Ladies' Confessions Series: Deceitful Act

March 30, 2015 (3 years ago)
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What started as a simple birthday party that turned out to be one of my unfaithful acts in my life. To a reconciliation with my then boyfriend, Julius, and to be living normally again with him that time. Which in the end, had me sleeping with somebody else all over again. Yep, the story of my young college life!

It was almost a year after I had that steamy altercation with Alvin, a friend of my best friend's boyfriend, that happened in a party. Julius didn't really find out what went down between me and Alvin. I kept it as a dark secret from him for a long, long time. We had a chance to fix our relationship, in just one “reconciliation sex” with my boyfriend, an offer that he couldn't really turn down. After that, everything was going smoothly again and we were back into that “boyfriend, girlfriend” thingy. Both of us were at our last semester that time and focusing solely in our studies. Despite the pressure we were having in school, Julius and I still managed to find time to date and of course, “make love”. It's one of our ways to step back and un-stress for a while, before heading back to rigorous studying.

Things were heading into the right direction thus far, but one day, while I was still in class, I received a text message from an unknown number.

??: Hi, Lisa! Musta?
Me: Sino 'to?
??: It's me, Alvin. From Nico's party, do you still remember?

I was sure that Dee, my best friend, gave my number to him. The process of removing Alvin out of my mind, after that incident, haunted me back in that single day. Flashback happened, like a trip to the past. My mind didn't want me to reply to his message, but honestly, I didn't know why I did. So...

Me: Hi, Alvin!

And then it began... again...

Alvin and I became discreet text mates. I even changed his phonebook's name to a feminine name so Julius wouldn't notice. I didn't mean no harm to my boyfriend, Alvin and I were just exchanging messages, but that was being deceitful to him again. That time, the best way I have thought of, was just to hide everything from him. Yes, I was young and stupid.

One Saturday afternoon, I was with Julius. We were in a restaurant, eating our lunch, when Alvin sent me a message...

Alvin: Hey! Musta? Gawa mo?

I carefully texted him back...

Me: I'm with Julius. Can't text you right now.
Alvin: Ah, okay. I miss you na kasi. Kelan ba tayo magkikita?
Me: I told you. We can't meet-up. Hindi pwede.
Alvin: Tagal na nating magkatext, hindi mo pa ako pagbibigyan. Just for a coffee man lang?
Me: I said NO! Let's just savor the communication we have right now. At least, nakakapagusap pa tayo kahit papaano.

“Sino ba yang katext mo?”, Julius suddenly asked.

“Ah, si Rita, babe. Nangungulit. Nagyayayang manuod ng sine.”, as I quickly put my phone back inside my bag and kept it on vibrate mode.

“Okay. Pero sasama ako ha?”, he insisted.

“Sure, babe. No problem.”

I just pretended that it was really an invite from one of my friends. That's how it was with Julius, after the party incident, he didn't let me go out on my own. He was overly protective of me. He always come with me every time me and friends or classmates will have some get-together.

For me and Alvin, we were just text buds at that time. Nothing more, nothing less. He was really insisting to see me again, but I didn't want to. I know what was going to happen if we meet-up. I was not buying to all that “coffee” BS that he wanted. I kept what we have at that moment as it is.

Months have passed and Julius and I both graduated from college. A relief from an hard-earned brain-sucking hard work that we went through. The focus now lied on getting a job and experiencing the “real” world. We wasted no time and search for job hirings across the internet and newspapers. Julius wanted to work in an IT company, while I looked for an opening in a bank or any work where my skills will suit into.

I was at home, one night, when Alvin texted me...

Alvin: Hey! Congrats nga pala! I've heard from Dee that you guys already graduated.
Me: Thanks! Tapos na din lahat ng paghihirap. Now, the real haunt starts.
Alvin: Anu ba plan mo? Ano gusto mong work?
Me: Anything. Basta more on banking.
Alvin: Bakit hindi ka mag sales? I'm sure matatanggap ka kaagad kasi maganda ka and sexy. Hehe!
Me: Ayoko nga! I'm sure Julius won't let me work in that kind of work. Alam mo naman yun, masyadong possessive.
Alvin: Well, hindi ko siya masisisi. After what happened to us, siguradong every galaw mo, bantay-sarado ka.
Me: Yep! It sucks but that's what it is.
Alvin: Hm. Hope I could help you finding a job. Gusto mo samahan kita?
Me: Huh?! Alam mo namang hindi pwede eh! 'Wag mo nang balakin.
Alvin: Hindi ka ba pwedeng makalusot? Or make an alibi?
Me: Alvin, ayokong makipagkita sayo! Don't push it!
Alvin: Just for an hour, Lisa. I promise, we will just talk.
Me: No! Anyway, goodnight!
Alvin: Just for a day? Hindi nako mangungulit afterwards. I swear!

I didn't reply to his last message. Instead, I called Julius to have a quick talk with him...

“Hello?”, as he answered the phone.

“Hi, babe! How are you? May nahanap ka nang work?”, I questioned.

“Yup! Actually, my interview ako bukas. Sa Makati 'tong company na'to. Hope I could be on time.”, he said.

“Ah, talaga? That's nice! What time will be your interview?”

“9AM. Pwede mo ba akong gisingin, babe? Pero mag aalarm din ako.”

“Sure! Gusto mo samahan kita?”

“Hm, wag na po. Ako na lang. Sunduin na lang kita after ng interview. Ok lang sa'yo?”

“Ok, sige. I'll just spend my time finding jobs online.”

“Sige po. Anyway, sleep na tayo, babe?”

“Ok po. Goodnight and good luck tomorrow!”

“Thanks, babe! I love you!”

“I love you too! Bye!”, as I hang up the phone.

After the call, I saw multiple messages from Alvin but I didn't read it. Hence, I went to sleep as well.

Julius' interview went great and he was actually given a contract after a few days. He began working in that company after two weeks as a network analyst. On the other hand, I was still a bum. Had a couple of interviews myself but I didn't get any follow-ups from these companies afterwards. Luck was not on my side and I was getting frustrated and peer pressure was all over me.

Since then, I was becoming aloof with Alvin and very seldom that I reply to his text messages. I was merely focussing on getting a job because I didn't want to be left out in the dark while Julius was starting to build a career on his work. Because of these circumstances, our time with each other was beginning to diminish. We still date every now and then but not like when we were in college. Reality was starting to sink in and it was biting me hard.

One weekday night, I was just in my room and doing nothing and had an urge to call Julius and invite him to come over at home...

“Hey, babe!”, as he picked up the call.

“Hi! San ka na po?”

“Pauwi na po. Bakit, babe?”

“Wala lang. Miss na kasi kita. Can you come over here? Wala naman sila Mom and Dad eh, nag dinner out.”

“Hm, okay. Will be there in an hour or less. Medyo traffic po kasi.”

“No problem. I can wait po. Just let me know when you're near.”

“Okay po. Love you!”

“Love you too! Bye!”, as I dropped the call.

Short after, Alvin texted me...

Alvin: Hey! I miss you! Can you reply naman?
Me: Why?
Alvin: Oh, finally! Wala lang. I miss having a conversation with you. How have you been?
Me: Eh wala naman tayong paguusapan. And besides, I'm not obliged to text you back. For me, you're just a text buddy.
Alvin: Ouch! Sakit naman 'non. But it's okay, I know you still have Julius, but I just wanted to talk. That's all.
Me: Can you talk with someone else? Madaming pwede diyan na single, I'm sure!
Alvin: Ikaw po kasi gusto ko. Matagal na. Sorry to be honest but it's the truth, Lisa.
Me: You know we can't be with each other. Bakit ba ipinagpipilitan mo pa?!
Alvin: Gusto ko lang naman malaman mo yung nararamdaman ko. Kung walang way, then that's fine with me.
Me: Sorry, Alvin. Hindi talaga mangyayari yung gusto mo. Don't text me anymore! Please!
Alvin: Lisa, please? Can we just continue exchanging text messages?

He didn't receive anything from me after that. Alvin sent a couple of text messages more but I just bypassed it.

Pass 730 in the evening when Julius arrived. Before I let him in, I made sure that Alvin's messages were deleted. I embraced and hugged him immediately the minute he walked inside the front door. That's how I truly missed him. We ate dinner and had long talks about his day. Afterwards, we went straight up to my room and had our longing sex. But it was different. Somehow, he was lacking some passion while we were doing it. Julius just laid down and let me do my thing. He might be tired or something, but the affection was not present that time. Nonetheless, I just let it pass.

A couple of days after, I got a phone call from one of the companies I've applied for, a few weeks back. They've invited me to sign a contract of a job offer. I was so glad! Finally, I was going to have a job! Julius didn't know about it yet because I wanted to surprise him in his office and tell him the good news personally. Since the company was just a few meters from where his office at, it's a no-hassle for me.

I first went to the bank company to have my contract signed. It just took a matter of minutes and I was so delighted that they even offered me a better entry-level salary. More than what I was expecting! They asked me if I could start the next work week, which I agreed on right away. Left the building with so much joy and before heading to Julius' office, I decided to drop by at the nearest bakery shop to buy a small cake so we could have a little celebration or something.

It was 2PM at that time and I'm sure Julius has already taken his lunch. Arrived at the vicinity and went up to the floor where his company is on. He has no idea I was going there at that point, so I was pretty sure that he'll be so thrilled to see me. When I got into the reception area, I asked for him from one of the receptionists.

“Yes po, how can I help you, ma'am”, the front desk lady asked me.

“Hi! I'm looking for Julius Mendoza.”, as I told her.

“Wait a minute lang po. Let me call his extension number.”, she replied.

“Ok, thank you!”

Few moments after...

“Ma'am, Sir Julius is not on the floor daw po. Bumaba daw po sabi ng colleague niya.”

“Ah, talaga? Saan po kaya nagpunta?”, cluelessly asked her.

“Hindi po nabanggit, ma'am. Upo na lang po muna kayo sa reception area and pakihintay na lang po.”, as she instructed.

And so I did. Couple of minutes more have passed and no sign of Julius yet. So, I texted him...

Me: Babe? Gawa mu na po?

I was pretending and playing catch with him. It took 10 minutes before he could replied...

Julius: Sorry, babe. Nag meeting kasi ako kanina. Anyway, back in the workstation. Bakit po?
Me: Hm, okay. Wala lang. May ibabalita kasi sana ako sayo.

After I replied, I approached the front desk to ask the receptionist to call his workstation again...

Julius: Ano po yun, babe?

Before I texted him back, I waited for the lady's response...

“Ma'am, wala pa din daw po.”, she told me.

“Okay, sige. Thank you na lang po!”, as I walked away and went down to the lobby.

I called him as soon as I reached outside the building...

“Babe?”, it was noisy when he answered.

“Nasaan ka?”, I asked intriguingly.

“Sa office. Bakit?”, he hesitantly said.

“Talaga lang ha? I was in your office a while ago and sabi ng front desk officer niyo wala ka daw!”

“Ah, ou, eh, nagpasama kasi saglit yung ka-opisina ko dito sa bookstore. Nandyan ka pa ba?”

And then suddenly, I heard a girl's voice over the phone... “Juls, sino yan? Istorbo naman kamo siya, haha!”

I was so irate after that rude comment... “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?!”

“Babe, wait, I can explain. She's just my colleague and...”


“Hindi! Anu ka ba?! Sinamahan ko lang siyang kumain dito sa mall.”


It got me so enraged after that conversation I had with Julius. He was even trying to call me back but I didn't answer his calls. I threw the cake that I bought in the trash can and called a cab to head home.

Along the way, Julius was still trying to call me. I also got plenty of text messages from him. He didn't receive a word from me after our phone call. I was so mad at him. If karma has hit me, for what I've done and have been doing, then it striked me hard, at the worst possible way. 

I got my phone and wrote a message, not to Julius but to Alvin...

Me: Gawa mo?

It only took a matter of seconds before he could reply...

Alvin: Oh, Lisa! Nice to hear from you again. Wala naman. Bakit? Ikaw, ano gawa mo?
Me: Are you free?
Alvin: For you, I'm always free. Ano meron?
Me: Let's meet. I need some company.
Alvin: Sure! Where and what time?
Me: Nasa taxi na ako. See you at a coffee shop in Megamall.
Alvin: Okay. Will be there in a few minutes.

So, if Julius wanted to play with fire, I'll make it even for him. He has awaken the bitch side of me again. He doesn't have any idea what shitty things I could do just to get back at him. 

Almost 4PM when Alvin and I met up...

"Hey, Lisa!", as he greeted me when he arrived.

I just nod my head. My grimace face was still visible because of what happened earlier. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was so affected. 

"Something wrong?", Alvin asked.

"No.", I answered briefly.

"Gusto mo ba ng coffee or anything?", he offered.

"Nope. I'm good, thanks!", as I simply declined.

“Nag-away ba kayo ng boyfriend mo?”

“Huwag na nating pagusapan. And it's none of your business.”, I grouchy said.

“Ok. Eh bakit mo pa ako pinapunta dito? Kung ayaw mo din naman makipagusap?”

I kept quiet for a period of time. So many questions were lingering inside my mind about the girl Julius was with. Didn't want to jump into conclusions that he was having an affair with that girl but why does he needed to lie to me? Or why he didn't even tell me in the first place? Undoubtedly, I still love Julius, but I wanted to ditch him off my mind for that day. Didn't want my paranoia to take its toll on me.

“Ano, Lisa, hindi ka ba magsasalita?”, as Alvin promptly said.

“Alis tayo. Ayokong magstay dito.”, I quickly told him.

“Okay. Kunin ko lang yung kotse then ikutan na lang kita dito.”, as walked out to get his car.

While waiting for Alvin, I checked my phone. There were 5 missed calls and a dozen of text messages from Julius. I didn't even bother opening it at all. I was making him suffer for the bullshit he did.

After a while, Alvin finally drove around the corner and put his car window's down to call me...

“San mo gustong pumunta?”, he asked as soon as hopped inside his car.

“Just drive.”

“Anu ba gusto mong gawin, Lisa? Para alam ko kung saan tayo tutungo.”

“Gusto kong makalimutang may boyfriend ako ngayong araw na'to.”, I explained without even looking at him.

“Hm, okay.”

Alvin and I kept silent the whole time. We didn't talk. I was just starting outside the car's window while he was driving. We were along Shaw boulevard extension and when we passed the motel row and about to turn, I already knew what he wanted to do. But I didn't budge and acted unknowingly.

“Bakit mo ako dinala dito?”, as I looked at him.

“Gusto kitang tulungang makalimutan mo si Julius, Lisa.”, while he was searching for a vacant garage room.

“At ito lang ang naiisip mong gawin?”, maintained my crank attitude.

He parked the car and waited for the bell boy to ready the room. “Let me know if you're not comfortable with this.”, he then questioned.

I didn't answer. I was not thinking clearly. Or I didn't know what to say to him. Anger was still overpowering within me but I was also feeling some confusion inside. My body was left in a sink hole that I couldn't or wouldn't even try to get out of it.

As soon as the bell boy said “Ok na po!”, I swiftly got out of the car and went up to the room. Alvin followed short after. It has been a while since I got inside a motel room again. And I have this eerie feeling in my stomach every time I do so.

I opened the fridge to get a beer in can to stimulate my body and calm me down. Was having this hot-tempered manner since earlier that day. Alvin, meanwhile, was busy checking the room up.

Stood in front of a dresser while I was sipping on my beer. Checked my phone again to read Julius' messages. I opened some of it and he was apologizing to me. I didn't reply to him though, but my fury was beginning to subside. It kept me wondering if I should believe what he was saying. I might have overreacted to the fact that I didn't even listen to his explanation.

But before I could continue reading Julius' other text messages, Alvin suddenly approached me from the back, brushed my hard to the side and started kissing my neck...

“You know, this thing will only happen because you are just an option.”, I frankly said while looking to him through the dresser's mirror.

He stopped and look at me as well. “I don't mind at all, Lisa. I like to play this game, especially if it's you.”

Alvin went back on kissing my neck. It was very slow and passionately. He wrapped his arms around my waist and gradually began undoing my cardigan's buttons from the bottom. My heartbeat began to pump up.

“I missed you, Lisa. Sobra!”, as he halted momentarily.

When he finally undid all the buttons, he slowly took my blazer off, leaving my thin spaghetti-strap white top.

“I still have Julius. He will still be my boyfriend.”, I reiterated to him.

He commenced by grazing his pleasant lips over my shoulders. “I don't care.”, as he briefly said. “Hindi ka mapasaakin, at least, I have you for today.”, he followed through with his warm breath that flowed over my ear.

“Hindi ko ginusto 'to.”, said to him softly.

All of a sudden, Alvin grabbed my boobs using both of his hands. “Hindi nga, pero gusto ng katawan mo, diba?”, and started mashing it from the outside.

It sent an electrifying wave of lust all over my body. My hands were leaning down on the dresser's table. Looking through the mirror, I was helplessly watching him violate my breasts. From petty kissing to his lavish tongue action, he began to lick my neck up to my ear. Bit my lips to prevent myself from letting out a moan. It hit me with so much tickling sensation that my nerves were reacting vigorously.

“Namiss ko ang amoy mo, Lisa. Kakaiba ka talaga.”, as he whispered to my ear.

Alvin then slid down the strap of my top and let it completely fell above my waist. He quickly followed by unhooking my bra from behind, pulled it off me and threw it away. I was already topless and I couldn't believe it while staring at myself in the mirror. His hands went back on my boobs and commenced fondling it.

“Shit ka, Alvin! I shouldn't have had texted you!”

But he never answered back, hence, his fingers from his left hand pinched my nipple hardly. “Ooooohhh!”, I couldn't stop my moan.

Alvin was still behind me, letting his tongue lash my nape, shoulders and back. I then felt his right hand travel down to my skirt. Quickly lifted it up so his hand could enter my crouch. As soon as it went in, his middle finger groped my slit from outside my panties. It was going up and down on my camel toe. In delight, my legs were spread widely to feel his finger action more better.

“I want this!”, as he swiftly put his finger inside my panties to play with my clit.

“Aah!”, surprised on what he did.

Two of his fingers were now in action. One on my nipple, one on my button. He became more aggressive by inserting his right finger inside my now-wet cunt. It assertively drilled its way inside. My legs trembled in so much pleasure. I was moving so wobbly because of the satisfaction I was having on multiple joints of my body. Alvin knows how to relish my anger and swap it with fervor.

“Basa ka na...”, as he murmured.

His finger went even naughtier. Strongly and rapidly, it well-searched my innermost. Meanwhile, the other finger was still busy squishing my breasts, alternating to both sides. The mirror said everything what I was feeling. My body was curving to the tune of passion. Eyes were rolling. Lips were bit. Nipples were being played. Pussy was being finger-fucked. I was in ecstasy.

“Makakalimutan mo talagang may boyfriend ka ngayong araw na'to...”, he boasted.

Alvin then stopped all what he was doing to turn me around. He lifted my butt so it could sit on the table. He continued to lick my neck then down to my cleavage. As soon as his tongue reached my chest, he quickly devoured it. His tongue swirled around my hard nipple as his mouth sucked the areola. My left hand embraced his head and pulled it closer. The other was leaning on the table to support the my body weight. He swapped over to the right boob and did the same. Alvin's left hand went back down to reach for my wet hole. This time, he used two fingers to play with it.

“Swerte naman ng boyfriend mo.”, as he paused momentarily to voice it out.

“I thought you're going to help me forget him? I think I texted the wrong person! I should go!”, as I pushed him away.

But Alvin went back to me quickly and aggressively removed my panties. He stretched my legs apart and started eating my pussy. Finally, the guy whom I've known to be dominant, showed up. He was now acting like the guy who I met in Nico's party.

“Hmmmmmmm...”, long series of moan came out.

I used my left hand to guide his head to encircle my dripping vagina. His tongue was rapidly grazing the outer part. It was also touching my spot as he was moving it up and down. My back reclined on the mirror so I can savor the felicity I was having. Alvin dove his head even deeper. He was forcefully dining my cunt that I was feeling his teeth scraping around the labia.

After a few minutes of sucking, Alvin halted to stand up. He hastily unbuttoned his pants, pulled it down to his knees together with his underwear. He removed his shirt and came closer to my waiting cunt. He pointed his dick to its entrance and grazed the clit for a second. Once lubricated with my juice, he inserted it inside me.

“Shit! Ang init sa loob!”, as he teased.

Alvin started ramming my pussy with his angry manhood. Fortunately, the table was about the height of his waist, gave him an easier way to fuck my hole. He went down on my chest to continue sucking my oh-so-hard nipples. I wrapped my legs around his body and locked my feet behind his back. I was still wearing everything, my heels, skirt, top, except for my undies. Both of my hands were pulling Alvin's head even closer to rub my breasts hardily on him. For the first time that day, I wasn't feeling any other else but being satisfied by a guy whom I don't have any affection with.

“You have the best pussy I've ever fucked! Aaahhh!”, Alvin suddenly said.

Those words got me aroused even more. It sent numerous thrill to my body. Meanwhile, Alvin was still drilling me. His shaft was going in and out, rapidly and stiffly. It was so hard, bigger than the first time we fucked. Every time he pushes his way in, my hole was delightedly welcoming its firmness. The table was producing a creaking sound as he continued to pound me. He maintained his fast pace while cupping my breasts and engulfing the nipples. I was already feeling my love juices rushing.

“I'm cumming...”, I briefly said.

Alvin drilled his penis stronger. His teeth clamped down on my nipple. His hand squeezed my breast so hard. “SHEEETTT!!”, as the first wave of cum was felt. “FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!”, my climatic has been reached. “UHHHMMMMMMMPPP!!!”, bit my lips and rolled my eyes in delirium! Heavenly feeling!

Alvin was not stopping. He was still thrusting forward. His cock was like a locomotive train, so fast that my cum was making a popping sound. He let go of my nipple. “Malapit nako, Lisa...”, he told me.

Short after, he slowed down a bit. He suddenly pulled his thing out, stepped backwards and started stroking it. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!”, as he shot his jizz on the carpeted floor. “SHEEETTTTT!!!”, he was having his moment as his load was continuously coming out from its heads. He was catching his breath. He was shaking in so much pleasure. I saw some of my cum visible on the body of his manhood. It was so crystal white.

After our moments, I went straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Alvin stayed outside and didn't follow me. Couple of minutes later, I got dressed and fixed myself up. Alvin was still in bed, only wearing a bathrobe, and was waiting for me to finish.

“Hatid mo nako.”, I instructed him.

“Huh? Wala pa tayong isang oras dito ah. Mag stay muna tayo.”, after he lit up a cigarette.

“No. I want to go home.”, insisted him.

“Maalala mo lang boyfriend mo pag umuwi ka. Dito muna tayo. Gusto kitang sulitin.”

“Ihahatid mo ba ako o tatawag na lang ako ng taxi... Read More

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