Ladies' Confessions Series: Lonely Night

April 29, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Sab is the name, short for Sabrina. 28, single (at the moment), living independently. Folks are in Cebu, moved to Manila to work. Currently, I'm an HR manager for a BPO company in Makati. Earning just enough to feed my stomach and pay my bills. Worked my ass off to buy a condo unit, a car and a really expensive pet dog, to accompany me at home. I'm pure Filipina, morena, 5'7” in height, weighs just about 47 kilos. Curly, chest-long black hair. Thin brows contemplating my prominent eyes. Sharp lips, pointy nose. Numbers are 33C-24-34. Partying, shopping, beach bumming are just a few of my likes. One extreme fact about me is that I do mountain climbing, just indoors though. Well, you heard the good side. How about the bad?

I'm an adventurous person, I mean, in a devilish way. When nature calls, I'd love to have sex everywhere I can, whoever I wanted to have sex with. Back in college days, my friends often call me “Sabrina the teenage bitch”, because of the dirty deeds I've done. That's just who I am. Couldn't care less on everyone's opinion or whatever everybody's saying about me, I'll do anything I want, with no limitations. I've been in and out of relationships because I can't be contended with only one man, pleasuring my body, until I grow older. Like to try different food in the menu, just like men. My virginity ended when I was 14. Since then, can't stop longing for it. Yes, I masturbate. Yes, I have sex toys to play with. Yes, you can call me a nympho. But no, I'm not a whore, just a bitch, there's a difference, Google it.

So, to begin my story, this actually happened a couple of years back. I was dating this guy, an ex-officemate of mine, he's 2 years younger than me. A young stud, typical guy next door with added spice, of course. He expressed his interest in me a couple of weeks before we started going out. He said that he's attracted, hope he could get to know me better, blah blah blah. But in real talk, I know he just wanted to get in my pants. Him, probably knowing the stories about me, being a sex addict, looming inside my previous employer, I'm sure, he'd also want a piece of the cake. I didn't give in to him that easily though, until that one lonely night...

It was my rest day, I was at home, bored, just watching movies. Wanted to go out but the weather was not cooperating that time. It rained like cats and dogs outside, better to stay dry than to be soaked on mud and water. I've waited for it to weaken though and took my chances, but unfortunately, it was to no avail. Finally decided to sit my ass down and kill time for the rest of the night, or to say the least, for just a moment.

Out of boredom, I browsed the internet and streamed a porn clip. The setting of it was perfect! As I can recall, a matured woman was being chased by a stranger on a dark alley. When the girl was trapped and nowhere to go, the guy caught him and started molesting her. At first, the woman was pushing away the guy but eventually, she gave in and submitted herself. Few moments after, it rained hard and both of them were soaked while doing the deed.

The clip got me horny in minutes, thus, I began touching myself. Put my laptop at the side and slid my hand inside my panties. Awaiting was my already-wet pussy. Wasted no time and immediately clicked my button. Electricity felt as I continued fondling myself down there. My other hand crawled inside my shirt and initiated groping my breasts. All of these while lying on the bed, watching porn in delightfulness.

“Hmmmm...”, as I let a soft moan out.

Things got me really heated up, so I stopped and reached for my toy. It's a long, silver-colored vibrator, which I bought several months prior to that day. I seldom use it though but when I do, I make sure it's worth it.

Removed my underwear completely and opened my legs. I brushed my toy above my pussy lips to get some of its juice and have it lubricated. Once it got enough, I slowly pointed its tip and gradually pushed it inside.

“Aaaaaaaahhh!”, long delicious sob came out of my mouth.

I started pulling it in and out of me. Encircled the base so the tip can hit my spot. Doing it while my left hand was rubbing my clit. I was still hearing the voice of the woman from the video, moaning loud as hell like I was. My eyes didn't catch the whole scene though as it was rolling in pleasure. Fuck, I was so horny!


I quickened the pace of my hands, doing its work, pleasuring my cunt. Was nearing my climax, the mountain top. A little bit more and I should pop out in bliss. The video has ended playing but I didn't, hence, strived even more. Oh my God! The blood lust was so in me that night! Don't stop, Sab! Don't stop thrilling yourself!

”Aaaahh!! Fuccckk!!”, sounds of sensuality.

The toy finally got me in my spot, so I stuck to that point and nailed it for a few more thrusts. The tip of it was hitting the O-button, shit! Left middle finger doing work on my button, rubbed it even harder. Mouth opened, tongue hanging on the top of my teeth, waiting to shout on an upcoming joy. Then all of a sudden...

”OOOOHHHHHH!!!”, a resounding moan as I came hard. Hot juices rushed inside me. My pussy was pulsating in contentment. Wow! That was a good orgasmic experience! A very good, indeed!

After I returned into consciousness, I pulled my vibrator out and wiped it clean with a cloth. Small amount of white cream-like cum came out of my hole along the process. Went to the bathroom afterwards and took a hot shower.

You thought that the night was over? Well, it was just an appetizer of things to come. I was never satisfied on doing it on my own. I still wanted more. I wanted to be fucked. By God all means, I wanted some cock to ease my cravings.

Later that night, I went down from the condo to grab a bite. While eating in a fast food chain, I called Glen (ex-officemate) and see how he was doing that night. And of course, to see if he was available...

“Hello?”, as he answered my call, quietly.

”Pst! Gawa mo?”, I asked.

“Dito sa office, may pasok kaya ako ngayon. Bakit?”, he politely told me.

“Ah talaga? Hm, wala lang. I was just going to invite you sana, kaso hindi ka pala pwede.”, I teased.

“Wait, punta muna ko CR para makapagusap tayo ng matino. Tawagan kita.”, he said.

“Okay, bye.”, I responded.

After 2 minutes, he called back...

“Hello! Ano? Pwede ka ba?”, asked him again.

“Saan ba? Ano meron?”, with his curious voice.

“Dito sa place ko. Wala kasing magawa eh, I'm bored as hell.”, told Glen.

“Ha? Now na? Hm, baka mahalata ako dito.”, he was worried.

“Sino ba Shift Manager on duty?”

“Si Carl.”

“Ahh, ok, akong bahala sa kanya. Text ko na lang siya. I'll have you excused.”, I persuaded.

“Sure ka? Baka magalit yun. Ma-DA ako.”, he said.

“Shit, Glen! You want to go or not?!”, with my irritated voice.

“Ok, ok, fine. I'll go. Will be there in 20 minutes.”, he quickly followed.

“Good. Text me when you're near, sunduin kita sa lobby. Ok?”, I instructed.

“Okay. Bye.”, as he ended the call.

After I ate my supper, hurriedly went back to the condo to prepare. Since I was in the heat of things, I wore something seductive that night. A black lace nightie dress, black panties and no bra. I wanted to tease this guy as soon as he step at my door. I wanted to make his night an unforgettable one. Yes, he was lucky, indeed!

After a while, he texted and asked me the directions to my place. I gave the instructions and waited for him. Few minutes later, he called...

“Sab, dito nako sa lobby. Wait for you here.”, Glen said.

“Akyat ka na lang dito sa 812. I've already called the guard and gave you permission. Basta mag log ka na lang diyan.”, told him.

“Ok, sige.”, as he hang up.

Ding! Dong! As I heard my doorbell rang. Opened the door and saw Glen standing outside...

“Hi, Sab!”, as he greeted me.

His hair was slightly sprayed with rain water. Good thing he was wearing a jacket, his clothes wasn't that much affected. And God, he smelt good that night! The fragrance of his perfume made me even hungrier. Fuck!

“Huy! Basa ka ah.”, as I let him in. “Halika, bigyan kitang towel.”, guided him in my bedroom's bath. Handed him a face towel and offered to remove his jacket so I can hang it. Glen didn't refuse and casually took off his wet jacket. Saw his biceps from his fitted polo shirt as he detached it. Fuck, this guy is making me horny already. I wanted to taste him right away but I was still holding up. Didn't know until when I can but damn, I was sure it won't last longer.

“Would you mind if I use your toilet for a second?”, he asked.

“No problem, go ahead.”, as I closed the bathroom door. “Sira nga pala yung sink ha? I closed the water inlet kasi may tumutulo.”, I shouted from outside.

“Okay lang!”, heard him responded.

Went outside the room to grab a beer in the fridge. Sat on the couch, in the living area and turned the TV on. While waiting for Glen, I was thinking of how will I seduce him. Haven't fucked for over 2 weeks that time, and for me, that's too long. I was really craving for some hardcore action that night. Hoping that Glen can ease the suffering I was having. It got me excited like a 3 year old kid wanting to buy a new toy or something. Ugh, dammit, Sab, don't think! Just go with the flow!

Then Glen came out after a few minutes...

“Sab, thanks ah. By the way, paayos mo yung sink mo.”, he said.

“Yep. Naitawag ko na sa room service, kaso wala yung tubero nila ngayon. So, baka bukas na nang umaga magawa.”, I replied.

“Okay. So, ano meron? Wala kang magawa, hindi ka makaalis? Haha”, he joked.

“Haha! Ou eh, badtrip! Lakas kasi ng ulan. Gusto ko sanang lumabas, gumimik man lang kaso hindi nakisama yung weather.”, as I handed him a beer.

“Thanks! Malakas nga. Buti na lang hindi ka na umalis kasi baka mabaha ka pa and ma-stranded. Masisira lang gabi mo.”, Glen worriedly told me. “Akin na, buksan ko.”, as he got my beer and opened it.

“Salamat! Anyway, musta naman sa office?”, after I sipped some beer from the bottle.

“Ayun! Daming hindi nakapasok dahil sa lakas ng ulan. Ewan ko kung SL or baka late lang. Buti na lang, konti ang workload kaya steady lang mga team leads.”, Glen explained then drank his beer.

“Hm, buti naman. Sana lagi na lang walang trabaho, hehe!”, joked to him.

“Haha! You wish! Musta naman sa umaga?”, he questioned.

“Boring as usual! Wala naman akong ginagawa, puro reports lang. Hirap talaga pag Manager na, haha!”, stuck my tongue out as I teased him.

“Ikaw na! Gusto ko ngang magpalipat sa umaga eh, para at least magkasama tayo.”

“Asus! Wag na noh! Baka hindi ka lang makapagtrabaho pag magkasama tayo.”

“Bakit naman? Mas ma-iinspired pa nga ako, if ever.”

“Baliw! You can't concentrate if I'm your boss. Puro bola lang gagawin mo, haha!”

“Let's try it then! Ipalipat mo ko. I'm sure you won't regret it, haha!”

“NO! Stay sa night shift, you'll be an asset there.”

Our conversation was going nowhere. All we talked about was work-related. Ugh! The night wasn't getting younger, hence, I was getting impatient, waiting for this guy to make his move. He was probably too chicken to initiate. But what would you expect if a girl invited you over to her place, in the middle of the night? Isn't it obvious already? Or he was just acting too dumb innocent? Whatever it was, he/I better act quickly before my craving fades out.

Just before we finished our first round of beer, I got up from the couch and walked towards the fridge to get 2 more bottles. Went back to the living area and put the bottles on the table. Leaned down in front of him and deliberately showed him a peek of my boobs. Since I was not wearing a bra that time, I was sure he clearly had a glance on it. Waited and see if he'll have a reaction though, but nothing came. This guy is a rookie!

“Uy, thanks!”, with his dumbfounded voice.

“Welcome!”, as I sat beside him.

“Salamat sa pagimbita ah. Nice place, by the way.”, he complimented.

“Sure. My pleasure, Glen. Talaga? Do you like my place?”, as I came nearer to him.

“Oo, maganda ang pagkakaayos ng furnitures at spacious kahit may kaliitan lang.”, he said while looking around.

Gee, this guy was making so anxious! If I waited for him, nothing would happen, so, I did the first act...

“Hm, ano nga pala yung mga nalaman mo tungkol sakin, mula sa office?”, I asked Glen.

“Ha? Ano yun?!”, he shockingly said.

“'Wag ka nang magpatay-malisya. I know you heard things about me. I just wanted to know.”

“Wala naman masyado. Masungit ka daw, strict, mga ganun bagay. Bakit?”

“Sigurado ka? Yun lang?!”, gave him a doubtful look.

“Well, ano bang gusto mong malaman?”, Glen questioned.

“You tell me, Glen. Ano nga ba?”, I asked back.

“Hm, ok. So may nagsabi kasi sakin na you're a nympho. That you had sex with most guys in the office. That you had done it publicly. Basta kung kelan mo daw gusto, you call guys and do them. Madali ka daw bumigay, as in, sobrang dali mo i-kama.”, in total honesty, Glen said. “Sabi pa nila, magaling ka daw mag-BJ. Magaling ka daw gumiling. At sobrang linis mo daw sa baba.”, he added.

“Naniniwala ka ba sa mga sinabi nila?”, as I drew my head even closer to his.

“One way to find out, diba?”, he told me while looking straight into my eyes.

“Hm, good answer.”, as we both leaned forward.

In seconds, our lips were rubbing on each other. Then, we both opened our mouths to engage our tongues. Mine, wrapped on his, like a sushi roll, greedily sucking it. Finally tasted a man's saliva after weeks of being dry. Felt the tension immediately as it traveled down to my spine and flower. Fuck, I was so horny in an instant!

Our kissing got more intense. We were exchanging salivas here and there. Both of us were so aggressively sucking each other. Like two people hungry for lust, one ignited by gossips, the other searching for a drought-killer. Perfect combination of a sex remedy!

“Uhhhmmmppp...”, as we were both moaning in ecstasy.

Locked his lips while going over his lap. Stopped and broke our kissing so I can remove his shirt. Damn, he has nice abs and chest. Medium-built, excellent for making girls drool. Wasted no time and went back on him. Started licking his neck, up to his ear. Stuck my pointed tongue inside his ear lobe, encircled it to amuse him even more.

“Hmmmm...”, heard him moaned.

Felt his cock bulging inside his pants, like a caged animal wanting to go out. I pinned my body downwards, swayed my hips while trying to feel the shaft of his manhood. The sensation was so good, even though we were still both wearing under garments, rubbing our vital parts made me more hungrier for his dick.

“Ooooohhhh...”, as I moaned into his ear.

Glen finally put his hands to work. Both pulled the straps of my nightie down, left me half-naked in the process. His right hand fondled my chest while the other went behind to clutch my butt cheeks. Soon after, he put my left boob inside his mouth. His tongue worked my already-hard nipple. He sucked it as well, like a hungry leech, feasting.

“Aaaahhhhh!”, exhaled voice of joy came out from my mouth.

I was on a couch of heaven. Was having so much sensation at that moment. Held his head so I can yank it tighter to my chest. Gently bit his ear in excitement. My body was trembling in extreme horniness. I couldn't wait to be fucked! Oh, God! Why you made me this way?

Finally had enough of it so I went down on him, knelt between his legs and removed his pants and brief. Took a quick glance on his angry cock before I began licking the tip. I then smoothly put it inside my waiting mouth and commenced sucking it. Shit, nothing feels better than to suck a man's dick!

“Uhhhhh!! Hmmmm!!”, as he moaned.

Sucked in, sucked out his manhood alternately. Licked his sack while my hand masturbated the shaft. I was giving him the best blow job of his fucking life. God, I was so eagerly eating him! Fuck!

“Oooohhhh! Sab, totoo nga sabi nilaaahh... Tanginaaahhh!”

His words have motivated me to pleasure him even further. I complied by devouring his thing even harder. My hand synced with the movement of my head, going up and down on his cock. My mouth and tongue brushing off the underneath part of its head, delighting him. Didn't want to station there, hence, I moved back to his balls and sucked it. Became more daring, thus, began licking his butthole. Fuck, Glen, you were so lucky that night!

“Ahhhhhmmm... Shiiiit! Ang saraaaapppphh!”, he moaned hard while snapping his head back in gladness.

Few moments later, felt his dick was getting bigger. Saw the veins on its shaft clearly got visible, signs that he was nearing his climax. So I stopped and squeezed the head, preventing his cum to halt its ejaculation process.

“Fuck, Glen! 'Wag muna!”, as I looked at him irritatedly.


His man-juice still popped out of its tip even though I was blocking it. Glen's cum shot over my palm and spilled over his shaft. It was so... Read More

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