Kahit Isang Saglit

April 21, 2014 (4 years ago)
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A/N: This has been created whiling my time away in Shangrila Shaw. And while waiting for a PM in my inbox in this account. Hopefully, this one would be appreciated just as my first story. Thank you in advance for those who would take time to read and give their take.

To Starst1949. I kept my promise Sir. I know you would keep yours.

"Para kang tanga! Tantanan mo na nga kakapakinig sa kantang yan! Emo ka ng emo. Para namang may mangyayari sa kaka-emo mo."

It was her own mind talking to herself. Lately she's been doing that a lot. Talking to herself. Nakikipag-usap sa sariling isip while her thoughts are wandering to that not so distant past. Crying alone.

Ang hirap dalhin, lalo wala man lang syang makausap to pour out the pain. Parang sangkaterbang kinakalawang na blade ang humihiwa sa puso niya. And most of the times napapaiyak siya.

"Ilang balde na kayang luha sinayang ko?"

She asked herself, then laughed realizing how pathetic she is.

She played the song again. Kung live performance to, wala na sigurong boses ang singer.

Kahit Isang Saglit. Title ng kanta. Ni hindi niya nai-relate minsan man ang sarili niya sa awitin. Until she met him. Or should it be until she lost him?

"Beh please! Please!"

He stopped pumping, looked at her and mischievously smiled.

"What is it beh, what do you want?"

"Beh please! Keep pumping beh please! Dont stop what you're doing."

He pushed hard once, then pulled out. She moaned.

"Ohhh god beh, ang sarapp! Wag mong tigilan beh please!

He entered her once more, grinding his hardness inside her wetness. Pareho silang napaungol sa sarap. Yet he stopped again. And she was delirious with the need to explode.

"Behhh please ano ba?!!"

He laughed softly. He was intentionally pushing her on the brink. He loves her passion in bed. But he loves her innate shyness to. And he wants to explore that shyness. To bring out the unrestricted, untamed sexual longing inside her.

"Cmon beh, say it. I want you to say it."

"Fuck me more beh please! Fuck me more!"

"No beh. I want you to say it in Tagalog."

"Ohh please naman beh! Sige na beh please!"

She was begging him literally as she arched her back at the same time pulling his hips towards her, wanting more of him inside. Filling her. Devouring her. And yet she can't bring herself to say it in Tagalog as he wants her to.

She felt him pushing inside her, one swift and hard push. With the intention of pulling out again just as swiftly. But her tightness contracted and he felt the sexual bliss only a woman's womb can provide. Ramdam niya ang higpit ng kapit sa kanyang galit na galit na ari. And he succumbed to her. He started pounding. Fast. Deep. Hard.

"Ahhh beh ang sarap!!"

"Haaahhh! Beh! Beh! Beh!"

He was chanting her name like a sexual ritual. And each thrust he makes brings them closer to the edge. Ramdam niyang sumasalubong ang balakang ng katalik sa bawat hugot at baon na ginagawa niya! Malapit na siya! Malapit na malapit na!


Gulat siyang napalingon sa pintuan
It was her husband in the doorway. Bumangon siya sa kama. Lumapit ang lalake sa kanya at hinalikan siya sa noo.

"Sorry ma, napabigla ang bukas ko ng pintuan. Nagulat tuloy kita. Nakatulog ka pa naman sana."

She didnt respond, just nodded to acknowledge him.

Nakatulog pala siya while listening to that song. While crying silently because of missing that someone so badly. And even in her troubled sleep, she was reliving the ecstacy she felt in another man's arm. It felt so real. She can almost feel her bursting inside.

"Tabi tayo ma. Miss na kita eh."

It was her husband again. Hugging him, she knows she has never lost the love she feels for this man. It might have been temporarily forgotten but it has always been there.

She became aware of the song playing softly.

"Sana ika'y muling makita ko, damhin ang tibok ng puso mo. Sana, yakapin mo akong muli. Kahit sandali, kahit isang saglit, mayakap ka."

And she cried. Again. Silent, painful tears.

Somewhere along her rocky marriage brought by betrayals of her husband, she met this someone. Who thought her things she never knew befo... Read More

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