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April 17, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I think that simultaneous orgasms during sex are not as common as depicted in most sex stories and porn movies. Many say that it takes lost of practice and patience for couples to achieve this nirvana. 

Women usually take more time than men to build up, moreso, to climax, if ever. Either a man allows the female to climax first before him or he climaxes first and then stimulates his partner to reach orgasm.

I have long ago read that there are many women who have long been in a relationship---married or otherwise--borne several children, and yet, never experienced  orgasm. Previous studies also claimed two kinds of female orgasm-- clitoral and vaginal. Clitoral being less intense but easily achievable than vaginal which is marked with spasm/contraction, whatever.. That was before the G-Spot which is purportedly the most intense and could induce squirting to some lucky ladies.

 (I only have one experience with a squirter. During the eating and fingering and she almost jumped off the bed from sheer embarrassment. Wala naming amoy..walang kulay…ok lang  at syempre flattered ang lolo.)


On the other hand, it is also very rare that women climax during  duty fucking, mercy fucking,  mercenary fucking much less during forced sex or outright rape, contrary to those featured in many sex stories and films. Imagine the trauma, the pain,  the fear, and the anger a woman feels during rape. How could she climax  under this condition.

That is why porn movies are sad and pathetic. (I love watching them though, ha ha ha) The women  are ready to climax at the drop of a hat. All the  moaning, grinding and writhing   culminate in fake orgasms. And look at their eyes..they are DEAD!!!

I posted this blog on the other site and got a very good comment from a very intelligent lady  blogger. To quote:

“Minsan, mahirap talaga para sa babae ang mag-orgasm. May mga nadadala sa clitoral, vaginal or g-spot stimulation.

Pero tingin ko, malaking factor ay ang state of mind ng babae eh o kung ano ang mindset niya before sex. If she looks at the act of sex as a chore of pleasuring only her partner and not an opportunity to also pleasure herself, she can just spread open her legs, let the guy come in and, instinctively there will be natural lubrication. Madali namang umungol kahit di mo feel. There will be penetration, magkakaroon din namang clitoral or vaginal stimulation but she may not orgasm. Baka pa nga habang nasa ibabaw niya ang partner niya ay mga labada ang nasa isipan niya.

Maaari rin namang mag-orgasm ang babae na nakasandal lang kanyang puwitan sa spin dryer dahil iba ang iniisip niya habang naglalaba siya.  

Kaya siguro, marami kang dapat kilitiin sa babae... hindi lang ang katawan niya kundi pati isipan niya. Minsan, pati puso ay pakikislutin pa. “

I like her POV.

Kaya nga siguro , under the following situations, I think it would be difficult for a woman to achieve the big  “O”

Mercy fuck:   pinagbigyan lang ang lalake dahil sa awa o utang na loob.

Mercenary fuck: nagpakantot para makakuha ng pabor…pera, position. power..whatever

Mahal fuck… nagpakantot dahil mahal …(Mahal ang bayad?)  Joke lng…ang tuttuo ay dahil sa pagmamahal o pagibig

Fuckfuck—nagpakantot dahilwala lang,  malibog lang. Kah... Read More

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