Karma really is a B*TCH!(My First times)

May 29, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I was already on my fourth year of highschool that time when I started to realize "ang panget pala kung wala kang ka settle down". Honestly, wala talaga akong plans to commit to a girl, dahil takot ako na baka ma karma ako sa lahat nang mga "nagawa" ko sa babae sa past. I always thought, have fun while your still young, I never really gave a thought on how wonderful it would be to settle down with a girl and have a serious relationship for a change.Eventhough up until that point hindi ko talaga na imagine na dadating ang pala ang time na I would really fall in love with a girl not just because she's hot or has a, huge, rack............uhm...(well she really did have a huuuuuge rack which was firm and very delicious!)Shut up! brain! ugh, here I go again, talking to myself. Well, anyways, she did have a huge rack, BUT! hindi yan ang dahilan kung bakit na inlove ako sa kanya! NO! I think I kinda just, fell in love with her, as simple as that, no reason why, the first time I saw her I was like "damn! ito na talaga! I have no idea what this is that I'm feeling, but, I do know it's my first time feeling this". Every time makita ko siya napapngiti ako, at parang nawawala lahat nang problema ko sa mundo. It was also the very first time that I admitted, and said, "this girl is out of my league, I don't have a shot of her being my girlfriend................" or so I thought.Well, enough of that, let me introduce myself, I am Aldrich Leon(I just used Leon Aldrich as my nickname because it sounds cooler XD), currently 14 yrs old at that time, I'm just a regular highschool boy, 5'6 pa ako noon, tan, I am into sports, I even played for my school at basketball, chess, I was also in the debate team, and believe or not I was also in the drama club (long story guys, don't ask -_-).As you could see, I'm pretty much into anything that I think is fun, and yes, I think I was quite popular back then. I'm a really humble guy, I know na marami talagang humahanga sa akin and all that shit, but I didn't really care. I'm not also suplado or makitid ang utak, I just didn't really care about being famous, a lot even say na I kinda look like Derek Ramsey both sa looks at body, but I always disagree.Going to the point of the story, I really don't think much about commitment. I had a saying, "why commit to one thing when you can have all that you want?". I always hang out with my friends, partying, clubbing, drinking, picking up girls. I used to think of girls only as toys for my sexual desires. So that's why when I grew up and got a bit more mature, natakot ako. A thought came into my mind na "paano kung ako naman ang magkaroon nang serious relationship? paano kung gawin sa ibang guy yung ginawa ko sa kanila? yung pag gamit ko sa mga girlfriend nila? o paano kung ako naman yung paglaruan nang girl?".The thought really bothered me, and that's why I swore na di talaga ako magkakaserious relationship with any girl! But, you guys know how life plays the game, it always leads you to the thing that you never, EVER, want to happen.It was the 2nd week of summer vacation that time, I woke up at around 1 in the afternoon with a very bad case of the hangover, and saw a note on my table"Hey, I had a LOT of FUN!
  I know how you guys play it,
  but, you could always give me
  a call, just in case, you know ;)here's my number babe 09********
oh! and I left you a little souveneir,
hihi, enjoooooy!"what was writen on the letter, and beneath it was a very sexy piece of lingerie and on the part where the pussy is located was a bit wet. I threw the panty onto the trash and also the letter. I made myself a cup of coffee and just sat down on the couch like a lazy old man. I was to lazy to do anything that day, so I decided to log-in to my facebook account that day.As I opened my account I saw a lot of friend requests and the sorts (I guess you guys could imagine what I saw). Then out of boredom, I scanned down to look at the posts of my friends. That was when I saw the post that LITERALLY, change my life"Your Lover of the day is ***********"yun ang naka post doon, so I searched for the girl na nasa post. I saw na hindi ko siya friend, so I sent her a friend request right away, a few minutes went by nag pop up sa notifications ko na she accepted me already, so I chatted with her right awayMe: hey, saw your postHer: huh? what post?Me: uhm, you know, the lover of the day thingy? :)Her: ooooh! haha! yeah that's a random post, sorryMe: no, no, that's okay, I kinda like it, nobody loves me kasi :((hehe, pa cute effect, I know some of you guys do this too! and this works like a charm all the time...)Her: Ha! Ha! I know that phrase, hehe, nice try but I'm not falling for that :P(well, all the time except now that is XD)Me: haha, I'm not trying anything here, well actually I am, but, haha you seem to have seen through itHer: ofcourse! kayong mga lalake kasi ang utak nyo wala jan sa ulo nyo kung di nandoon sa isang ulo nyo, hmpf! all you guys are the sameMe: oi! hindi ah! good boy kaya ako (yeah right!) haha I'm not like other guys (all of you guys say that!)Her: all of you guys say that! (HOLY S***! she read my mind!) haha, whatever! oi, logout na ako ha, may pupuntahan pa ako, bye, nice chatting with you! :-*Me: w8! uhm, how could I contact you againHer: huh? pwede naman tayo mag chat dito again pag OL tayo.. (",)Me: uhm, paano pag di tayo mag abot, hehe, can I have your number nalang?Her: hmmmm, you seem reliable naman sa pics mo, and, yeah, I really think you are "that" kind of a guy, here's my num 09*********Me: huh? what do you mean "that" kind of guy?Her: uhm, gay? kasi mostly sa pic mo babae kasama mo eh hahaMe: hahahaha! really? haha intruiging, your the first girl to think na bakla ako! hahaha, I'm kinda hurt huhu :'(Her: aie! sorry! haha di ka pala bakla! sorry, but hey, aalis na talaga ako ha, sorry talagaMe: wait! haha, hmmm okay I forgive you, on one conditionHer: what?Me: hmmm let's do lunch sometimes, let's say friday?Her: uhm, okaaaaay? yeah friday is good, see ya!After that last message nag log-out na siya. I checked her facebook profile, hmmm, this girl's got a lot of friends. I guess that was the first time also that I got interested with a girl that much. I got a lot of info about her after that, her name is Klarisse. I also checked out her photos, mostly the photos of her in a bikini she was chubby, but not that chubby. I heard in bisaya they call it "tambse", "tambok" na "sexy" sa tagalog, chubby pero sexy tignan, around 5'4 ata siya, and she had a huge rack! 34C ata yun.I decided to go back to sleep after that happening. I woke up at around 7 that night. I recieved tons of messages and missed calls from my friends saying "hey! let's hangout!", or "hey babe, can you COME over at my place" or "you know what, "(the name of their BF)" is out tonight with some friends, wanna meet up" and on, and on with those kind of messages. Then I decided to look for people on my contacts then something caught my eye.Klarisse
   09*********So I tried to send her a simple message.Me: hi there :)Klarisse: who's this?Me: your worst nightmare! bwahahaha :PKlarisse: huh? look! if your just messing with me dahil wala kang magawa then fuck off!Me: woah, no need to be so mad, it's me from facebook, Leon? name rings a bell?Klarisse: oh! haha, so it's you, you should have said so agad!Me: hehe, sorry, nahiya kasi ako ehKlarisse: haha whatever, oi TYL muna, may gagawin muna akoThat was the first time that we texted, at first she was very accomodating, but, later on she didn't reply that much to my text messages anymore. It would just like be a "hi Klar", then she would say "oh, hi leon", then I would ask her something, but later on she would say na busy siya. And because of that, for the first time in my life. I was actually really interested in chasing this girl, normally I would just stop chasing if the girl seemed impossible, but this time, iba eh.After that encounter, time seemed so fast to me. It was already friday, the set date of our, well, of our date, hehe. I was wearing a simple black shirt and jeans. "yeah I know right? I'm a pretty simple guy". I decided to meet her at a place near SM.Me: oi, san ka na?Klarisse: sorry talaga if late ako ha? uhm, something came up kasi, don't worry I'll be there in 15 minsMe: ok lang, ok aantayin kitaWe were supposed to meet by 11:30, pero 1:30 nalang di parin siya dumadating. I was really frustrated at that time, and shocked also that I managed to wait for 2 fucking hours! So I decided na baka nag back-out siya. I stood up from the place where I was waiting and decided to go home. When I was about to start walking my phone rangHer: hey, I am soooooo sorry! san ka na ba? ano suot mo?She called me, and there I saw her for the first time kasi ang di nya alam eh nasa likod nya lang ako when she called me. I forgot what she wore but I do remember that she was wearing a skirt, but, damn! my manhood was so hard I could have used it to demolish SM (yeah! that's a pretty imposible feat, but, you know what I mean). Also, it was that time na I realized something, at that time I thought "hmm, so this is what they call LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT"Klarisse: oi, galit ka ba? sorry na? I guess umuwi ka na? sorry talaga ha, babawi nalang akoThen she released the call, wala akong nasabi. She sat down at a chair and started to sigh pretty deep, she looked pretty depressed. That time I thought, hmmm, since she IS late, and surprisingly I'm not really angry (only my junior is angry) I guess it's fitting to play a little prank, you know, to cheer her up. I walked closer to her and said...Me: Hi miss, ikaw lang ba? bakit parang masama loob mo? ininjan ka siguro nang bf mo no?Klarisse: ah, uhm, hi-hindi, ah! ewan ko sa gagong yun! but no, I'm supposed to meet someone here, well, uhm, see yaShe stood up and started to walk away when I reached for her arm and said...Me: oooh, teka lang, kung ganun eh di sumama ka nalang muna sa akin, hehe taraKlarisse: let go of me. (she said it with force, ooooh, I'm scared, hehe)Me: what if I won't? (then I grinned at him, haha, I'm so bad and I'm lovin' it!)Klarisse: he~~~~~~! mmhmmpf!Me: hey! hey! haha, sorry to scare you, it's me klarisse, I'm leon, haha, sorryKlarisse: GAGO ka! tinakot mo ako! akala ko rapist ka! *sigh* akala ko mababale wala yung away namin nung bf ko kung magagahasa lang din naman pala ako, kung ganun na nga lang naman sana nagpakantot nalang ako sa kanya, hmpf! langya ka! tinakot mo ako!Me: hahahaha! sorry, I, halfly didn't mean what I did just now, and besides, punishment mo yun for being lateKlarisse: ha! ha! ha! whatever, akala ko ba umuwi ka na? nanjan ka lang pala, ba't di ka nagsalita sa tawag ko kanina?Me: hehe, sorry, I didn't know what to say, I got dazzled at your beautyKlarisse: cheh! bolero! hihi, let's go, nagugutom ako, treat mo ako kasi tinakot mo akoMe: hehe, with pleasureWe went to a known restaurant near that place. We had a very nice chat. I learned that she was the eldest of her family, and that we go to the same school. I also knew the reason why she had that very depressed look awhile agoMe: so, may bf ka na pala? wouldn't he be angry if nahuli nya tayo?Klarisse: well, you don't have to be worried about that, coz uhm, we broke up with my bf, and I really thought he was my first and lastMe: what? why?Klarisse: well, haha, it's really embarassing, and we're not really that close yet, I mean, we just metAfter she said that, I stood up and took my chair right next to her and wrapped my arounds around her shoulderMe: there, now we're closeKlarisse: haha! not that kind of close but uhm, thanks, this is kinda niceShe leaned her head on my shoulders, and started telling her storyHer: well, actually, the reason why I'm late is because I went to my boyfriend's houseMe: and then?Klarisse: and uhm, he was acting kinda strange, he started to kiss me, but not the same as before, that time he was, I think a bit more, aggressive?Me: aggressive? why so?Klarisse: well normally he would be gentle in kissing me, but recently this week he's been like that just last week he started to fond.. touch, me on places he don't normally touch beforeMe: hehe, that's okay, I'm not really new to this kind of things, and you can trust me too, heck we could have a drink at my place and when you get drunk I assure you walang mangyayari sayo, well something that you don't like that is, but I assure you kung may mangyayari sayo, you'll like itI wiggled my eyebrows and smiled at her at the same time. We both laughed really hard after my statement.Her: hahaha! ow-kay! whatever, well going back, yes he started to fondle my boobs which he doesn't normally do, and kissed me differentlyMe: hmmmm, how did he kiss you?Her: I, don't, really know howMe: perhaps maybe like this..I placed my hand on her cheeks and made her face my way, and that was the first time that our mouths found each other, our mouths clashed in a wet, and hot battleKlarisse: mhmmmmmm, uhmmmmm, uhmmm, tsupMe: mhmmmmm, uhmmmWe were both like that for around 3 mins I guess when she suddenly pushed my back and stood upHer: uuuhmm, I got to go, it's pretty late and my parents might be looking for meMe: uhm, aah, let me escort you homeKlarisse: no! aaahm, I could handle myselfMe: please, let me, I was the one who asked you out, it's my responsibility to take you homeKlarisse: uhm, okShe excused herself that time and went to the bathroom, me, on the other hand also went to the comfortroom because I had to take a leak. I rushed to the men's comfort room and took a leak, when I took my dick out it springed out like a vampire that was imprisoned in a coffin for thousands and thousands of years, and my dick at that time was soooo hard! I went back to our table, I noticed that she wasn't still there, I called for the waiter and asked for the bill, after I payed our bill I went outside of the restaurant only to see that she was already outside, waiting for a taxi.Me: I thought you agreed on me taking you homeKlarisse: ah, haha, sorry, I really didn't want to bother youMe: uhmm, that's okayIn the end, she still ended up agreeing that I accompany her home. The ride was incredibly awkward, we both can't speak to each other, or rather, we don't know what to say. For the first time of my life, I felt like a jerk for kissing a girl!MyMind: Yeah! real smooth brother, that was some grade A shit that you didMe: "shut up brain! who's fault was it anyway?!"MyMind: wooooh! haha, for someone who acts mature and all to blame HIS subconscience! that's really cool, you should share that to her maybe you'd have a better chance at her, hehe, sarcasmugh! great! not only am I arguing to myself, but to think that what my brain is right. How stupid I was, I knew this girl is still pure and innocent, well, not that innocent, but still! She's not like the other girls that I used to hangout with. The girl that is with me right now is the ONE!MyMind: wow! your really a genius! you figured that out all by yourself? you should be proudMe: Shut up!Klarisse: what?Me: ah, uhm, nothing, he-heMyMind: good one, now, not only does she hate you for taking advantage of her, but now she also thinks your crazyMe: yeah, no thanks to youThat was the loooooooongest night of my entire life so far. That was also the first time I panicked when being together with a girl, I was like a boy trying to impress her crush at that time. After a very awkward and silent ride, we finally reached our destination. We walked towards their house, and once we reached it she stopped and talked to me after a moment of silence.Klarisse: ahm, haha, thanks for today, I had funMe: uhm, ah, yeah, hehe me tooKlarisse: well, good nightMe: uhm yeah, good nightWe both smiled at each other. She spinned around, and while she was searching for her keys on bag, I was there still standing, thinking of what to do, and uhm, yeah, arguing with "the other me"Me: what the fuck should I do?! it can't end like this!MyMind: you don't say?Me: hey! can't you be helpful sometimes!MyMind: lemme think about that, uhmmmmmm, NOMe: ugh! God! your so stupid! what did I do to deserve such a stupid companion?!MyMind: uhm, you do realize that I'm your subconscience right?Me: shut up! I know! aaaaah! what the fuck then! I'll just do thisWithout anymore hesitations, and distractions, I reached for her left arm and spun her around to face me. For the second time that day our mouths meet again, I torridly kiss her and was aggressive as hell, I put my arms around her waist. First, she was in shock and wasn't kissing back, and she was kinda fighting it a bit, but then slowly but surely, she was kissing me back alsoKlarisse: mhmmmmm, uhmmmmmmm, uhmmmm, tsupMe: mhmmmmm, klarisse, mhmmmmKlarisse: uhmmmmmmmm, mhmmmmm, mhmmm, tsup, mhmmmm, tsupAs we were both kissing each other, hungrily sipping each other's saliva, I tried to slip in my tongue to her mouth, as soon as it was in, I licked her tongue like an animal. I enjoy her saliva filled tongue, as our tongues were clashing, pleasurably sucking each others saliva, my hands slowly moved up from her waistHer: uhmmmmmm tsup uhmmmmmmm ohhhhmmmmmmm tsup tsup sssluuuuurp sslluuuuurpMe: uhmmmmm sslluuuuurpp ssluuuuuuurp uhmmmmHer: mhmmmmmmoore mhmmmmmm ssluuuuuurp sslluuuuuurp uhmmmm aaaaaaaaaahh!It was then when I recognized that my hands are already groping something big and soft, I slowly but with force, squeezed and massaged her bossom outside her shirt, while we continue our tongue battleHer: aaaaaahm! aaaaaaaahmmmmmm! ssslluuuuuuurp! ssllllllurrrrrrrrrrrrrrp! tssup!she was really getting more aggressive, gigil na gigil na ako that time, mas linakasan ko pa nang konti ang pag laro nang suso ni klarisse, then at that time I slowly kissed her from the side of her lips, patungo sa cheeks, then sa tenga nya at sa neck nya, lalo na sa nape areaKlarisse: aaaaaah, aaaaaah, ooooooh shit! mhmmmmpf! dahan dahan lang, aaaahMe: mhmmmmm sarap laruin nang suso mo klarisse, mhmmmm ito ba ginawa nang ex mo?Klarisse: aaaaah, aaaaaaaah, oo, o-ooooooooooooooooooh! ganyan ngaaaaaaahMe: ayaw mo ba nito? hmmmmmmmm tsuup tsuup ssluuuurpHer: eeeeeeeeeeeeeihh! aaaah! mhmmmm! gustooooooooooo aaah, perroooooooo, uhmmmmmm iba kasi yun eeeeeehWe were doing something extremely erotic that time, we were outside their house. We totally forgot that, kahit na wala masyadong tao doon, anybody could just come and see us, but at that time it seemed like we didn't care. So I continued to make out with klarisse.Klarisse: aaaaaaaah! sige paaaaaaaaah! ang saraaaaaaaaapMe: mhmmmmmmph, mhmmmmmmm tssupp! tssupp!Klarisse: oooooooooooooohm! uuuuuuuuuuuuhmmmmmmmmmmm! aaaah shiiiiiiit! bakit ba hinahayaan kitaaaaaaaah, we don't know each other that mu-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach!Linabasan na yata si Klarisse. Her whole body was shaking pretty bad that she had to wrap her arms around me, I continued to have our make out session but this time our mouths meet again, our tongues, ravaging each other, exchanging salivas by each kiss, lick, and suck. My right hand slowly went down, as we were both still making out, my right hand was able to travel down to her back, slowly to her ass, I squeezed her ass once, then slowly went down mooooooore. I was able to reach her panty, and at the place outside her pussy was extremely hot. I ran my middle finger up and down her wetness, and twirled my finger on where her clit wasHer: eeeeeeeeeeiihhhhhh! ooooooooh, oooooooooh, shiiiiit! aaaaaaaaaaaaah! ang saraaaaaaaaaaap laruin mo pa susooooooooooo koooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaah, at may iba akong nararamdaman, mhmmmmmmmmpf sige paaaaaaahI think she noticed my finger on her panty already, but when she felt that I was trying... Read More

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