Ladies' Confessions Series: Different Approach

May 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“Uhhhmmmp...”, damn, I couldn't get it out of my mind. “Aaaahhhh...”, my own moans were haunting me. “Oooohhhh...”, fuck Alvin, what the hell did he do to me?! I was still thinking of the encounter we had. I should be thinking of what alibi or excuse or apologetic approach I should be giving my boyfriend, Julius, for the mishap I did. Should I tell the truth or not? If I did tell him that I fucked a stranger, he would go berserk and could be a recipe for disaster. Should I play safe? That would be ideal but I didn't know how long my conscience would hold up. It could give me sleepless nights. God, what have I done!

There I was, sitting with my other friends while I waited for Julius to arrive. Alvin, however, sat down on another table, with the other guys. Couldn't even look at him, after what happened between us. That “macho” feeling he might had after banging some other guy's girlfriend. His ego might have boosted his douche-ness. Ugh, I despised it! Oh well, I couldn't blame him though. I submitted. I put down my guard. I just accepted whatever gut-wrenching feeling I was experiencing.

“Huy, Lisa! Ok lang?”, my friend, Ishii asked me.

“Ou, ok lang ako.”, I said.

“Kanina ka pa kasi hindi nagsasalita diyan. What's up?”, Nix followed.

“Susunduin na kasi ako ni Julius. Hindi ko alam sasabihin ko.”, worriedly told them.

“Oh my! Seryoso?! Paano niya nalamang nandito ka?”, Ishii was surprised.
“Gusto mong samahan ka namen mamaya pag dumating siya?”, Nix said.

“Hindi ko nga din alam eh. I'll find out later. Hindi, okay lang, I can handle it.”, I answered.

I wasn't so sure if I could, though. Every minute passed was an agonizing feeling to bear. I would have rather face him sooner than kept on thinking what to say. The questions left were, am I going to tell him everything? Am I ready to face whatever consequences it will result? Sure, I didn't want Julius to break up with me, as I love him dearly. But why did I let another guy fucked me? Why did I become so unfaithful? So many “why's”, not so many answers.

Beeeep! Beeeep! As I heard a loud horn, after half an hour of waiting. I know it was Julius as I am familiar with it. My heart beat faster. Took me a while before I could get up from my seat.

“Una nako, guys, see you ulit next time.”, as I kissed Nix and Ishii good byes.

“Good luck, mare! Balitaan mo kame ha?”, Ishii said.

“Ok. Pakisabi na lang din kay Dee and Nico pag nakito niyo. Thanks!”

“Okay, sis.”, Nix responded.

I quickly walked out of Nico's house and got into Julius' car. He rapidly drove off and never said a word. Actually, it was total silence after that. Neither of us were talking. Since it was my fault after all, I broke the barrier...

“Babyyy, sorryyyy...”, as I was caressing his arms.

“Ano?! Nag enjoy ka ba ha?! Akala mo hindi ko malalaman noh?! Tumawag ako sa inyo, tapos pina check kita sa kapatid mo! Ang pagkakamali mo lang, hindi mo na-lock yung pinto mo kaya nasilip kang wala dun!!”, the tone of his voice was slightly calmer than what he had on the phone.

“Uhmm, sorry na po. For lying.. for not telling you.”, I was hesitant to tell everything.

“Nag-enjoy ka naman?! Ha?! Nang hindi ako kasama?!”, he questioned.

My conscience was telling me... “Yes, I did! I fucked a guy!”. But of course, I have no guts to say it. Instead, “I'm sorry, it won't happen again, baby...”, that was the only words came out of my mouth.

“Ginawa mo naman akong tanga, eh!! Ang akala ko matutulog ka na, yung pala tatakasan mo lang ko!!”, his angry eyes looking at me.

Couldn't look back at him. I was facing down. Ashamed of what I did. Or maybe I was just dodging the fact that he wouldn't know what really happened beyond that. Didn't even say a word. I was completely silent. At some point I was just looking at the window, still thinking about the encounter I had with some guy. My boyfriend was still voicing out, but my ears weren't listening at all. I was completely blanked out. Didn't really know why. I guess I was fed up already. I was saying sorry, but Julius won't forgive me, so the hell with it.

That kind of scene went on until we reached at my house. When he parked the car, he wasn't done talking, hence, he was still stating his points. Blah! Blah! Blah! God, make him stop! I know I did a mistake, but geez, stop torturing me! I was snapped back in reality when he suddenly pulled me by the arm...

“Ano?! Hindi ka man lang ba magsasalita?! Ha?!”, he said.

“I don't know what to say anymore, baby.”

“Hay, putanginang buhay 'to oh!!!”, as he hit the steering wheel in anger.

“Sorry na talaga, baby, please?!”, embraced his arms, was trying to calm him down.

“AYOKO NA! LET'S JUST END THIS!”, his voice raised again.

I stayed quiet. Didn't respond on what he said. I was sure he didn't mean it, he was just angry that's why he said it. He was expecting a word from me, but that didn't come. If he wanted another apology, I was saying that for almost an hour at the point. What's the use anyway? So, I tried a different approach, something that all men couldn't resist...

Swayed his head so he can look at me, “Sorry na ha?”, then I kissed him gently on his lips. He refused to kiss me back so I kissed him again, that time, more aggressively. “Baby, sorry... uhmmm...”, my lips were on his, seducing him. He still won't open his mouth. I used my tongue, tried parting it, but failed at my first attempt. I forced my tongue harder and finally broke its sealed lips. “Uhhhhmmmmmppp...”, as I gassed a moan. Julius fought back, we were torridly kissing and sucking each other. “Hmmmmppp...”, God, since I wasn't satisfied earlier, I was still having the urgency.

“Teka, ok lang ba dito sa tapat ng bahay niyo? Baka makita tayo?”, as Julius burst the scene.

“Let's go inside, tara!”, as I insisted him.

We quietly sneaked inside the gate then at the front door. Luckily, I brought my key, hence, we had easy access going inside the house. I held his hand and invited him upstairs. We successfully and secretly got inside my room, without no one knowing. As soon as the door was closed, we re-engaged our lips. “Uhhmmmppp...”, we were making out like crazy! My arms were wrapped around his neck while his hands were caressing my back hips, slightly lifted my shirt and touched my skin. “Hmmmm...”, our tongues were whirling on each other. Our salivas were transferring from one another. “Uhhmmmm...”, I was all over him! I was so horny as fuck!

The mood was heating up, so I pushed Julius on the bed, had him sitting up straight. I knelt down between his legs and quickly unstrapped his board shorts. I slightly opened it up, exposing his briefs. Wasn't surprised at all when I saw his already-hard manhood bulging underneath it. Started teasing him by brushing my lips on top of his underwear. Then after a few more seconds, I pulled his briefs down to peak the tip. Used my lips and mildly give it a peck at first then began using my pointed tongue to slowly graze it.

“Ooohhh, babyyy...”, he griped.

I pulled his underwear down again and fully exposed his shaft. Turned my head sideways and commenced licking the body of his thing. It moved up and down as my lips and tongue were glazing his rooted cock, filling it with wetness. After a couple of minutes playing with it, I gasped a little air then finally put it inside my mouth. Started devouring his dick, swirled my head and my tongue. I was giving him a pleasurable sensation.

“Aaahhhh!!”, Julius moaned.

His hand guided my head as I continued to eat his joystick. Julius' s so-angry manhood gave me difficulties to deep throat it, hence, I just concentrated on the tip and most of its shaft.

“Ahhh, fuuck, babyy... I want you now!”, he requested.

I complied. Hastily stood up and removed my pants and panties. He decided to remove his shorts and underwear as well. I went on top of his lap and pointed his dick on my flower. Collapsed my body on him and slowly but surely, his manhood thrusted inside me. “Sheeeeet”, as I sobbed in sensation. Julius leaned back on the wall as he watched my cunt ate his ego. I began to throb my hips on him. “Hmmmmmpp..”, as I let friction tickled my spine. I swayed and danced my way into enjoyment. His pubic hair was acting like an extra thrill to my button, gave me so much pleasure. “Oooooohhh....”, slightly went to unconsciousness.

“Fuck, baby! Ang galing mong gumiling!”, Julius motivated me.

I stared at him and gave a frown look, enticed him to punish me for the mishap I made. He did respond and quickly removed my shirt but left my bra still on. Julius then leaned towards me and started licking my cleavage. His tongue worked its way in the middle. His hands fondled both of my 34C breasts. All of which while I was still pumping myself on top of him. “Uhmmmppp...”, as I embraced his head and pulled it tighter to my chest.

After a couple of minutes, he removed my bra completely and used his mouth to catch my left boob as it sprung out of concealment. His left hand pinched my right nipple as he began sucking the other. “Aaaahhhh, baby, ang saraaaappp...”, I was definitely loosing myself that time. He became more aggressive as he bit my nipple. It sent an electrifying shockwave of lust all over me. “Fuuuucck!”, I was begging to moan loudly. My body answered to his actions by rapidly going up and down on his dick. “Oooohhhh...”, God, if he only knew I fucked another guy that night, he would have probably went nuts on me. But I was glad I didn't tell him, hence, my fucking night continued.

His mouth switched on my other boob, repeatedly sucked and licked its wholeness. His right hand was on my butt cheeks, slapped it hardly. I was still doing my thing, went elevator moves on him. “Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh!”, I was pounding him too hard that my bed was squeaking, just like me. I pulled his head from my chest and torridly kissed him. “Hmmmmpppp...”, we were both moaning. Julius tightly wrapped his arms around me and hauled me closer. “Uhhmmmppp...”, our mouths were savoring the moment. My super firm nipples were pressing against his shirt, the friction added extra stimulation to my well-being. Fuck, I was almost there! I was feeling it!

I broke our lip-engagement and readied myself to climaxed. Boyfie went back on boobs and played with it even stiffer. “Aaaahhh, babyyyy....”, I was moving in a consistent phase. Every rub on his sword made my juices flowed like a river. “Shhhiiiitttt...”, few more movement, a few more fuck. “AAAAHHHHH.... BABEEEEE!!!”, as I exploded. “Ooooohhh...”, as I dialed down, savored the climax moment I had. “Babbbyyyy...”, weakened voice as I gradually collapsed because of the sensation I experienced. “Ang saraaaappp... My God!”, then gave him a kiss.

Julius wasted no time and laid me down on the bed. He held his thing and re-inserted it in me. His hands lifted my legs so he can go deep. Slowly, he started to thrust in me. Then it got quicker in a span of seconds. “Go, babyyyy...”, as I urged him.

He fastened, went deeper and deeper, like a driller. I saw his cock going in and out fluently. “Ooooohhhh... more, babyyyy...”, talked to him dirty. He sucked my lips then licked my neck. My arms were all over his back, enticing him to fuck harder. “Aaaaahhhh, sheett....”, I wasn't done moaning. In and out he went, like a locomotive, fully-steamed. My pussy juice was visible on his shaft, so creamy and vivid white. “Sorry ulit babyyy.... Aaaahhh! Oooohhhh”, told him. He pumped harder, sign that he hasn't forget what I did. That was I wanted though, bring out the anger in him so it can result to an angry fuck!

“Babee, malapit nakohhhh..”, Julius said.

“Hmmm, cum inside me babyyyy... I'm safe... I want to feel it.... Ooohhhh!”, instructed him.

Julius went outrageously fast. His manhood went bigger and bigger as he pumped his way in me. “Babyyyy, sorry ulit haaa?? Uhmmmm...”, then kissed him passionately on his lips. He didn't kiss back though. He was probably focusing on his climax. After a few minutes though, I was right...

“AAAHHHHH!! BABEEEE!!!”, he soundingly said then bursted his cum inside my cunt. “AAAAHHHHH!!”, as he was letting his angry steam out. “TANGINAAAHHH”, every ounce of cum he shot out was equivalent to a thousand rage of sensation. “FUUUCCCKKK!!”, as he finished his moment and laid his body on me. His cock stayed inside as it slowly to relaxed.

“Shiiit! Ang sarap mo babyyy....”, as he kissed on the cheek.

“Uhmmm... ang init ng cum mooohhh...”, kissed him... Read More

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