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His kisses were soft and tender.It was like pinag tanto nya ang ginagawa. He looked at me in the eyes. “love you,LA pls don’t forget that “ he whispered at hinalikan nya ako ulit. Our lips met,his kisses were more passionate this time.He started to caress my back,.mas diniin ang paghalik sa akin,puno ng init, ako din ay nagsimulang ng mag-init. He stopped kissing me at simulang tanggalin ang blouse ko.He started to unbutton my blouse but staring intently at me, there was passion in his eyes and..sadness? Was it sadness?or baka dahil sa reflection ng ilaw sa bedside table.He gently removed my blouse and this time bra and shorts ko na lang ang aking suot. He started kissing my nape,soft kisses, pababa until sa may tweenies ko.Hard na utong ko that time, mainit na katawan ko, and Edzel was fondling my tweenies outside my bra.I was starting to moan softly, gently he removed my brassiere and finally my tweenies were out.Mas lalong tumigas ang utong ko,naghalo ang init ng katawan k and ang lamig ng aircon. He starts licking my nipple “ooohhh”, he knew nalilibugan na ako, mas lalo pa nya dinilaan ang utong ko, while the other hand was fondling my other breast. After a while lumipat na naman sya sa kabila.. “oohhh baby” sshhhhh let me make you happy tonight, let me take care of you” yun ang eksatong sinabi nya.Nagpa ubaya na ako,sinipsip ng husto ng utong ko ang slowly his hands were in my shorts.I can feel basa na ang pepe ko and the more ako na excite ako dahil na feel ko yung init ng kamay nya,dumampi sa was electrying.He didn’t remove my shorts and even my panties pero yung kamay nya nasa loob basa kung puke. “I’ll take care of you tonight,baby” sinabi nya sa akin in almost a whisper, puno ng pagnanasa. He finally removed what was left of my suot that night.I was naked in front of him.Libog na libog na ako. I wanted him already, alam ko I was soo wet na.Sa isang iglap he carried me to the bed and pinahiga.This time he parted my legs, I was waiting in anticipation of what he will do next, hindi man yun ang una naming yet I felt he was being so gentle on me. The next thing I knew he was licking my clit,sobra akong nakiliti,di ko alam ang gagawin, licking and sucking my clit like there’s no tomorrow.I was in ectasy, I was was squirming..sobrang sarap nung kinain nya puke ko, I was beyond control.Dinilaan nya clit ko ng walang tigil..”ooohhhhhh” was only I could say with all the pleasure he has given me.I can feel I was about to cum, diniin ko mukha nya sa puke and I guess he understood dahil mas diniin pa nya pagkain sa puke..” babbbyyyyyyyy”…He didn’t stop with was he was doing kahit nilabasan na ako.Para na akong mabaliw sa sarap..then he stood up,I saw his manhood hard and erect.the more na nag init ako.He kissed me in the lips, it was dampi but I wanted more, he looked at me and gave me soft kisses while he was playing with boobs, matigas na matigas na utong na konting dampi lang ng hands nya nakukuryente na ako. I felt his manhood,slowly brushing my pussy lips, pabalik-balik..teasing.. “ Ipasok mo na please” I whispered, and he did what he was told.Ang tigas ng dick nya,mainit..i closed my eyes feeling the pleasure of him entering me, dahan na dahan, creating a slow rhythm for the two us,while he was thrusting, he was playing with my nipples,nilapirot ng husto which made me wet more.nagsimula ng bumilis ang thrust nya, “LA look at me” he said in a hoarse voice and I looked at him.Labas pasok ang titi nya sa wet pussy ko but despite all the sensation our eyes we locked.Ang sarap at init ng titi nya sa loob made me crazy, sagad na sagad, pabilis ng pabilis, he sucked my nipples and licked it again and again yet his eyes as fixed on was like absorbing everything that he saw and I did the same.Basang basa na kami ng pawis but we didn’t mind, pabilis ng pabilis na ang paglabas masok ng titi nya sa basang basa ko na din na puke..”Baby almost there,cum for me please.Together” nasambit nya.Mas lalo akong nasarapan sa sinabi nya, I went along with his rythmn.In and out, super init at tigas na yung titi sa loob ..then isang napaka sagad na thrust and we came together..’oooooohhhhh give it to me Baby..aaahhhhhhhh…LA..oohhhhhhh Babbyyyyyyyyy “ yun ang tangi namin nasambit sa isat isa. We were one in that intoxicating feeling of making love and giving pleasure to each other. It wasn’t maybe full of ‘acrobatic stunts’ but the pleasure it gave us was divine. Pareho kaming tahimik after nag subside na lahat.
Habang nasa daan kami pauwi thr following day I asked him if it was an advance Valentines date, he smiled and and just kissed. my hands and didn’t say a word. And I asked him again “ Wala tayo date sa 14, Baby? “Of course meron,but then come to think of it, sa six years natin it’s always been a valentines day naman” I smiled.
Six years was tough, it wasn’t easy taking care of a relationship especially if malayo sa isat isa and parehong busy sa work. That’s why if opportunity comes na dadalaw sya, I leave everything behind and spend quality time with him. Edzel and I met back in high school but it was an only after college na kami naging close and eventually became a couple. He lives six hours away from me and handles the family business and ako naman in my own field. We communicate everyday and talk and do crazy stuff together. It was a good six years and we were looking forward to years together. We spend the rest of that day at home.I cooked for him since he requested for it and spend the rest of the day just snuggling. He was due to leave after dinner since he prefers to travel at night dahil malamig and less traffic na.
“ Baby,thank you for the wonderful years together ha” he told me while we were in the kitchen,I was taken a back, it was like he was saying goodbye “Are you alright?’ I asked, and he just laughed and hugged me tight “ Di ba pwede mag thank you? I know it was hard for you to put up with someone like me and yet di ka kumalas”.
When he left that night he told me, he might be quiet for a while since he’s going to the farm the following morning and walang signal.And I remember how tight his embraced was and he was giving me soft kisses and kept on saying thank you.
The next day I got a call from one of our friends, that... Read More

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