Ladies' Confessions Series: The Groomsman

May 1, 2014 (4 years ago)
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“Ok, Kristine, tingin lang sa bintana.”, the photographer said as I posed for the camera.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon, Sunday, month of June. The weather was an overcast, mostly cloudy but it wasn't raining. I can view the Makati skyline from the window. I can hear the voices of my friends and relatives from the other room. It was filled with excitement and a bit of chaos as they prepare themselves. It was a special day for me. It was my wedding day.

“Good shot! Pakitaas lang po ng flower ng konti and look to the camera.”, he instructed.

The bouquet was perfect! The flowers were arranged beautifully, mixed colors and vanilla-flavored scented. It was so lovely!

“Carla, pakiaayos naman yung gown ni Ms. Kristine.”, the photographer said to his assistant.

She repositioned the veil and spread the long skirt & train of my wedding gown. It was an A-line type gown, the design was simple but it's very elegant. The fabric used for it was very comforting, making it expensive. The strapless neckline cut was perfect for my thin arms and shoulders. The tight bodice made it fitting for my 34b chest, flaunting my cleavage. Thanks to my closest friends, they were my advisers in choosing the excellent gown that best fits my body contour.

“Paul, paki gawi nga sa kanan yung lighting. Thanks! Ok, set po, Ms. Kristine. Tingin lang sa camera.”, as I continued to smile.

I was having mixed emotions. Happy and grateful that I was going to marry the love of my life. Sad and tearful because I was going to start a new chapter of my book and leave my parents behind. Nonetheless, I didn't regret any decision I've made up to that point until something happened just moments before I walked to the altar.

Tok! Tok! Someone knocked on the door. The photographer's assistant opened it immediately.

“Hiiiii!”, my girl cousins yelled as they entered the room.

“Hi girls!”, I greeted them.

“Oh my God, Kristine! You look great!”, one of my cousin told me.
“Ou nga, ang ganda mo te!”, my other cousin said.
“Anton will probably cry when he see you.”, another one commented.

“Tumigil nga kayo! Ha ha!”, as I gigled. “Are you girls ready?”, I asked.

“Yeah! We just dropped by to see you, girl.”
“Excited na nga ako eh! Ang tagal tagal naman ng photo shoot mo, hmp!”
“Kuya, tapos na po ba?”, one of my cousin asked the photographer.

“Yes po! Mag-aayos lang po kame then sa baba na po yung next na shoot.”, he answered.

“Oh, tapos na pala eh. Sige na, magkikita-kita na lang tayo sa lobby, ok?”, I told my cousins.

“Okay, sure!”, “See yah!”, “Laters!”, they hugged me one by one before they left.

Just a few seconds after the girls left, my dad walked inside the room...

“Kristine, you're so pretty.”, as he walked towards me.

“Thanks, dad! Don't make me cry, okay?”, I joked him.

“Nah! I'll save that later, for our dance. He he.”

“Daaaad! You promised not to, diba? Hmp!”

“Yeah, of course! Okay, see you later then? I love you, Tin!”

“I love you too, Dad!”, as we hugged each other tightly.

He walked out of the room and gently closed the door. The photographer's team was also ready to go out when suddenly, I heard another knock. The assistant opened it again and it was Mike, one of the groomsmen. He is, btw, one of my hubby's closest friend, who happened to be my ex-boyfriend back in the days, when I was still in college.

“Oh! Naka-ready na pala ang ikakasal!”, still cocky as he is.

“Mike, anu pang ginagawa mo dito?! You should be downstairs already, with the others.”, I irritatedly said.

“Ms. Kristine, baba na po kami. Mag-sesetup pa po kasi kami sa lobby.”, the photographer said as his team exited through the door.

“Ok, bababa na din po ako.”

I was just collectively fixing myself up when Mike approached me with a small bottle of vodka. He probably got it from the room he was staying in.

“Shot ka muna bago ka bumaba. Pampalakas ng loob. He he!”, he grinned.

I could tell that we was already drinking before that because his breath smelled like it. “What?! Are you crazy, Mike? Wala na tayong time para diyan!”, I shockingly said.

“Kahit konti lang, Tin! Sige na!”, he insisted.

“Hay, Mike! Hindi ka na nagbago. Akin na nga!”

He opened it and gave me the vodka bottle. I raised my veil so I can drink properly. Drank a few, maybe a fourth of it, then immediately returned it to him. Ugh! It was a strong one! Might have been kept in the storage for ages!

“Ano, okay na? Baba na tayo?”, I said.

“Hindi pa. Saglit lang. Mag-uusap pa tayo.”

“Ano nanaman yan Mike? We really need to go. They're waiting for me.”

“Mabilis lang to, I swear.”

“Hay, okay! What is it then?”

In a blink of an eye, he leaned his head towards and kissed me on the lips. I was forced to push him to the wall but he swiftly went back to kiss me again. His hands were holding my head while his lips were willingly glazing onto mine as we struggled.

“Mike! What... the fu.... ck... are you do... ing?!”, as I was stopping his relentless assault.

We were pushing and shoving each other. My lips were fighting his tongue as he was inserting it through. He stepped on my wedding gown, made me stumble and lost my balance. I just found myself leaning on the edge of a table. His body was collapsed on me, made it more difficult to push him. He put his left hand on my mouth to cover it. His tongue then started licking my neck. I was getting tired. I was hopeless. Why is this happening now?

“Tin! Uhm... Na-miss kita... Uhmp... Sana bago... Uhmmm... Ka man lang ikasal... Uhmp... Mapa-akin kang muli!”, he whispered to my ear.

He commenced licking my neck, my shoulder down to my cleavage. He lifted the skirt of my wedding gown but it took time before it was fully raised because it was too long. His right hand reached my lace underwear and started caressing my vagina from outside. Mike was hitting my vulnerable body parts, I was getting weak. My push was getting lighter. My angry eyes became gentle. I was giving in and I don't know why. Temptation was overpowering my dignity. The devil inside me has awaken. I was going to get married that day, what the hell is wrong with me? Damn you, Mike!

His left hand let go off my mouth as soon as he sensed that I was beginning to submit. “Sssh! Huwag ka na lang maingay ah para hindi tayo mahirapan.”, he said.

“Mike, baka may makaalam nitong ginagawa natin.”, I whispered.

“Tin, walang makakaalam nito, I promise!”, he answered then kissed me.

I didn't sway him this time, hence, I kissed back. Our tongues found each other, syncing, dancing, sword-fighting in harmony. My hands didn't push him, hence, I wrapped it around his back. My legs didn't try to close the gap, hence, I spread it widely. His left hand was at my waist, catching my back from lying on the table, the other was busy downstairs, inside my panties, tingling my button. God, I was desiring for my ex!

“Oooohhh! Mike, I miss you! Uhhhm!”

“Tin, I miss you more! Shiiiit! Uhhmp!”

His right hand got off my wet hole and guided my butt on the table. He then reached for his pants, unzipped his fly and pulled his 7-incher out. His left hand slided my undies to the side, pointed his dick and gently pushed it inside me.

“Aaaahhhh! Mikeeee! Oooohhhhhh!”, I was preventing to moan load.

“Ang sarap mo talaga, Tin! Uhhhmm!”

He began to thrust deeper in me. Started slowly but he quickened the pace soon after. He tried to pull my bodice so he can suck my boobs but to no avail, it was tightly closed from the back. I supported my back by leaning my hands against the table. My head was snapping backwards as he was burying his cock inside me. Mike was so stiff and agile. God, please make this quick so my wickedness will be over soon!

“Aaaah! Shiiit! Ang sikip mo pa rin! Ahhh!”

“Uhhm! Mike, please hurry up! Ooohhh!”, I asked him.

Mike removed his dick and overturned me. He reached for the skirt again and lifted it. Once opened, he pulled my undies down to my knee, guided his cock in me and went on. I was now leaning on the table and in front of me was a mirror, seeing myself, being banged by my hubby's groomsman. What a way to end my single life, huh?

“Ooooohhh! Uhhhhmmm! Mikeeee! Aaaahhh!”

“Shit! Tin, malapit nakooohhh!”, as he thrust even more.

Then all of a sudden, someone knocked on the door...

“Kristine? Are we all set, sweetheart? Hinihintay ka na sa baba.”

Fuck! It's my mom! Thank God, she doesn't have a card key to enter the room. Shit! That would have been a big shame indeed if ever she caught me. Oh my, what am I doing?

“Uhhm! Wait lang maahh, naguusap lang kami ni Mikeee!”, as I shouted.

“Oh, okay. I'm just here in the hallway.”, she replied.

“Shit! Mike, please finish this. Oooohhhh!”, I urged him quietly.

“Tin, I'm cumming! Shit!”, as he held my butt and humped his way.

All of a sudden, he removed his dick and masturbated it. His juices popped out and spilled on the carpeted floor.

“AAAHHHHH!! SHIIIIITTTT!”, he was preventing himself from moaning loud but still, a slight voice was let out.

I then gathered myself. My underwear was so wet but I had no time to change it. Luckily, everything else was still in place, didn't have difficulties on fixing stuff. I just glanced into the mirror to view my hair and makeup.

“Tin! Salamat!”, as Mike approached and was trying to kiss me but I swayed my lips.

“Go out now, Mike! Baka mahalata na tayo!”

“Okay, okay, fine!”

He cleaned his cum on the floor with a tissue then walked to the door and went out.

“Hi Tita! Musta na po?”, as he greeted my mom.

“Oh, Michael! How are you? Ampogi m... Read More

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