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Ladies' Confessions Series: End Game

May 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I was having this affair with Mike for almost 3 months that time. We have been doing the sinful deed everywhere we wanted to. That's how he was satisfying me. A thing that my husband couldn't provide. I've been a slave for Mike because of that. Our secret affair was going smoothly up to that point, until that one single night came, when the realization of my dishonest life was finally revealed.

A start of a new week, Sunday, me, my husband, my daughter and her yaya were in a mall, strolling. Hubby opened up about his trip in Macau, that coming Friday, with his colleagues, as a part of a large project coming up for their company. Hubby, together with his friends, will be the POC's for the local-based operations there. It's a big project that he really wanted over the years. And it was just finalized by the board of members that time. He'll be out of the country for a week, then will go back to Macau after a month and stay there for almost a year. Hubby said that he'll be coming home every once in a while but just for a few days or so.

I suddenly thought of Mike, on how we can continue our affair, without any limitations whatsoever. Part of me was sad because hubby will be leaving for a while, but majority of it was excited, thinking about the endless pleasurable moments I can do with Mike. Bad thought, bad girl, bad wife, indeed.

As the week progressed, I was more excited of my hubby leaving than feeling otherwise. Of course I was showing the other way around to him, but deep inside, I wanted him to leave as soon as possible so I can be with Mike again. There came a couple of weeks where we didn't have the chance to see/fuck each other because of busy schedules, vacation trips with family and lack of freedom with hubby. My body was longing for him. I missed his tongue, I missed his cock, I missed everything about him.

We exchanged text messages though and had intimate SOP's, but that was it. No physical contact for a long period of time. And for me, at the time, it sucked! Better clear my schedule or have a day off when hubby leaves. I let Mike know about the plan and he too was so excited to see me, or should I say, fuck me. He also cleared his schedule on that coming Friday so we can have a whole day of an intimate session.

Thursday came, a night before my husband's early morning flight. I helped him pack his stuff. We also had our own intimate session but there was no spark to it. He came and didn't even try to satisfy me. And that's what he was lacking, far different than Mike. As a wife, of course, I also wanted to be satisfied, not only his self. Sex can really ruin or strengthen your marriage life, that's a fact! We finished, took a shower together and went to bed. A sign that he was truly going to miss me, huh? At least he had the decency to make love with me though. Ugh! Can't wait for him to leave!

Friday, we woke up early, had breakfast and went off. I accompanied him to the airport and arrived early, around 6 in the morning. I was in my office attire that day, because I didn't tell him that I was on leave. I pretended that it was just a normal work day for me, but actually, I'll just be calling sick to the office so I can meet up with Mike already.

“Hun, thanks for dropping me off. See you after a week? Take care of Lila. I'll call you when I can. See you soon. I love you so much.”, hubby told me.

“Ok, Hun! I'm going to miss you. Take care and I love you too.”, as we kissed goodbye.

He went down from the car and walked towards the airport terminal. He waved another goodbye before he reached the entrance. I drove off and called Mike immediately.

“Hello!”, he answered.

“Hey! Just dropped my hubby here at the airport. Saan tayo magkikita?”, I asked.

“Nandito pa ako sa condo. Gusto mo dito ka na lang pumunta.”, he told me.

“Hm, okay. Gusto mo ng breakfast? I'll buy one for you.”, I suggested.

“No, thanks! Ikaw na lang breakfast ko, hehe.”, he teased.

“Haha! Okay! Tatawag muna ako sa office to call sick. Hindi ako nagpaalam kahapon eh.”

“Sure! I'll just wait for you. Mag shower muna ko para fresh, hehe.”

“Yeah, you do that. I'd love to eat that fresh hotdog of yours. Haha!”, I teased back.

“Hm, enticing. Later then. Ingat ka.”

“Okay, bye.”, as I hung up.

I quickly called the office to talk to one of my colleagues...

“Hey, Pat! Hindi ako makakapasok ah, masama pakiramdam ko eh.”, I told her.

“Okay, Tin. Sabihin ko na lang kay boss. You get well soon.”, she replied.

“Ok, thank you so much!”, ended the call.

Yes! Finally, I can see Mike now. I was driving along C5 when my phone rang again. It was my boss, calling. I didn't answer it though, hence, kept on driving. I received a message from him afterward.

Boss: Tin, I know you're sick right now but I have an important client meeting later and I need you to present for me. Can you make it here in the office? I will take care of your increase if you get this deal done. Reply back, ASAP.

Wrong timing! I know I wanted to be with my Mike and do the deed but it's my career that we're talking about. Knowing my boss, he provides high increase for deserving people. And I've waited for this chance, but shit, why now? Ugh! Fuck my life! I thought about it for a while and after I've finally decided, called Mike again to drop the news.

“Hi, saan ka na?”, as he answered my call.

“Sorry, bad news. I have to report to the office. May presentation kami later with my boss and some clients.”, I worriedly said.

“What?! Bakit ngayon pa? Bad trip naman yan!”, he disappointedly replied.

“Oo nga eh, sorry talaga. Can I just go there later?”

“I don't know. Uuwi kasi sister ko dito mamaya, so...”

“Ah ganun. Hm, sige, do you want to check-in na lang?”, I asked.

“How about, sa bahay mo na lang? Wala naman asawa mo eh.”

“What?! Baka makita tayo ng anak ko or yung mga kasambahay. Mahirap na!”, I shockingly said.

“That makes it more exciting, diba? Sige na, I promise you that we'll have an excellent time.”, as he was pushing me to agree.

“Are you sure about it? Natatakot ako.”

“I'm pretty sure, Tin. Everything will be alright, don't worry. Akong bahala.”

“Shit! Sige na nga. Basta, I'll call or text you na lang ulit later. Ok?”

“Good. Ok, bye. Ingat ka.”, as we both hang up the phone.

I replied to my boss and arranged the meeting. Said that I'll be in the office around lunch time, even though I was just near the place. Stayed in a coffee shop for a while to kill time. Was expecting a call from my hubby since he should be in Macau by the time, but none came. Also thought of having a quickie with Mike at his place, but unfortunately, it was too far from where I was. Traffic might get me when I get back for the meeting, so I just killed that thought. And besides, didn't want a quickie, since I have the luxury of doing it with him the whole day, so, I just hoped that the meeting will be over soon.

Arrived in the office just in time for the meeting. It went on as scheduled but finished late in the afternoon. Since I phoned office and told that I'm sick, my boss agreed to let me go home early. Finally had the chance to call Mike...

“Tin, are you done?”, as he answered.

“Yeah. Katatapos lang, grabe, tumagal ang meeting namin dahil sa mga tanong nila. Ugh! Anyway, where are you?”

“Dito pa din sa condo. Paalis nako in a while. Saan tayo magkikita?”, he asked.

“Are you going to drive your car?”

“Hm, baka hindi na. Sabay na lang ako sa'yo.”

“Okay. Saan kita dadaanan?”, I asked him.

“Sa Galleria na lang tayo magkita.”, he replied.

“Okay. See you in an hour? Depende pa din siyempre sa traffic.”

“Sige. I'll text you na lang kung nasaan nako.”, said Mike.

“Ako din. Bye. See you!”

“Bye!”, as we ended the conversation.

Drove to Ortigas to meet him up. Traffic was still light that time, so getting there didn't take too long. I then texted Mike to know where he is.

Me: Hey! Dito na lang tayo magkita sa Shell, after Galleria. Crowded kasi sa Robinson's eh.
Mike: Ok. Dito nako sa may intersection. Waiting for the green light. Hintayin mo na lang ako diyan.
Me: Okay, sure.

It was almost 7 in the evening and I was getting hungry. Called home and asked how Lila was. Told them to make her fall asleep in our bedroom. I was thinking to sneak Mike inside my daughter's room, where we can do our deed. Can't believe I was planning a sinful act, inside our own house. Damn! Was I that obsessed with him? Indeed, I was!

Mike arrived soon after. I invited him to have dinner first before we could go to our house. He agreed and so we went to Metrowalk to find a restaurant to dine into. When we were in the parking lot, we kissed for a minute or two, showed how much we missed each other.

We then walked inside to find a resto. Ended up in Pancake House. Dined and talked about what me and my husband did last night. I told him that I was never satisfied with hubby. How I am so frustrated that he won't let me finish, not just last night, but most of the time. How selfish my husband is. How our sex life has gone down from 0 to a negative mark. Yes, Mike and I were just talking about my marriage life. How suck it was that time. How lonely and bored I am. We consumed our time just talking about it.

It was almost 8:30 when we finished our dinner...

“Tin, shot muna tayo bago umalis.”, he said.

“What? Are you sure?”, I told him.

“Yeah. Konti lang naman eh. We have time, don't worry.”

“Okay, saan tayo?”

“Tara, hanap tayo, madami naman dito eh.”, as he invited me.

It took us 10 minutes to find a nice spot where we can take a couple of shots. We ended in a pub, low-lit ambiance, small place but plenty of customers were inside. The place was so jam-packed that we had a difficult time finding a table. We decided to just take our shots at the bar area, while standing up.

“Good evening, sir. Can I take your oders?”, as the bartender greeted.

“Sure! Uhm, give us two shots of Bacardi, double it up, please?”, Mike ordered. “Chaser?”, then asked me.

“No, thank you.”, I promptly said.

The bartender then got two shot glasses of Bacardi and handed to us. “Here you go. Enjoy!”, he followed through.

“Cheers, Tin!”, as he was raising the glass to have a toast.

“Cheers!”, then drank the shot.

God, it was too strong, but I liked it though. “Pheww!”, as I exhaled after finishing it.

We continued drinking. After taking a few more shots of Bacardi, I ordered a Margarita while Mike got a beer. We were having so much fun that night. It has been a while since I've done that, probably the last were weeks before I got married, with my friends. Alcohol was getting into my system, quickly. I was getting tipsy, but still managing to have a decent consciousness. I can let Mike drive the car anyway, so I can take a few more drinks before we leave.

“Okay ka lang, Tin?”, he suddenly asked me.

“Yeah, I'm still good. Eh ikaw? Baka madami ka nang naiinom ha?”, spoke up bending.

“Haha! Ako pa! Parang hindi mo ako kilala! Ikaw nga, salita mo pa lang parang lasing na.”, as he laughed.

“Noooo! Of course not! I can still manage, Mike.”

“Haha! Yeah, right! Order pa kita ulit?”, he suggested.

“Yeah! Go! Another shot of Bacardi, ang sarap eh.”, urged him as I sipped the last drop of Margarita.

I was speaking drank, but not acting like it though. I was still in my proper self, or should I say, at least I was. But yeah, I was getting dizzier. We stayed for a little while, finishing our last orders.

“Here you go, Tin!”, as he handed me the shot.


He came near me and whispered, “By the way, can't wait to have a wild sex with you.”, as I felt his breath brushed my ear lobes with some sort of electricity that tickled my spine.

I just looked at him, bit my lips teasingly then drank the shot of Bacardi. “Hmm, can't wait for that as well.”, as I whispered back while giving him a lick on his ear.

“I will own you tonight, Tin.”, as he whispered again.

“I'm all yours for a week, Mike. Make the best of it.”, I replied.

“I will pound you hard like you haven't been pounded hardly before. I would want your husband realize how delicious your pussy is.”, he was crazily teasing me.

“Really? Pay the bill so we can go home now then.”, excitingly told him.

He hurriedly asked for the bill and paid for it. We exited the vicinity, walked to the car, let him drive then went home.

We were on EDSA, the traffic was moderate but slowly moving, passed 10 in the evening. “Are you good in multi-tasking?”, I suddenly asked him.

“Yes, I am. Why?”, Mike said.

Instantaneously, I went down on his crouch, unzip his pants and pulled his dick out. “Hmm, hello there.”, as I teased his thing before sucking it.

“Oh, wooow! Shiiit!”, he shockingly voiced out.

It was sleeping at first but slowly getting erected because of my tongue. In a matter of minutes, it reached its full potential. “Uhmmm! Nice cock!”, as I teased Mike. Quickly put it back inside my mouth, rotated my tongue on its tip while encircling my head, giving him the best blow job of his life.

“Fuuuuckkk! Pinapahirapan mo akong mag drive.”, he said.

I felt that he was stepping hard on the brakes, signs of hyper-extending his leg because of the sensation he was having. My move got bolder, sucking his manhood even harder, faster. It was so lubricated by my saliva, gave me a chance to devour it fluently.

“Ahhh, shiiit!”, as he moaned.

It got him so horny that he tried to reach for my pussy. Without unlocking my mouth from his cock, I re-positioned myself to come near him. My body was positioning sideways, avoiding the gear shifter. Mike then inserted his hand inside my pencil skirt and slid his finger inside my panties to play with my already-wet cunt. Soon after though, he began finger-fucking me. I spread my legs so he can do it with ease.

I pleasured him back, sucked his dick even stiffer. Used my hand to stroke his shaft. He responded by putting another finger inside my hole to double the fun. Its pace got quicker, went in and out of me. We were doing while cruising along EDSA, just to kept us heated for the real action. I also had the nerve to do it because alcohol got me braver and darer. Didn't even care if somebody sees us, we embraced it and had fun doing it.

The only time we let go was when we were near the subdivision. Mike told me ahead of time because the guards at the gates might see us. Arrived at home just before 11. I didn't open the garage doors because somebody might notice us. So, I told Mike to park at the other side of the house.

“Wait lang ah, baka kasi gising pa yung katulong namin. Ako muna papasok then I'll text you na lang.”, I instructed him.

Fixed myself up then went down and walked inside the house. I unlocked the front door and sneaked quietly towards the maid's room. Hovered my ear on the door to hear if Ate Rosing was still awake. Luckily, she was already snoring. I then went up to our room to check on my daughter and her yaya. Opened the door a bit and peeked my head inside, they were fast asleep as well. Thank God, no one can see Mike enter the house. So I texted him right away...

Me: Hey. Pasok ka na. Use the front door, it's open. Hintayin kita sa living room.
Mike: Okay.

Few moments after, he successfully got in without no one noticing...

“Nice house.”, he complimented.

“Sssh! 'Wag kang maingay, baka may magising.”, told him. “Wait lang, inom lang akong tubig. Be right back.”, as I walked in the kitchen. As soon as I opened the refrigerator door, I felt two hands groped my boobs from behind. It was Mike, he followed me!

“Mike! What are you doing here?! Baka makita tayo dito!”, so much worried because just across the kitchen is our maid's quarter.

“Hmmm... I want you now, Tin!”, as he brushed off my hair and started kissing my nape.

Mike then slid his left hand inside my top, into the bra and pinched my nipple. His other hand navigated down its way to my skirt then inside my panties to click on my button. “Ooohhh!”, as I moaned silently.

He continued licking me from the back of my head, touching one my weakest spots. Because of it, I was so giving in, even if someone might caught us doing it there. My blood pressure boiled in ecstasy. He was making me so damn horny! Fuck!

I felt his hard cock rubbing on my butt cheeks. Quickly moved my right hand to reach for it. “Hmmmm...”, as he sobbed onto my ear after I began stroking it from outside his pants. “Fuck me now, Mike.”, begged him.

Mike pulled his hands altogether to remove his pants and underwear. He leaned me forward, reason for the refrigerator door to have closed. He pulled my panties down and slowly entered me from behind. “Uhhhmmmpp...”, as we both exhaled the sound of lust. He held my hips then started banging me.

“Ooohhh, Mike. Do me more.”, I was coaxing him.

Plak! Plak! As he went faster and stronger, banging his pelvic onto my butt cheeks. I was telling him to keep the noise minimal but he didn't listen, hence, fucked me even more actively. So hard that my boobs were bouncing, even if I was still wearing a bra.

”Oh God! Ang saraaaap!”, enticing him more.

Mike suddenly halted his pounding and turned me around. We kissed briefly then carried me to sit on the kitchen counter. He removed my panties completely, spread my legs then entered me again. He commenced on punishing my cunt after a few seconds.

”Tanginaaaahhh, I never thought na makakantot kita dito sa bahay mooohhh.”, he quietly said.

”Ooohhhh. You never fail to excite meeehhh.”, as I sucked his mouth after.

He quickened the pace, fucking me hastily. His cock grew bigger and bigger. My hole got dripping wet than ever. We were exchanging salivas through our mouths. Our bodies were so heated up. Mike and I were in fantasy land, where no other forbidden couple would normally do. God, sorry for my sins but why did you make sex so delicious that we can't resist it even if we were both wrong? Ugh! Hope the feeling would never end!

“Tin, malapit nakooohh. Sheeett!”, he said.

“Noooh! Not yet, Mikeee.”, as I pushed him, disengaging his manhood from me.

Held his hand and invited him. “Let's go the living room.”, while walking towards the sofa. I sat Mike on the couch, grabbed his cock, lifted my skirt a bit and gently pushed my body down on him. ”Oooohhhhh...”, a long moan came after it.

I began going up and down on his dick, devouring it fully. Swayed my hips in enjoyment as I went like a cowgirl. He hoisted my top and bra so he can suck on my breasts. My nipples were so hard that it was brushing off Mike's teeth, gave me so much pleasure along the process. ”Fuuuuuuck you Mike! Fuuuck you!”, couldn't prevent myself.

”I'm almost thereee... Oohhhhhh!”, as I was readying for my climax. Mike sucked my nips even harder. ”Ohh fuuuuck!”, his tip was hitting my g-spot. I was feeling delirious in sensation. My eyes were rolling in delightfulness. ”Cumming, Mike! Aaaahhh!”, my last words before finally felt my orgasm exploded. ”AAAAHHHH!!! UHHHMMMP!! SHEEEEEETTT!!!”, that my body almost collapses on him. Heaven, again!

I was still savoring it when Mike started thrusting me again. He was the one initiating it now since I was so drained after that orgasmic moment. He encircled his cock in me, his mouth was still sucking my boob. Mike was going faster and faster.

”Tin, malapit na din akoohhh”, he suddenly said.

”Shoot it inside me, Mike! I want to feel your cum! Uhhhmmmp!”, I gave him the green light.

A few more thrusts then, “OOOHHHHH!! TANGINAAAAHHHH!!!”, as he shot his load in my pussy. Felt its hotness immediately, filling my innermost.

”Hmmm... that was so hot, Mike.”, after we kissed.

”Thanks for that, Tin! Shit! Ang sarap nun!”, he pleaded.

When I got off him, some of his cum, together with mine, leaked down on my thighs. I asked Mike to get a paper towel in the kitchen to clean ourselves up. He also got his pants and my panty from the kitchen. We got dressed and gathered in the living room.

”Pasok ka muna sa banyo, malapit sa maid's room. Gigisingin ko na kasi yung yaya ni Lila para makababa na and makaakyat tayo. I'll text you when to go up.”, instructed him.

Mike followed and went to the comfort room. I went up and got inside the master's bedroom to wake up my daughter's yaya. She woke up and sleepily went to their room. I texted Mike a couple of minutes after.

”Laki ng kwarto niyo ah.”, said Mike.

”Ssssshhhh!”, gave him an annoyed face. ”I'll just take a shower. Higa ka muna sa bed if you want.”, while slowly undressing.

”Hm, nagugutom ako ulit. May food ba kayo sa baba?”, he said.

”Kuha ka lang dun sa ref. 'Wag ka lang maingay ah.”, told him.

I then went inside the bathroom to take a shower. Soon after though, Mike came back with a bunch of sandwiches, waiting inside.

”Matagal ka pa ba?”, overheard him.

”Hindi naman. Bakita?”, I asked.

”Wala lang, I have to go din kasi. Won't be staying here any longer.”

”Ah ganun? Hm, just a sec.”, as I hurried.

Got finished and went outside the bathroom, with only the bathrobe on. Mike was just on the chair, in front of the TV, patiently waiting. Took off my bathrobe and started putting lotion.

”Wow, Tin! I am still in awe on your body after these years.”, Mike quietly said while staring at me.

”Hm, hope it would last forever though.”

Mike approached me and kissed me gently. ”Ang swerte ng asawa mo sa'yo, Tin! Sa totoo lang. Kaso....”, he said.

”Kaso... What?!”, I intriguingly said while kissing him back.

”Wala. Wala. Nevermind.”, said Mike then went back on me.

Things got heated up. He got me horny again, just with his torrid kissing. I removed all his clothes, left us both bare-naked. Mike laid me down on the carpeted floor, just beside the bed, went on top of me and began lashing his tongue all over my body. He jumped-off on my neck, down to my chest, then navel area until he reached my flower. He smelled it for a second then started licking it. In just minutes, I was wet yet again. ”Hmmmm...”, slightly moaned.

His licking didn't last long though as he moved up to kiss me. I tasted my juice as I brushed his mouth with my tongue. Mike's piston got erected and was rubbing with my pink hole. Once his shaft got lubricated off my juice, he pinned it inside me. ”Sarap mo talaga... Hmmmpp...”, he softly told me.

We were passionately doing it that time, far more different than the 1st round. His stroke wasn't so hard, nor fast, it was like a fluent motion, but still enjoyable. We were kissing and embracing dearly, like he was someone else. Probably, our 1st round got us physically exhausted but still managed to do it because of how we missed each other's presence.

All of a sudden, I heard Lila cried and was looking for me. I immediately stopped Mike and went to the bed while still naked. He stayed on the floor, quietly. I tapped Lila and hummed a lullaby so she can go back to sleep again. Luckily though, she really didn't wake up, just had a bad dream or something.

I felt Mike went on the bed as well. He arranged me sideways and penetrated my vagina from behind, in a spoon position. Fuck, I was doing it wildly with him now. Not thinking about anything anymore.

He lifted my leg so he can go deeper in my cunt. His hand grabbed my left boob as he went on. His tongue arousing my neck and ear. God, I was having a great time!

I reached for my clit and played with it. After a few more of Mike's thrust, I came for the second time that evening. He also did a few seconds after. We both didn't moan because Lila might wake up. We just bit our lips to control ourselves.

We both went to the bathroom to wash and get dressed. When we were both ready, I accompanied him downstairs and to the front door.

”Thanks for the wonderful night, Tin! I had fun, sobra!”, as he kissed me goodbye.

”Likewise, Mike! Salamat din sa time.”, embraced him. ”Tomorrow ulit?”, as I joked.

”Uhm, I might be gone for a while. Text na lang kita kung kelan ako pwede, ok?”, he was serious. I didn't ask why but I knew there was something about what he said.

”Hm, okay, sure. Bye. Goodnight!”, my last words to him.

”Bye, Tin! I'm gonn... Read More

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