Ladies' Confessions Series: Mr. Plumber

April 28, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Ding! Dong! Who could it be? It's too early in the morning to have visitors. I went to the door and peeked through the peephole. Ugh! There's no one outside. So I opened the door and glanced to the hallway. A man, wearing a dark blue jumpsuit was standing near the elevator shaft.

“Good morning, ma’am!”, he greeted as he walked towards the door.

It's the plumber!

“Hello! Good morning! Tuloy po kayo, manong.”

Shit! I was still wearing my black lace nighties, no bra, but thankfully, the design was covering my nips. Nevertheless, I let him in.

“Ma'am, saan po yung aayusin?”, he asked.

“Sa CR po, manong.”, as I accompanied him to my room.

We went inside and got in to the bathroom. I showed him where the leak was coming from. He sat down and went underneath the sink to check it out immediately. I went outside to grab my coffee then went back in.

“Manong, ok lang kayo diyan?”, I asked after I sipped on my coffee.

“Yes, ma'am!”

“Nag-breakfast na po kayo?”

“Hindi pa ho, siguro mamaya na lang pagkatapos nito.”, he said.

I stood inside, just across where the sink is. I really can't tell what he was doing down there because the sink was covering most of his upper body. But I was so sure that he was glimpsing my legs from where he was. He can't peek my undies though as my legs were crossed.

“Ma'am, medyo maluwag lang po yung bolt ng tubo kaya tumutulo.”, as he reached for the wrench in his toolbox.

“Ah, okay. So, saglit lang po yan, manong?”

“Opo. Sandali lang po ito.”, as he began tightening the bolt.

Got bored all of a sudden, so I asked him random questions...

“Manong, may asawa na ho kayo?”

“Ah, opo, ma'am. Meron na po.”, he said.

“Talaga? That's good. Ilang taon na po kayong kasal?”

“Mga 7 years na po kaming kasal, Ma'am.”, he proudly said.

“Ilan po anak niyo?”, as I sipped on the last ounce of coffee.

“Tatlo na po. Dalawang lalaki at babae ang bunso.”

“Wow ah! Sipag niyo pala manong! Hanga ako sa inyo!”, I quickly followed.

“Hindi naman ma'am. He he! Wala na nga kaming oras ng misis ko eh. Kasi pareho kaming abala sa trabaho.”

“Ano po ba trabaho ng misis niyo, manong?”, I asked.

“Taga repake po ng mga produkto sa isang factory. Pang gabi po kasi siya dun, tapos pang umaga po ako. Pag umuuwi nako, papasok naman ho siya, kaya hindi na namin nagagawang maglampungan, he he!”, he explained briefly.

“Ah talaga? Ang malas niyo naman po, manong. So, kelan ho kayo huling naglampungan ni misis? He he!”

“Ay matagal na ho, mga ilang buwan na po siguro nakakalipas.”, as he continued to fix the leak.

“Miss niyo na po? He he!”, I joked.

“Ho? Siyempre naman po, ma'am!”, he laughed hard.

Our conversation got me interested so I started asking him some personal questions...

“So manong, kung hindi kayo naglalampungan ni misis, ano hong ginagawa niyo para maibsan yung pangangailangan niyo?”

“Ha? Naku, ma'am! Nakakahiya naman po, he he.”

“No, no, it's okay, manong. Hindi nako bata noh! Wag ka nang mahiya. Tell me... what do you do?”

“Ma'am, sigurado po ba kayo? Huwag na lang po.”

“Go, manong! I want to know!”, I insisted.

“Ma'am, ano po... uhm... minsan po, nagsasarili na lang ho ako. He he!”, he silently said.

“Minsan? O madalas?”

“Uhm... madalas na po ngayon, ma'am.”

“Ha ha! Talaga? Sino iniisip niyo manong?”, asked him intriguingly.

“Ah, eh, madalas po, asawa ko lang talaga. Pero minsan, hindi din po maiiwasang magpantasya sa iba.”, he giggled.

I was starting to like our naughty chat. It was getting in me. It was totally turning me on for no reason. I can't explain the feeling but it's kinda exciting.

“Hmm, pilyo din pala kayo manong. Nasubukan niyo na bang pagtaksilan ang asawa niyo at makipag-sex sa iba?”

“Ha?! Hindi po, ma'am. Mahal na mahal ko ho ang aking asawa. Kahit hindi na kami nagtatalik, hindi ko po siya kayang pagtaksilan.”, he emphasized.

A man with dignity huh? I wanted to test his will. I wanted to tease him. I wanted to make sure that he'll eat his words later on.

So I asked him teasing questions...

“Manong, maiba naman. Maganda ba ako?”

“Sa totoo lang po, maganda kayo ma'am. Ang kutis niyo, pang-artistahin din po.”

“Talaga? Sexy ba ako, manong?”, as I stood in front of him, leaned my back against the wall and deliberately spread my legs so he can peek at my black undies.

“Ma'am?!”, he moved his body slightly off from underneath the sink and stared at me in disbelief.

“Manong, am I sexy?”, gave him a teasing look.

He glared at me, cleared his throat and slowly said... “Yes.... ma'am...”.

“Hm, manong, pagpapantasyahan mo din ba ako?”

I began touching myself, from my hips down to my thighs, then inside my groin area, slightly brushing off my pussy above my panties.

“Ma'am, kung may pagkakataon po, hindi lang pagpapatansya ang gagawin ko sa'yo.”, he was getting very verbal as well.

“Shit! Talaga? Uhmm... Bakit? Anung gagawin mo sakin manong?”

My left hand slowly crawled its way inside my panties. While my right hand started fondling my right boob from outside my nightie dress. I was biting my lips, beaming at his eyes and gave him an inviting look.

“Papaligayahin kita sa sarap, ma'am. Tangina!”

He reached for his already-hard cock from outside his suit and began stroking it.

“Shiiit! Really? Uhmm... Pagtataksilan mo asawa mo para lang makantot ako?”

“Tanginaaahh! Hindi ko palalagpasin to, ma'am!”

He quickly sat up, brushed my undies onto the side, leaned his head towards my cunt and started licking it.

“Oooohhhh! Manooooong!”, as I closed my eyes and exhaled a moan.

I got so wet in a matter of seconds! He was aggressively eating me! It was so damn good! I could tell that he miss doing it, pleasuring a woman's vagina.

“Ngayon lang ulit ako nakakain ng ganitong kasarap ng puke ah.”, as he stopped and removed my panties completely.

I put my left leg on top of the sink so he can gracefully eat my pussy. He wasted no time and went back on it. I lifted my nightie a bit so I can watch him devour my pink hole. Mr. Plumber started using his middle finger to thrill me. He inserted it slowly. Felt its roughness that tickled my innermost. His pointed tongue was all over my clit, making me so damn horny! Oh God! Oh God!

Held his head to pull it even closer to my dripping vagina. “Uhhhmmm! Shiiiit! Ang saraaaap!”

Like an earthworm digging in, his finger was thrusting deeper and deeper. Continuously going in and out of me. I was so wet that I can feel my juice leaking down on my inner thighs. His cunning tongue skill is brilliant! It was playing my clit like there's no tomorrow! On top of that, his lips were touching the labia. He's a pussy-eater! He was very hungry for a fresh pussy! Damn this man, he's doing it all right so far!

“Aahhh! Oooohhhh! Please don't stop, manooong!”, I let out a loud moan.

I gripped his hair tight, guiding his head to encircle my meat. I was in ecstasy! Found my left hand groping my boobs from inside my nightie. My back was leaning hard against the wall. My left leg was hyper-extending because of the sensation. I was being carried by lust, because of this fucking plumber! Can't hardly believe it but the feeling is unexplainable.

“Manoooong, upo ka. Gusto kong tikman yang kargado mooohhh!”, as I stopped and helped him up.

He closed the toilet lid and sat down on it. I unzipped his jumpsuit all the way down to his groin area. Squatted between his legs, pulled out his already-hard cock from his underwear and started stroking it. The smelly scent was nasty. His pubic hair was untidy as well. Fuck! I'll just go and get down with it!

“Manong, ang laki nito ah. Uhm.”, as I began licking the tip of his manhood.

Tasted some of his pre-cum but I didn't mind. My right hand went up and down on his stick while my tongue and lips were grounding the head.

“Ooohhh, ma'aaam!”, he gave a slight moan.

As soon as the tip got wet, I gasped then put his thing inside my mouth. My hand synced with the movement of my head and continued stroking the body. Faithful to your wife, huh? Fuck that! Or should I say, fuck me, Mr. Plumber! You can never resist lust when it hits you!

“Ahhhhh! Tangina, ang sarap niyo pong sumubooh!”, as he held my head.

Slurp! Slurp! My saliva was filling his penis. I was sucking him so hard, eagerly eating this aged man's cock. He pulled my hair stiffly. His hips were raised slightly and turning sideways. I can sense the pleasure he was having at that time. What a lucky bastard indeed!

“Uhhhmmm! Sige pa, ma'aaamm!”

As I continued to stroke his dick, my tongue worked its way to his sack and commenced licking it. Meanwhile, my other hand traveled down to my pussy to play with it again. God, I was soaking wet!

“Oooohhh! Ma'aaam!”

Fap! Fap! Fap! My strokes were getting faster. My hand's grip on his thing got tighter. My tongue was lashing every bit of it. I was giving him the best time of his unfaithful married life!

“Ang galing niyo hoooh. Ahhhh!”, his voice was rattling in pleasure.

It was heating up in the bathroom. Our bodies were starting to sweat. The air was already filled with lust. My conscience was so numb that I forgot, I was sucking a plumber's dick. His cravings for sex was so severe that he forgot, he is faithful to his wife. I don't know how we can sleep after the deed though but one thing's for sure, both of us will remember it for the rest of our life.

After few more stroking and sucking, I got up and positioned myself on top of him. He quickly removed his jumpsuit, leaving his greasy dirty white sando still on. My right hand held his dick and pointed it to my pussy. I then slowly collapsed my body as soon as the tip hit me, letting his cock get in with ease.

“Shiiit! Manong, ang laki. Uhhmmm!”, can't help it but acknowledge his thing.

“Ang sikip ng puki niyo ma'am!”

My hips began circling on top of his lap, inserting his manhood deeper into me. Its head reached my innermost in no time. His pubic hair served as a tickler for my clit, as I rubbed it even harder. “Oooohhhh!”, I was in ecstasy! I put my hands above his shoulders as my body danced from side to side. I was like a lap dancer in a pub, maximizing a customer's money. Fuck!

He grabbed my butt and forced it to go up and down on him. I swiftly followed what he wanted and began moving my body.

“Aaaahh! Ganyan nga! Ang saraaap!”, I can tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying.

I quickened the pace as I continued humping his dick. My chest leaned forward onto him so I can do my maneuvers easily. His face was all over my boobs, rubbing against it, as my body went up and down. All of a sudden, his right hand removed one strap of my nightie, leaving my left boob exposed. He quickly followed it with his mouth, sucking my nipple. “Uhhhmm!”, the sensation was so fucking good!

Pak! Pak! Pak! Robust sounds ricochet around the bathroom as his right hand went back on my ass and slapped it. His teeth was biting my nipple, preventing my left boob from bouncing as I went on. His lower body was whirling, syncing with my flow. He was getting crazy aggressive on me.

“Fuuuuck! Ahh! Ahh! Manooong!!”, my moan was echoing inside the bathroom.

We were indulged in so much heat that our bodies were sweating like we were in a sauna bath. I didn't mind his smelly scent that was starting to invade my nostril. Nor his stinky saliva that was filling my boob. It was kinda grose if you ask me. But I was in the midst of sensuality, being pleasured by a married plumber, who happens to be an experienced fucker! Why would I bother stop him?

Few moments more, I suddenly felt his left middle finger caressing my butt hole. He was trying to put it in but he was having a hard time. Never had my ass been touched before but I didn't try to stop him. There's always a first time for everything, right? So if it would be at that moment, then why not?

After a few seconds, he tried it again, this time, he made sure that his finger was wet. Maybe he had to get some sweat from me to make it so. He started rubbing it on my butt hole again, then in just a glance, I felt it inside. Fuck, it hurt a bit!

We paused, every movement stopped for a second...

“Bakit ma'am? Masakit ho ba?", he politely asked.

“Uhm, no. Tuloy niyo lang manong.”, I begged.

I started to go up and down again. He went back on sucking my boob. As the action returned to its original pace, his left middle finger began doing its job in my ass. It was gradually going in and out of it. I was being double penetrated for the first time!

“Ahhhhh! Ang sarap pala manong! Tanginaaahhh!”, I was so crazy about the sensation that was being given.

Returned the favor by riding his dick even harder, faster. He didn't succumb, hence, he thrust his dick even deeper in my pussy. As well as his finger, in my ass. He bit my nipples even stronger. Oh my God! This man is killing me and I'm loving it!

I got tired on my position so I stood up, held his hand so he can follow and walked inside the shower area. I put my right leg on top of the faucet and invited him to enter me from behind. He quickly pointed his manhood to my flower and slowly went in.

“Ma'am, ang sarap niyo po talaga!”, as he proceeded to fuck me again.

He was thrusting his dick so roughly. My hands were leaning harshly against the bathroom wall. “Oooohhhh!”, I was moaning so hard. I was being devoured by lust and pleasure. I can already feel my juice rushing inside me. “Aaahh! Manong sige paaahh, malapit nakooohh!”, I urged him to fuck me more. To crack me even faster. “Aaahh! Aaaahh!... Read More

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