Ladies' Confessions Series: Spa Treatment

April 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hi, I'm a newbie on this site, but not so on writing. I shared some stories on PSE, however, since it's still down at the moment (assuming that it won't get back on), I've decided to look for an alternative on where I can continue my writing. The search led me here on FSS. Thus, I would want to re-post the stories that I've shared from the other site. 

Without further adue, below was the very first story that I wrote... A true story, but it was my friend's experience... Hope you enjoy! :)

And yes, comments are very welcome... Thanks!

It was a holiday, I think that was a Wednesday. My friend and I decided to go to this spa and have ourselves pampered. Every one needs a break from work and this is probably my best way to get out of it. I do always go to a spa whenever I needed to relax but that day, it was a different experience. Never thought that it would be that FUN!

So, we arrived to this spa in Makati, around 8pm. It was my first time there. I usually go to a spa in Pasig, but my friend insisted that we check this new spa out because they have affordable promos that time. We were greeted with smiles and warm hellos. The staffs were generally friendly. They even offer us drinks when we were waiting in the living area. The place is small but nice, it was okay.

After checking the promos they offer, we decided to avail their "Sulit Package". It includes a foot spa, pedicure/manicure and a 1 hr full body massage. I can say it was very affordable but being a first-timer on that place, we didn't know what to expect on their service.

One staff member guided us to this room. It was dark, only the lampshades were lit. The scent inside is so aromatic, it was a smell of vanilla. We sat to this la-z-boy and God, it's very cozy! I felt like I was sitting on a bed in heaven!

The session started off with a foot spa then the manicure/pedicure. It took an hour for both sessions. It was okay though but not as good as the spa I always go to.

I was the first to finish off both sessions than my friend so the staff then accompanied me to the massage room. It's just across the la-z-boy where we were seated. It was darker inside, only a small plug-in yellow bulb is lit.

The staff then instructed me take off my clothes except my underwear. I was guided on the bed, lying face down. The staff laid a towel on my butt, said to wait for a minute then left the room.

I almost fell asleep lying on the bed when suddenly the squeaky door opened.

"Good evening po, Ma'am. Ako po si Ron."

I was shocked when I heard it. Never thought that it'll be a guy coming into that door. But it's not unusual though, just my first time that a man will massage my body.

"Hi, good evening!", while speaking through the hole of the massage bed.

Never had a chance to glance on his face. I just let him walk in and do his stuff.

"Ma'am, oil or lotion?", he then asked me.

"Oil na lang kuya.", I answered briefly.

He got me wondering what he was doing at that time, it was almost a couple of minutes that he could have started off the massage session, but it didn't. I'm not sure if he was staring at my body or something, I can't really tell. It was total silence for about 5 minutes or so.

"Kuya, start na po ba?", I then asked.

"Yes Ma'am, mag start na po tayo. Ready ko lang ho yung oil.", with his shaky voice.

He then started massaging my shoulders. It was hard at first but he adjusted to medium press after I asked him to.

His arms are soft but I can tell that he was really shaking. It might be his first time to put his hands on a girl client, I don't know. But I'm starting to get annoyed. I didn't pay for that kind of service.

"Kuya, first time mo po?", I asked him frankly.

"Hindi po Ma'am. First time ko lang po kasing mag masahe ng isang seksing katulad niyo."

"Asus! Nambola ka pa Kuya!", I spoke with a giggle.

"Totoo po Ma'am. Maganda po talaga katawan niyo."

"Thank you Kuya ah! Btw, just call me Lisa."

I don't know how he said it but it kinda flicked my inner senses and turned me on.

“Ok po Ms. Lisa. Matanong ko lang, madalas po ba kayong magpamasahe?”

“Hindi naman. Siguro pag may time lang or pag need ng body ko. Bakit mo natanong?”

“Kasi ang kinis kinis ho ng katawan niyo at sobrang puti. Swerte po siguro yung ibang lalaking nagmasahe sa inyo.”

“Believe it or not Kuya, you're the first guy who massaged my body.”

“Wow! Talaga? Napakaswerte ko naman!”, his smile might have probably sky-rocketed after he heard it.

20 minutes into the session, his hands are becoming more steadily. His strokes are now relaxed and fluent. The “Arghs” are becoming “Oohs” and “Aahs”. I am more pleased than earlier. Our little conversation might have boosted his confidence and made him comfortable.

Half an hour have passed and he's still massaging my back. I noticed that his hands were skipping my bra line because it was till on. He could probably asked me to remove it but I bet he was still kinda shy to voice out. So I unhooked my bra, lifted my body just a bit and pulled it off. His hands can now freely roam onto my back without hesitations.

He became more aggressive but still maintaining his fluent strokes. I sensed that he was into it now. His style has dramatically changed from being a conservative type to a seducing machine. His hands were all over my back and neck. He was hitting my weak spots and God, it was making me wet down there.

He finished off my back by hard pressing it, snapping my bones in the process.

"Mukhang matagal tagal na din ho kayong hindi nagpapamasahe ah.", kuya
spoke with probably a grin on his face.

I just remained silent and awaited his next move.

He got the oil and poured it on my thighs down to my legs and feet. My body was soaking wet with oil, not to mention my flower, having a little bit of juice as well.

He started massaging both of my feet up to my legs. And when he reached my thighs, he removed the towel covering my butt. All that was left covering my body was my black undies.

Slowly, he caressed my inner thighs. I felt his warm hands circling it, like a potter molding a clay. It was going higher and higher until I felt his pinky brushing off my pussy from the outside. I was shocked but didn't care. I let him do it.

He slowed down as if he was waiting for a reaction from me. And when he thought that it was okay, he continued, more aggressive and hungrier. He spread my legs, so he can gracefully maneuver his hands. He went back on my thighs and brushed off my pussy again. This time, using his pointy. What started as a "pa-simple", became a "pa-manyak".

I was in the moment. My heart beated faster. The blood of lust was rushing through my veins. I was not in my normal state of mind, I was horny and willing to submit to this stranger. The thought of getting caught, excites me. Fuck it, Lisa! This is wrong! But damn, my body wants it!

All of a sudden, the massage session has become a groping affair. He was touching my pussy from the outside while his other hand was grabbing my ass. He went totally out of control and I liked it!

I lifted my head and arched my hips upwards so he can harass me further. He then pulled my panty off to the side and started fondling my pussy. In a matter of seconds, his middle finger reached my clit.

"Uhmmmm.", I couldn't help it but moan.

"Ms. Lisa, basa na po kayo dito ah.", he whispered to my ear while his finger
was playing my clit.

"Stop... teasing meeeeehhhh... Ahhmm.", I whispered back, urged him to continue.

He flipped me over. Now, I'm lying on my back. We saw each others face for the first time. He's not ugly, neither good-looking, he is okay.

"Wow! Ang ganda niyo Ms. Lisa!.", he paused and stared at me for a second.

Then we locked lips and sucked our tongues away. We were kissing so torrid that our mouths were filled with saliva. We were engaged in a sword battle, indulging every bit of lust.

"Uhhmm.. Oohhh.", I was moaning like a whore while chasing his tongue.

He broke lose and started licking my neck, down to my chest. Before I know it, he was already sucking my nipple. His right hand went back down, inside my undies and onto my dripping pussy. He wasted no time and inserted his finger inside me.

"Sheeeettt! Ahhhmmm!", one hard moan that hopefully no one outside the room heard it.

He was finger-fucking me like crazy! It's like a big worm digging dipper and dipper into me. In and out, in and out! Sometimes brushing off my clit before coming back in. I was in heaven!

My hand traveled to his trousers, pulled out his dick and started masturbating him. This guy has a BIG package. I think it's a 7-incher! God, I want his manhood inside me!

I stopped him from what he was doing. Got off the bed, push his back against the wall, knelt in front of him, removed his trousers and underwear and started sucking his dick off.

It was quite untidy. Pubic hair was there and there but what the hell?! I was a different person that time. More like, "Lisa the bitch!". I was devoured by lust! And I can't do damn about it!

"Ahhhhh! Ms. Lisaaahhhhh! Ang saraaap niyong sumubooohhh!"

I was sucking away like a leech hungry for blood. I pulled his manhood in and out of my mouth. Licking its head and balls while serving him a hand job. I bet he was having the time of his life.

"Oooohhhh! Tanginaaaahhhh!", he cried out loud while holding my head and watching me doing my thing.

When I tasted his pre-cum, I stopped and sat back on the bed. I urged him to come over to lick my flower. He removed my undies and leaned his head towards my waiting vagina.

"Ang ganda ng puke mo Ms. Lisa! Kulay pink! Shet!"

He gasped a little air then started eating my pussy. Right away, I felt his hard tongue inside me. I was going insane every time it touches my spot. He spread my legs even more so he can chow down at his pleasure.

"Uhhhmmm! Ahhhmmm!", moaning while caressing my breasts.

Then his finger got into the action as well. He first inserted the middle then the pointy. It was like a running man, spinning up and down, side to side. Oh God, I'm loving every moment of this shit!

After a few more of this and that, I'm starting to feel like I'm going to explode. So I grabbed a hold of his head and pull it even tighter to me. I was dancing my hips sideways, upwards, downwards. Bit my lips, eyes were unconscious, nipples were hard as a rock!

"Aaaahhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuccccccck!!! Sheeeetttt! Uhhhhmmmmm!", as hot cum flow over my pussy.

"Uhm, ang sarap ng katas mo Ms. Lisa.", while slowly lifting his head up .

I was so drained. It felt like I consumed all of my energy from that orgasm. But I didn't want this guy to go home empty-handed. He filled my needs so I wanted to pay him back.

I stood up, had myself facing the wall, bent over and commanded him to enter me from behind. He quickly followed and gently put his dick inside me.

"Ahhh! Fuuuckkk! Sheettt, ang lakihh!", while giving him the "paawa" look.

"Tanginaaahhh! Ms. Lisaaahhh! Ang sikip ng puke mooohhhh!"

He slowly fucked his way in and out of me. Touching my hips, fondling my breasts, even pulling my hair back. How could I let this stranger just do this to me in a spa, inside a dark room? Because lust is a delicious creation, and when it bites, you can never resist!

"Oooohhhh! Uhhhhhmm! More please?! Fuck me hard, Rooonnnn!", I was teasing him so vigorously.

It was his queue to thrust his dick in me, even harder and faster. So hard that it made flapping sounds out of our oily skins. He was never reluctant, forcing his manhood in my cunt without any mercy whatsoever. We... Read More

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