikasal. Hindi talaga maalis sa isipan ko 'yon. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. But after that incident, I never had any girl, had any intimate sessions with anyone. And that's the truth, Tin! Sa maniwala ka o sa hindi.”

Said all of that, while looking dead straight into my eyes. He really meant it. I believed him. There was almost no words came out of my mouth after that. I just sat there, thinking what to say.

He quickly followed, “Tin, it's okay. You don't have to say anything. Alam kong may asawa't anak ka na. At alam kong nagmamahalan kayo. But believe me, makita lang kita ngayon, makes me happier than ever.”

“Uhm, I don't how to say this pero salamat, Mike, for feeling that way. Nakaka touch talaga yung sinabi mo but yeah, tama ka, may asawa't anak nako. May responsibilities na din ako sa pamilya ko and kung ano man ang nangyari satin noon, kalimutan na natin dahil pareho lang tayong mahihirapan.”, as the truth broke out of my mouth, unintentionally.

Mike immediately noticed it, “What do you mean, pareho tayong mahihirapan, Tin?! Does it mean, may pagtingin ka pa rin sakin kahit papaano? It means, naiisip mo pa rin yung nangyari satin?”

I didn't know how to get out of what I just said. Couldn't think of other words to avoid the hole I dug into. I just let the truth spoke for itself.

“Uhm, yes, Mike. I still think about it until today.”, too shy to look at him after what I said.

“Wow! Tin, I never thought. Pero siguro, we do have really something going on. The feeling is mutual but deep inside, there is a piece. Maliit man ito, sapat nato para sa akin. Malaman ko lang na iniisip mo pa din ako, makes me want you more.”, as he held my hand.

“Sorry, Mike. I have to go.”, out of confusion, I quickly sat up and walked towards my car.

“Tin, wait lang!”, as he chased me outside.

I opened the car doors and got inside. Mike hurriedly went inside the passenger's seat.

“Mike, what are you doing? Kailangan ko nang umuwi.”, as I almost shouted at him.

“Tin! A little bit more of your time, please?”

“No, Mike. Sor...”

He suddenly kissed me, breaking my words in the process. I pushed him away but he went back quickly. “Mike! What the hell are you doing?!”, as I was still pushing him aside.

“Tin, just be honest, you wouldn't be here if you don't want my presence, right?”, he arrogantly said then kissed me again on the lips.

I was having a struggle to push him away. Maybe there's a part of me that I wanted it. Could be! But I know it was wrong. It was against a marriage rule. It was against my dignity, my principles in life. Probably! But there was also the thought of, 'what if'? Was he worthy though? The answer that night was, 'find out, then'.

And so I did...

“Hmm, Mike... this is wrong... but shit, it's turning me on...”, as I kissed him back, torridly.

Our tongues found each other. Wasted no time and started sucking it. Things happened so fast that I just found his hand already fondling my right boob from outside my blazer. “Uhhmmm....Mike... we shouldn't be doing it here... right now... oohhhh...”, as we continued kissing each other.

“Aaahhh, I miss you so much, Tin... uhhhmmm!”

He started licking my neck. His hand continuously groping my boob. My eyes were looking around the area and see if there's someone near, watching. Luckily though, there is none. Except for the guard, near the cafe's exit doors.

All of a sudden though, there was a car trying to park beside us so I stopped Mike from doing his thing. Unfortunately, my car is not heavily tinted so I was worried to continue.

“Can we go somewhere else?”, I asked him.

“Sige. Drive ka lang, turo ko sayo kung saan.”, he ordered me.

We hastily left the cafe's parking and drove elsewhere, just to satisfy ourselves. While I was driving though, Mike resumed and went back on licking my neck. This time, his right hand traveled inside my skirt and gently used his middle finger to brushed my pussy outside my panties.

“Fuck, Tin... basa ka na ahhh...hmmm”, as he was teasing me.

“Uhhmm, shiiiith, Mikeeee... wait, saan ba tayooohhh?”, controlling myself from the pleasure I was having.

He didn't answer. He became more aggressive. He opened my blazer, dove down on my cleavage, whipped his tongue in the middle. His middle finger slid its way inside my panties and began caressing my button.

“Oooohhh, Fuuuuck! Uhhhmmmm”, having a hard time driving along Katipunan avenue, with a guy pleasuring me, and I can't do shit!

I thought to myself that there was not enough time for a quick motel adventure, hence, I planned to find a sweet dark spot where we can do the sinful deed. We ended up somewhere near the Marikina river, near the bridge, where there are no light posts, nor cars passing by, just a bunch of people near an open area. Perfect!

As soon as I parked the car, I pushed him over to his seat, quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled his dick out from its boxers. Started sucking his manhood instantly.

“Oohhh, woooow! Ang sarap, Tin! Na-miss ko yaaaan! Tanginaaaahhh!”

I was like a hungry slutty wife, longing for another guy's cock. Never thought that I would do an infidel thing, but it happened so fast that I couldn't control it anymore. I wasn't thinking of my family at that time. Lust devoured me, blinding the realization of my married life. I was like a horny teenager. It was really hard to resist. The excitement, the forbidden pleasure that it gave me. It was a risky decision, but at that moment, I didn't care on anything else. I just wanted to be fucked! And fucked hard!

After few more sucking and licking of his dick, Mike interrupted and wanted me to go on top of him. I immediately followed, went on his lap, lifted my skirt, sided my panties and slowly slid his angry cock inside me.

“Shiiiit, Mikeee! I never had you this big before. Uhhhmmmm!”, as I let a moan.

“Putanginaaaaahhh, Tin! Ang init mo sa loob! Aaaahhhhh!”

I initiated my body, going up and down on him. The pace got faster in a matter of seconds. “Ooooohhhhh! Fuuuckkk!”, I was really heating up. My cunt was fully devouring his thing. “Aaahhh! Ang sarap ng titi mo, Mikeee! Shiiiittt!”, the car was bouncing like hell. Syncing with my body's movement as I pounded on him even harder. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ohhhh!”

Mike then lifted my top, along with my bra and started sucking my nipple. His left hand joined the fun as it pinched the other. His right hand was on my butt cheek, cuddling it. I held his head and pulled it tighter, appreciated what he was doing.

“Fuuuccck!!! Uhhhmm!”, my moans were getting louder and louder.

I felt my juice rushing inside my pussy. It was about to popped out. So, I hardened the thrust even more. Faster than ever as I went crazy, riding his dick.

“Oooohhh, Mike! I'm almost there! God, ahhhmmm!”

He sucked and pinched my nipples even harder. His right hand was squeezing my butt cheeks tighter. Heaven was almost there. I was feeling the sensation as it burned in me.


Juices of heaven rushed through my pussy. The sensation was so fucking great! I never had an orgasm like that in my entire life! Not even from my husband. Maybe because, the thrill had me so excited that the deed became one of the best in my books. Fuck, that was really something! As a filipino saying goes, 'masarap ang bawal'.

“Damn, Tin! I felt that! Uhmmm.”, as he kissed me on the lips. “Tara sa likod, please?”, he invited me.

I got off his lap, unlocking my hole from his cock in the process. My groin area was so wet, my cum might have lubricated it. I saw some of my white juice all over Mike's shaft. Damn, I really came hard on it!

Moved to the backseat and laid down. Waited for Mike as he was removing his pants and boxers off. He then quickly went after and positioned his head down to my thighs. In an instance, he detached my wet panties and proceeded on eating me.

“Hmmmm, ang sarap ng katas mo, Tin.”, as he stopped and attacked it again.

His pointed tongue graced my button in no time. Mike was sucking me so stiffly. Felt like he wanted to dry me off using his mouth and tongue.

“Uhhmmm... please don't stop.... aaahhhh!”, I was holding his head, guiding it through.

He was so at it, vigorously eating me. His hands were wrapped around my thighs, clamping it so he can dive in even deeper. “Oooohhh! Fuck, just like that, Mike!”, I felt another urge of cum, ready to explode. Could it be, in one go, I will have multiple orgasms? This would be a first for me as well.

“Shiiit! I think I will cum again, Mike. Oh, fuuuuck! Ahhhmm.”

Mike suddenly stopped then went on top me, missionary style. He guided his cock into my vagina and inserted it with force once it glanced the labia.

“Aaaahhhh! Tin, you're so hot! Tanginaaaahhhh!”, he then commenced, thrusting his way deeper in me.

The method went faster, harder. I felt his manhood making its way in my innermost. He was so deep in me. I cloaked my arms around him. We kissed, we sucked tongues, we exchanged salivas. We were so horny as fuck!

I felt his cock, getting bigger. His movement was rattling. He was moaning inside my mouth. Mike was almost there, and so was I.

“Mike, uhhhmmm! Harder, please? Lalabasan nanaman ako, fuuuuuck!”, as I broke our kissing. He buried his sword, a little more. “Oh my God, Mikeeee!!! AHHMMMM!! FUUUCCKK!!”, I came hard again. Less sweeter than the first but that was a good one as well.

“Putanginaaa, lapit nakooohhh, Tin!”, he said.

One last push then suddenly, “AAAHHHHH!!! PUTAAAAHHH!!”... Read More

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