Ladies' Confessions Series: The Client

April 22, 2014 (4 years ago)
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I worked as a Condominium Sales Agent for a private and well-known real estate company in Taguig city. I have been in this industry for quite some time now kaya alam ko ang mga kabalastugang nangyayari dito. I would like to share a story that happened to me two years ago, an experience that changed my life, forever.

I was a newbie back then. In this industry, it's a prerequisite that you must be good-looking at dapat maganda din ang katawan mo. As an agent, you are required to dress appealingly, meaning, kailangang head-turner ka sa mata ng mga clients para madaling makabenta. "Mabenta" in this industry is dressing like a "high-class whore". Or maybe I'm exaggerating, but yeah, you should dress corporate sexy. It's a great strategy by the company to attract clients when we go out to the fields.

We went to our assigned destination, it was in Resorts World, Manila. I was wearing a cream blazer jacket, white top with daring v-shape neckline, black super short pencil cut skirt and a 5 inch black high heels. Down boys, haha!

I was with 3 of my colleagues, 2 boys and a girl. Our work started mid-morning of a busy weekend. We were giving flyers of our newly constructed condo-residence place in The Fort. Some were interested, some didn't care. Yung iba magtatanong ng computations pero sa huli, they'll just suddenly walk off pag nalaman ang price. Yes, mahal talaga sa The Fort. The condo unit prices were way above an ordinary employee's pay grade. This was built for the rich people, period.

After a few minutes, a man walked by to our booth to inquire. He was, I think, at his mid 40's. He was with his family, 2 kids and his wife. Nagtanong siya tungkol sa terms, price ranges of the units, etc. They were really interested in buying a unit so we entertained them thoroughly. The guy wanted to check the place out so nagschedule kami ng tour for the week after. He then got our numbers at nagsabing magtetext na lang sila a day before the appointment.

Monday, I received a call...

"Hi, good morning! May I speak with Jane, please?", said a man's voice.

At first, I didn't know that it was our client who called. He was using a different number at that time.

"Hello! Speaking po! May I know who's this?", I asked through the phone.

"This is Mr. Dela Cruz. The one you talked with at Resorts World.", he said.

"Oh! Hi sir, how are you? Are we pushing through for tomorrow's tour?", I asked him.

"Yes, yes! Can we meet up at around 1pm? I will be having a meeting in the morning so after lunch would be my free time. Is it okay?", the man questioned.

"Of course, sir! That's fine with me. I'll clear out my other appointments for tomorrow."

"That's great! I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Opo. See you tomorrow, sir."

"Okay, thank you!"

"Thank you din, sir!", as I ended the conversation.

Tuesday morning, I prepared my clothes. I wore a pink knee-high umbrella skirt, a red cardigan, black undies, white tight tank top and white 5-inch high heels again. After I took a bath, I got dressed and left.

On my way to the office, I received a call from him again...

"Hi Jane! I'm on my way. Where will we meet?", he asked.

"Hi sir! I'm on my way to the main office. Can we meet up there?", sabi ko.

"Sure! No problem. Daanan kita doon."

"Okay sir, thank you po!"

Our office is just 5 minutes away from the actual location. Kailangan ko munang mag time-in before I could go out. I arrived just in time for my shift hour.

My client then arrived 10 minutes after, to pick me up. He was driving a Camry. He slid down his window para tawagin ako. I noticed that he was alone, hindi niya kasama family niya this time. I went to the passenger side and hopped in to his car.

"Hi sir! Good afternoon po.", I greeted him warmly.

"Hi Jane. So, saan tayo? By the way, please call me Paul", he said.

I then directed him to the residential place. We arrived few minutes after. He parked his car at the clubhouse. We walked towards the building and rode the elevator up to the 4th floor, where our model unit is located.

"Ang ganda pala dito, Jane. Mid-rise lang.", sabi niya habang nakasakay kami sa elevator.

"Yes sir Paul! Most of our company's projects are mid-rises. Mas mabenta na po kasi yung ganito."

"Ahh, yes, tama ka diyan Jane. Most people would prefer this than high-rise buildings."

Ilang saglit pa, nakarating na kami sa model unit. I opened the door and let him come in.

"Okay sir, this is our 3-br unit. As you can see, it's already fully furnished. We do have units like this but of course, it will come with an additional price to the unit's base price.", I explained to him.

He asked several questions regarding the monthly amortizations, down payments, etc. I then showed him sample computations that the company prepared. The way he asked, talagang pansin kong interesado siya. Sabi ko sa loob loob ko, he'll be my first client to close a deal with me. I was so excited but I didn't wanna jinx it.

"So Jane, gusto ko sanang makita yung actual unit. Gusto kong malaman kung gaano kalaki pag walang furnitures.", he told me.

"Ok po, no prob. Punta po tayo sa 2nd floor, may isang available 3-br unit po doon."

We went out the room and walked to the elevator shaft.

"Alam mo Jane, maganda ka at sexy. May boyfriend ka na ba?", he suddenly asked me while waiting for the elevator.

"Ay, thank you po sir Paul. Wala ho. Walang pong nagkakamali, hehe.", I joked.

"Bakit naman? I think you're sweet, kind and intelligent. Guys would die for you.", sabi niya sakin.

"Haha! Kayo talaga sir, hindi naman po siguro.", I smiled back.

The elevator doors opened and we rode in. We went back down to the 2nd floor. We reached unit number
204 and went in.

"So sir, ito po yung actual unit kapag bumili kayo. You'll notice that it's very spacious and the finishing touches on the floor are perfect.", I boasted.

"Hm, okay nga ah. I want this for my family."

He checked all the rooms, the cr, the balcony, even the door's wedges. He really wanted to buy a unit. I just hope that the deal will go down sooner.

"So, Jane, I really liked everything about this place. The unit, the recreational facilities and amenities, security as well. Magiging komportable kami dito.", he said.

"That's good sir. So, when are you planning to buy one?", I asked.

"Hm, I will make a money transfer now if you want. Bank-to-bank and sign all the papers... If and only if... you could give me the service that I wanted."

"Huh? I'm not sure what you're talking about sir.", confused on what he said.

"Come on now, Jane. Don't tell me you know nothing?!"

"I honestly don't know what you're talking about sir. Please enlighten me!"

I was starting to get really confused. Medyo kinakabahan din ako sa susunod niyang sasabihan. I was totally clueless. Blank. Itlog. Nada.

"Your company's reputation is known for providing extra services to their clients.", he explained.

"What kind of extra services, sir?!"

"You tell me, Jane. It's for me to find out.", he grinned.

Shit! What's this?! Ano tong pinasok kong trabaho? Is this guy telling the truth? I really didn't know what to do. I was just standing there, thinking of what to say to him. Fuck!

"So, what is it going to be? As I've heard, I should pay 70,000 for it. Willing akong magbayad ngayon, Jane.
Half will be given to you now, the other half when the deal has been signed for the condo."

And then it hit me. The "extra service" he was referring to is sex, of course! How can I be so stupid, not figuring it out in the first place?! Maybe because I was a newbie back then in that industry. No one didn't even tell me or gave a hint. I think they wanted me to know it the hard way. Oo nga naman, nasaan ang thrill pag alam ko na!

Besides, it's 70k for a half day with this guy? It's more than hallf on what I was earning in a month. So, the hell with this. I'll just do the deed and take the money. Win win for me.

So, I just pretended that I knew this "extra service" all along. I gave him a smirk, walked to the door and locked it. The window near it doesn't have any curtains so I took his hand sabay yaya sa loob ng isang kwarto.

"I was waiting for you to say that magic word.", with a devilish smile.

I knelt in front of him. Slowly unzipped his fly and pulled his manhood out of his brief and pants. It was still sleeping though, thus, I started licking its head. After few minutes, it was starting to get bigger and bigger. When it reached its full length, I quickly put his dick inside my mouth.

"Uuuhhmmm! Ganyan nga Jane. Oooohhhhhh!", mahinang ungol niya.

His thing is not bad for a 40 year old though. It's a typical asian size. Medyo smelly lang and hairy, but I didn't mind. It was for the money. For the money. Only for the money. That was the only thing running on my mind that time.

"Ahhhh! Ang sarap mong sumubo Jane! Uhhmmmmmp!"

I was playing his cock in and out of my mouth while serving him a hand job. Its body was so wet of saliva, halos maulol siya sa ginagawa ko.

Ilang saglit pa ang lumipas, bigla niya akong tinayo. He pushed my back against the wall. He removed my cardigan and threw it on the floor. He caressed my boobs from outside my tank top while kissing my neck. I was starting to have a tickling sensation. I was getting into it.

“Oooohhhhh!”, I moaned slightly.

He continued then suddenly, his right hand traveled down and reached for my pussy. Since I was only wearing a skirt, he easily had access to my undies. His hand find its way inside my panty and started fondling my clit. Ramdam ko ang pagka gaspang ng daliri niya. Pero hindi ko ito pinansin, I gave in to this old man's will.

“Ahit ka pala iha. Hmmm.”, I sensed his excitement after he noticed it.

“Sheeet, sir Paul! I like what you're doing. Uhhhhmmmm!”, my moan was starting to get louder.

He slid down one side of my tank top, together with the strap of my bra, exposed my right chest in the process. His head went to it immediately and started licking my nipple. Napahawak ang kanang kamay ko sa ulo niya. I used my other hand to grabbed his dick at sinimulang salsalin ito.

Meanwhile, down there in my dripping pussy, his finger was starting to enter me slowly. As soon as it was lubricated enough by my honey, he thrusted it inside with force.

“Uhhhhmmmmp!”, napakagat ako ng labi.

Slowly and gently, he finger-fucked me. Ang sarap! Mas ok pala pag magaspang ang daliri, you can feel it through your spine. Kakaiba ang kiliti. Ngayon ko lang naramdaman yun!

Upstairs, his tongue was all over my right boob. My nipples were so hard. Para itong pambura sa ibabaw ng isang mongol pencil, yes, even the same color. His left hand was groping it as well.

The sensation was so good. I never experienced a matured man before but so far, that time, he never disappointed me. He was gentle. Hindi siya nagmamadali like other men I had sex before. Of course, if you're willing to spend that amount of money, susulitin mo every second of it. I also wanted this man's payment to be worth it for him.

After few minutes, he stopped. His head proceeded down stairs. Tinanggal niya panty ko sabay akbay ng isa kong hita sa balikat niya. He was inside my skirt in an instance. He gave my cunt a kiss for a second then stuck his tongue onto my clit. Nagsimula siyang lalapin ang pussy ko. He was like kissing a woman's lips. Fluent and steady ang movement ng dila niya. Napahawak ang aking mga kamay sa ulo niya. God! It's not about just the money anymore, it was also about being satisfied by this old, married, wrinkled man.

“Ahhhhmmm! Uhhhhmmm!”, my moan was echoing inside the room.

My hips were starting to sway, side to side. Sumasabay ito sa hagod ng kanyang dila. I lifted my skirt so I can uproot his hair. I wanted to let him know that I was appreciating what he was doing. His sucking method became more passionate. Mas naging hayok ito. He grabbed my butt cheeks so he can pull me closer. I felt his mustache brushed on my clit, lalo pa akong nasarapan. This man was indulging every bit of my pussy. A man hungry for fresh meat.

“Don' stop sirrrr! Ahhhh! Uhmmmp!”, I was moaning away.

I squeezed his head tighter in my thighs. I felt my love juice was rushing inside me. He was hitting my spot. I was going to climaxed.

“Ahhhhhh!!! Sir Paul, fucccckkkk!! Uhhhmmmmmm!! Oooohhhhh!!”, there I went off.

He slowed down afterward. Probably, he was just savoring my lady nectar, sinisimot ng kanyang dila. I then let go of his head. He stood up, quickly removed all of his clothes off. God, this man is so hairy, mula ulo hanggang binti. His stomach is so big that it's like he's carrying a 6-month old baby in his womb. Ugh!

He lifted my leg so he can penetrate me easily. I held his dick and guided it inside me. Nagsimula siyang kumadyot. Tulad nang kanina, he was gentle, slowly thrusting his thing in me. I was treated very lightly, nirespeto niya ako kahit nagpabayad ako sa kanya.

“Oooohhh! Ang sikip mo Jane! Never had this kind of tightness for a long time! Uhmm!”, sabi niya pa.

He was holding my left leg while continuing his way in me. Dahan dahang bumibilis, but still maintaining his gentle thrust. Nilapat niya ang kanyang labi sakin. We locked lips, exchanged hot kisses. Fuck, I tasted my own juice from his mouth. When he got bored in my mouth, he went down again to my already exposed boob. A sales agent became a sex agent, two professions in one day, take that!

When he got tired of standing up, umupo siya at sumandal sa pader. I removed my top, bra and skirt but left my high heels on. I sat down on his dick. Madali naman itong nakapasok dahil naglalawa nako sa baba. Nagsimula akong magtaas-baba sa kanya.

“Uhhhmm! Ahhhhh!”, I moaned.

He sucked, licked, fondled my boobs. I danced my hips away, circled my body, like a cowgirl riding a horse. His dick was getting deeper and deeper in me. Yes! The sensation was so good! Held his head, we kissed, engaged tongues, nagpalitan ng laway. He grabbed, caressed, groped my ass. Ah yes! I wanted more! The old man was having the best time of his life!

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Uhhhmmp!”, my moan was getting louder and louder.

My mouth was open, I was breathing hard and fast. I think I was going to cum again. Fuck! Ngayon lang ulit mangyayari to!

“Uhhhhmm! Uhhhhmmm! Ahhhhh! Shettt! Fuuuckk! Ahhhh!”

Then a few more thrust, I had my second orgasm. God! It felt so damn good! Nanghina ako sa sarap. I was in the inner most part of heaven. My body collapsed on him. Best feeling I ever had for a long time.
I gathered myself and continued. Stood up and reversed my position, nakatalikod nako sa kanya. He can now see my body's curves clearly. Nagpatuloy ako sa pagtaas-baba. I quickened the pace. Nakatungkod mga kamay ko sa floor while pounding on his cock. I was in a squat position.

“Ahhhh! Jane, ang saraaaap! Tuloy mo lang! Ohhhh!”, he shouted.

“You like that huh? You like my pussy? Uhhhmmmp!”, teasing him while glaring at him.

His head was looking up but eyes were closed. His hands were holding my hips. Pl... Read More

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