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May 9, 2014 (3 years ago)
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It was passed 10 in the evening, month of September, Friday, was still thinking if I would go out with my friends that night. Time; back when I was in 3rd year college. Setting; my friend was inviting me for a drinking-party-night because it was her boyfriend's birthday . Status; I was in a long-time serious relationship back then (now my ex, apparently). Problem; was having a hard time on what alibi would I tell my boyfriend, because he wouldn't let me go out if I told him the truth.

We were entering our 4th year of being lovers back then, me and Julius. It was a great relationship. We were both passionately in love with each other. We attended the same school, same course, even have the same schedules. We were always together, 6 days a week, day in, night out. Even after he drops me off at our house, he always calls me immediately, just to let me know that how he misses me right away. That was how we were, we had so much affection for each other. We were deeply committed to our relationship, too much, that it actually created our own world. Felt like I've been pulled away from my friends and family, my time was always dedicated for him alone. Felt like our relationship was suffocating me, that I couldn't even go out and have fun on my own.

Prior to that night, my friend, Dee, was nagging me to come at his boyfriend's birthday party. He warned me not to tell Julius about it because she knows that he wouldn't allow me. I really wanted to go out with my friends, I missed being with them so much! But I also didn't want to lie from Julius, he doesn't deserve it. One foot wanted to go, another wanted to stay at home. Crazy feeling!

So, when that night came, I was still undecided. But then I received a text from Dee...

Dee: Hey, Lisa! Malapit na kame diyan. Will be there in a few minutes.
Me: Huh?! Hindi pa ako nagpapaalam kay Julius! Wait lang!

She called me right after I replied...

“Hello, Dee!”, as I answered the phone.

“Anu ka ba, Lisa?! Minsan na nga lang tayo magkasama sama eh. Tara na!”, with here irritated voice.

“Paano ba? Hindi ko alam sasabihin ko kay Julius!”, I said.

“Sabihin mo na lang na matutulog ka na noh! Hindi ka na kukulitin nun! Okay?”, she replied.

“Bahala na! Basta text kayo pag nandyan na kayo sa harap ng bahay. Pero tell Nico to park further from the house. Baka kasi may makakita sakin, tatakas lang din kasi ako dito.”, I instructed.

“Okay, sige. Sabihin mo na sa boyfriend mo ah. Text you later.”

“Ok, bye.”, then ended the call.

I was feeling nervous that time, I still didn't know what to say to Julius. Ugh, I just thought of, “bahala na!”. After I took a deep breath, I called him via landline and pretended to be sleepy...

“Hello?”, as he answered the phone.

“Hi baby.. Antok nako.. I'll go to sleep na ha? Tulog ka na din.”, with my “sleepy” voice.

“Maaga pa ah, antok ka na kaagad?”, he questioned.

“Yes baby eh, sorry. We'll talk na lang ulit tomorrow, ok?”, cleared my throat in nervousness.

“Hm, okay. Text me when you wake up. Sleep ka na. Good night! I love you so much, baby! Can't wait to be with you again.”

“Okay. I love you too, baby. Good night.”, as I quickly hung the phone.

My conscience haunted me for a second there but it didn't take long before I realized that I was going to meet my friends, and finally have fun with them. Even though it was against my conscience, I really wanted this for myself, to have a time-off on my own. Generally, I was elated to have made that decision.

I then texted Dee...

Me: Girl! I did it, I'm free to go. Saan na kayo?
Dee: Yay! Good job! 5 minutes, diyan na kame. See yah!
Me: Okay, ingat.

Dressed up casually for the party. I still didn't know how to dress daringly back then, so I chose to wear decent clothes. Wore denim pants, simple cotton pink shirt, a jacket to cover me up and wedge shoes, just to boost my butt. Freshened up a bit then put on some makeup, just to look lively.

Few minutes after, I received a call from Dee...

“Girl, nandito na kame sa baba, malapit sa puno.”

“Okay, sige, bababa nako. Wait lang.”, I said.

I sneaked out from my room and quietly went down the stairs then out of the house. I rapidly walked towards Nico's car and went inside.

“Let's go na! Baka may makakita pa sakin.”, begged them.

Nico then drove off and just after we turned the street, I finally exhaled loosely.

“Hiiiii, sis!”, Dee warmly greeted me from the passenger's seat.

“Hello, mare! Hello, Nico! Nice to see you guys again.”, gladly told them.

“Hi, Lisa. Bakit hindi mo sinama boyfriend mo?”, Nico asked.

“Anu ka ba, babe! Ayoko ngang isama yun eh, kasi baka magyaya lang umuwi kaagad. Tsaka hindi naman kame close nun.”, Dee answered for me. “Tsaka gusto din namen makasama tong si Lisa. Hindi na kame nakakapagkita niyan. Diba, girl?”, she suddenly looked at me.

“Ou naman! Buti nga nakatakas ako eh. Lagi pa naman yun nagchcheck sakin.”, I then said.

“Don't worry, kaming bahala sa'yo. Hindi ka magsisisi sa ginawa mo.”, Nico replied.
“Ou nga! We'll have fun tonight, mare!”, Dee quickly followed through.

Few minutes onto the drive, I received a text message from Julius...

Julius: Hi baby! I know you're sleeping na. Just want to let you know that I love you so much! Sobra! Hope I was there beside you to hug and kiss you. Sleep tight po. Talk to you tomorrow. Mwah!

I just looked away at the car's window after reading the message. My conscience got me thinking there for a minute or so, but there was no option to turn back. A decision was made, so I needed to stand firm on it, at least for that night alone.

After an hour, we arrived at Nico's house. Went inside and straight to their garage, where a long table was set up. There were a lot of people, most of them were his friends, some were friends of ours. As far as I remembered, we were 12 all-in-all, guys and girls were surprisingly equal, 1:1 was the ratio. I was introduced to Nico's friends, one by one. Can't recall their names, because I didn't really intend to know them further, and it was just for a night though.

I sat beside Dee and two of our girl friends. On our right were two of Nico's guy friends. Across us, there were two couples, another guy then Nico. They were already drinking when we arrived. A bottle of beer was passed on to me by Nico, although I don't like the taste of it, had no choice but to take it, since it was his birthday.

“Hoy, Lisa! Thanks for coming ah!”, Nico said, proudly.

“Walang anuman noh! Happy Birthday nga pala!”, I said back.

“Thanks! Cheers!”, as we did it promptly.

An hour into the session, me and my friends were just chatting away when I couldn't help but notice this guy, who was sitting across, that kept on staring at me. He is a small dude, just about my height. A typical guy next door look, kinda cute, but not really my type. I thought that he started locking his eyes at me, the moment I arrived. Didn't want to question Nico about it though, because I was sure he meant no harm in just staring. But geez, he was beginning to freak me out a bit.

The night went on, me and my other two friends were talking about anything. Dee, however, went over to Nico's side. The seat on my left was vacated. Few moments after, the guy who was sitting across me suddenly re-appeared on my side. He might have been waiting for that particular moment to seat beside me.

“Hi, Lisa! Alvin nga po pala...”, then offered a hand shake.

“Hi! Bakit may po? Ilang taon ka na ba?”, I asked him.

“23, ikaw?”, he answered.

“Oh, mas matanda ka pa nga sakin eh!”

“Ay, sorry! Nagkamali lang ng akala, he he. Musta naman? Having fun yet?”, Alvin questioned.

“Okay naman. Yeah, masaya kasi nakasama ko mga friends ko. By the way, this is Ishii and Nix. Guys, this is Alvin, friend ni Nico”, as I pointed to my friends.

“Hello, ladies! Nice to meet you!”, as he shook their hands as well.

“Yeah, napakilala na siya samin kanina ni Dee.”, one of my friend told me.
“Nice to meet you too, Alvin.”, the other one said.

“So, gusto niyo pa ba ng beer? Kuha pa ako sa cooler.”, he suggested.

“Sure!”, “Sige”, both of my friends answered.
“No, thanks, I had enough.”, opposed the offer.

“Oh, c'mon! Don't tell me lasing ka na?”

“Hindi pa naman, ayoko lang talaga ng beer.”, told him.

“Any hard drinks maybe?”, he insisted.

“Nope, thank you na lang.”, still turned down the offer.

“Okay, if you say so. Wait, kuha lang ako drinks.”, as he walked off.

There were still times that I kept on thinking about Julius, hoping that he wouldn't know everything. Nervousness was still inside me, didn't want to feel too complacent about it because I was afraid something might come up. Yes, I was physically there in Nico's party but mentally, I was thinking about my boyfriend. It might have been a better feeling if we just had a fight before that or something, that could have been a fine scenario. When you're mad, you tend to do anything, without limitations. Yeah? But anyway, I was already there, heck, probably enjoy the night while I can.

After a couple of minutes, Alvin returned with 4 bottles of beer...

“Hey! Konti na lang ang beer na nadun. Kinuha na din kita baka kasi maunahan ka pa.”, as he handed off the beer.

“Ok lang, thank you!”

“Nix, Ishii, eto yung sa inyo oh.”

“Thanks, Alvin!”, “Thank you!”, as my friends acknowledged him.

“So, musta naman kayo ng bf mo, Lisa?”, Alvin suddenly asked.

“Huh? Paano mo nalaman na may boyfriend nako?”, intriguingly asked him back.

“Tinanong ko kasi kila Nico and Dee kung may boyfriend ka na. Then ayun nga, meron na daw, kaya, gusto ko sanang kamustahin relationship niyo.”, he explained.

“Hm, well, ok naman. Malapit na yung 4th year anniversary namen. Going strong.”

“Ah, okay. Good for you! Eh bakit hindi mo sinama ngayon?”, he followed.

“Wala lang, gusto ko kasing makasama mga friends ko. And lagi naman kasi kame magkasama nun, kaya I was hoping that I could go out on my own.”

“Alright! Alam niya bang nandito ka, hm?”, he smirked.

“Hindi! Ayokong ipaalam kasi hindi niya ako papayagan.”, I strongly replied.

“I see. Then you lied to him?”

“That's none of your business!”, annoyed on him.

“Okay. Silence means yes, isn't it? You do know in a relationship, trust is the most important thing?”, as he sipped on his beer.

I didn't answer him after that. I felt embarrassed, simply because he was telling the truth. Drank on my beer and pretended that I didn't give a damn about what he said. But in reality, his words did get me, right through the heart. I was thinking to cut my night short and wanted to ask Dee if they can drop me at a nearest taxi stand so I could go home. That didn't happen as Nico suddenly stood up and spoke...

“Guys, guys! Let's play a game! Para kasing inaantok na kayo eh. Ok ba sa lahat?”, with his raised voice.

“Oo naman! Game!”, as most of the people shouted.

I was just sitting there, anticipating what was going to happen...

“Ok, ok, good! So, ganito...”, he reached for his pocket and pulled out two dice. “Let's play love dice!”, after he put it on the table.

OMG! You gotta be kidding me! There was no way I would join that game!

“So, since, sakto naman yung male and female, let's have some pairings. Tatlo na kaming couples then the rest could just pair up.”, Nico explained further. “One of you will roll the action dice, the other will roll the body part dice.”, while he was looking at every one of us.

There was an awkward silence when the pairings was selected, but not for the couples, of course! They felt excited to push the game through. And since Alvin was seating beside me, we were paired instantly. I shockingly looked at Dee, with my eyes wide-opened, signaled some sense of “what the fuck?!”. Annoyingly, she just winked at me. So, I stood up and went outside, Dee quickly followed.

“Lisa! Lisa! Huy, wait lang!”, Dee was shouting at me.

“What?! Anu ka ba, ayokong sumali dun noh! You know I have Julius!”, angrily said to her.

“I thought you wanna have fun?! Well, I'm giving you fun.”, she responded.

“Ugh! Not like this though! This is like, betraying my boyfriend! Do you even know that?!”, as I stood up beside a car.

“You already did, dear. I know it won't be easy, will not even force you to. But once in your life, explore the outside world. Hindi lang lagi kayong dalawa. Ang dami mo pang pwedeng gawin, sulitin mo yan habang bata ka pa.”, she calmly told me.

“Really?! What would you do? Magagawa mo ba yan kay Nico?!”

“Haha! This is not about me, this is about you. Kaya nga kita ininvite dito because I know, deep inside, you want to have fun. And to answer your question, I've done that to Nico several times already. Alam niya yun! But we still loved each other despite that. We both have our needs, na peraho naming hindi kayang matustusan. That's why he let me do the stuff I want to do, and vice versa. At the end of the day, sa kanya pa rin naman ako babalik eh.”

“God, Dee! Hindi ko alam. I'm not used to this. Hindi tayo magkatulad.”, as I was starting to calm down.

“I'm not telling you to be in this kind of life. I just wanted you to try it. Taste it! If you don't like it, then move on.”

I was just shaking my head in disbelief. “OMG! Why did you put me on this position? Gaga ka talaga!”, as I let a small smile out. “Promise me, hindi 'to lalabas ah! Papatayin kita if ever!”, joked to her.

“That's my girl, haha! Oo! Wala pong lalabas, I swear!”, Dee gave me a high five after. “Let's get back inside?”

“Hay! Kinakabahan ako!”

“It'll be fine, Lisa. Don't worry.”

“In fairness though, cute naman siya kaya okay lang. He he!”, I remarked.

“Ha ha! O diba? Swerte mo sa kanya! Tara na! So we can start”, she then grabbed my hand and walked back inside.

While we were heading back to the garage area, Nico approached us...

“Lisa, are you okay? If you don't want to join, that's fine me.”, he worriedly said.

“She's fine, hun! Game na!”, Dee answered.

“Okay lang, Nico! I'll be fine.”, gave him a smile.

“Oh, game na!”, Nico shouted to his friends.

I went back to my seat and coolly poised myself. Alvin was just waiting for me, then asked if everything's fine. Told him not to worry as it's just a game. Nothing more, nothing less. He nodded in approval and offered a toast of our beers, which I willingly accepted.

The game finally proceeded, turn after turn, the dice were rolled. People were doing the deed, easily. So far that night, everyone was having fun. And when it was our time, I took the body part dice, he took the action dice...

“Good luck to us!”, he said then rolled his dice first.

The action was “lick”. I then rolled mine, it stopped at “neck”.

“You ready?”, Alvin quickly asked.

“Go ahead.”, as I brushed my hair off my neck and swayed my head onto the opposite side.

He then leaned towards my neck and gently licked it, slowly, from the bottom up close to my ear. After the deed, everybody cheered, like they've seen a great movie or something. We were both just laughing it off. And for me, it wasn't bad after all. I liked it. I liked it so much!

The next turn, I took the action dice. Rolled and it went to “suck”. Alvin immediately rolled his and it stopped at “lips”.

We both leaned at each other. I initiated the deed and began sucking his lips. Used my tongue to get contact on his lower lip, then smoothly sucked it. Lasted for about a minute or so. He did fight back and sucked my lips as well. God, that was the first time I kissed another man beside my boyfriend! Julius, I'm so sorry!

After a few more rounds, I was starting to feel some heat. Alcohol and lust got mixed up already in my system. Every turn we took, it felt like there was something more than just a game. My body was itching, savoring every damn minute of it. Fuck! I know it wasn't supposed to be that way but I was beginning to feel some urgency. If this is what 'fun' means, then why the hell did I just learn about it lately?

The game ended after two of Nico's guy friends went home already. I went outside, sat on the sidewalk, to have a breather. Checked my phone and luckily, still not a sign of Julius, he really might have been in la la land that time. A relief for me as well.

I then saw Alvin was walking towards me...

“Hey, thanks for being a good sport.”, as he fist-pumped me.

“Likewise! You're a good kisser, by the way.”, I told him.

“And so are you. I would have extended it, if I had the chance.”

“Hm, same here.”

Things happened so fast after that exchange of words. We locked lips. That time, there was no time limits. I extended my tongue further, and so did he. In seconds, it went sword-fighting in our mouths. He held my head from behind, as I wrapped my arms above his shoulders. He came close to me, the friction got me excited. We were aggressive. We were hungry. We were lustful.

His left hand began caressing me. From my legs, my hips, up to my chest. I was thrilled when it reached my boob. Julius, I'm so sorry, but I couldn't stop him. Not at that point, no. Alvin started fondling my right boob from the cotton of my shirt. “Uhhmmmpp..”, as I gassed a moan inside his beer-smelly mouth. God, why does it feels so good!

We were at the middle of sensuality when suddenly, I felt my phone was vibrating inside my pocket. We stopped, I reached for it and pulled it out. Fuck! It was Julius! At first I wasn't so sure if he already found out, thus, I didn't answer his first call, I just let it rang.

“Sino yun?”, Alvin asked.

“Boyfriend ko, shit!”, replied to him.

We both remained shocked after that moment. I was nervously thinking if he already knew I wasn't in the house that time. After a few minutes, Julius texted me..


Obviously, after that text, he already found out I wasn't “sleeping”. But how? I couldn't think of any possible answer. I was so sure no one saw me went out our house. It boggled my mind. I was shaking, didn't know what would I say to him.

“Sabihin mo na lang yung totoo. Nandito ka kamo kila Nico.”, Alvin commented.

I just sat quite, thinking. Then Julius called me back again, just a few seconds after. So, I stood up and walked back inside and looked for Dee to sought for help. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't find her! She might be with Nico, somewhere private. So I went inside the house and continued my search for her. There was no one inside the living room, they might be asleep. Kept walking until I reached the kitchen, still not a sight of her. As I turned back, I was surprised when Alvin was already behind me.

“Ginulat mo naman ako!”, as I said.

I was walking back to the living room when he suddenly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards him. We bumped chests then engaged our lips. “Uhhmmmpp..”, I moaned. Our tongues found each other once again, swirling like crazy in geniality. “Hmmmm...”, slightly letting it out. Alvin clutched my ass, somewhat gripping his hands on it. “Oooohhh...”, while continued sucking his tongue. He grabbed it even tighter, stretched my butt upwards. Then his hand crawled downwards, felt like he was reaching for my flower from behind. After it landed on my groin area, he pressed the middle and hit my cunt instantly. “Aaaahhh...”, savored it inside his mouth. Alvin clasped it even harder, like he was finger-fucking me through my jeans. God, I felt some wetness down there right away.

Before things could get out of hand, I stopped and pushed him lightly...

“Shit, sorry, Alvin. But we shouldn't be doing this.”, told him while looking down in shame.

He didn't say a word, so I walked away. That time, instead of heading back to the living, I went through the door just behind the kitchen. Outside was the laundry area, no light was opened but around it was the way back to the garage. Thought of getting back there was quicker than the route inside. About a few steps away from the door, my phone vibrated again. Julius was calling!

I answered it that time...

“HELLO, LISA!! NASAAN KA???”, as I heard his angry voice from the earpiece.

“Babyyy, sorry...”, with my edgy voice.

“NASAAN KA?! SAGUTIN MO KO!!!”, he said.

“Nandito sa bahay ng boyfriend ni Dee. Sorry, baby!”, I was about to cry.


“Uhm, uminom kame, baby. But I'm not drunk. Sorry...”, said to him over the phone.


Just before I could talk back to him, Alvin wrapped his left arm around my waist, swayed my hair and began kissing my nape. I immediately got away from him, turned around to face him and begged to stop, without voicing out. He became more aggressive, came near at me and pushed me over the washing machine. All of this while I was still holding phone to my ear.

“ANO NA?! HINDI KA NA NAKASAGOT? HA?!”, as I overheard Julius.

Alvin brushed my hair onto the side and started licking my neck. “Uhm, sorry, baby, I lied to you...”, right hand on the phone, left hand pushing Alvin away. Rather than stopping, Alvin went otherwise. He quickly removed my jacket then pulled my t-shirt up, including my bra, exposing my left boob. His mouth swallowed my chest while the tongue got my nipple. “Baby? Sorry na talaga...”, I was biting my lips, avoiding not to moan. Fuck, the excitement was sky-rocketing that time! Guilt and pleasure, clashed in one night! Wow!


Alvin went over to the other boob, he was all over my chest. “I don't know po eh. I'll ask Dee, okay? Tawagan kita ulit.”, as I was leaning backwards on the washing machine, felt extreme sensuality on what Alvin was doing.

“BILISAN MO HA? HINTAYIN KO TEXT MO!”, he shouted before we hung up.

Hastily, I put my phone on top of the washer so I can hold Alvin's head freely. “Shiiiit! Uhhhmmm...”, signaled that I was beginning to submit. My body was rattling while standing up. My ass was pinned against the washer. My legs were slightly opened. I felt the tip of his pointed manhood rubbing on my cunt. I was indulged in ecstasy. I didn't fight the guilt, hence, I endured the pleasure. Fuck the feeling!

Few moments after, I saw my phone rang again. Shit! I haven't asked Dee about the address yet! I didn't know what to say to Julius, or at least the best excuse to tell. Couldn't concentrate as well, Alvin was pleasuring the hell out of me! Fuck, I didn't know what to do! But Alvin does...

He halted sucking my chest and turned me around, facing the washer. My phone was still vibrating on top of it. Behind that line was an angry boyfriend of mine, behind me was a hungry man I just met that night. Fuck my life, literally!

Without saying a word, Alvin used his hands to unbutton and unzip my jeans. He held my pants, together with my panties and pulled it down to my knees simultaneously. He knelt down, parted my butt cheeks and gently stuck his tongue onto my pussy's labia. “Oooohhhh, fuuuck!”, the voice of an unfaithful girlfriend. My body was electrified, juices of lust flowed inside me in an instant. My hands were leaning over the washer's cover in absolute enjoyment. I bended over so he can eat me gracefully. “Aaaahh, shiiiit!”, as I sensed his rough tongue entering me. His nose was rubbing off my butt hole that added extra delight. “Uhhhmmmm...”, continuously moaning. My eyes were heavenly delirious. “Ohhh, God!”, almost said it loudly.

Then again, my phone rattled, Julius' second call. I carefully answered it...


“Baby, sorry, hinahanap ko pa kasi si Dee. Nawawala kasi dito. Baka kasama ni Nico.”, that was as straight as it can get, even though I was moaning like a bitch a while ago.

“BIGAY MO NGA NUMBER NI DEE, AKO ANG TATAWAG!!”, Julius's angry words.

Alvin has stopped on chewing me down there. “Huwag na, baby, please? Ako na lang magtatanong, okay?”, as I told my boyfriend. After a blink of an eye, I felt Alvin's manhood slowly pushed its way in my dripping pussy from behind. Oh my God, he's big! I heard Julius was still talking over the phone but didn't really understand what he was saying because of Alvin's thing. “Baby..... uhm.... anu pooo ulit yun?”, I almost bursted out.


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