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October 28, 2013 (4 years ago)
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i was 13 yo the first time i had sex, the girl was 16..
and from then on i became sexually active. And i always preferred girls who are a bit older than i am, assuming girls my age aint into sexual encounters yet. so when i got to college, was 17yo by that time, i was feeling confident, a bit cocky even... about my size and abilities in bed...
But that confidence got crushed by a girl 5 years my senior. 

I't was nothing special at first, just a normal sexual encounter for me, at least that's what i thought.
Before this sexual encounter, i never had any girl telling me to do better, so i assumed i was doing great.
But ara, the 22yo girl, was brutally honest about my lack of pleasuring abilities. T'was a very embarrasing moment for me.. There i was, feeling confident.. only to be told that it was like i didn't know what i was doing. 

After hearing her remarks, i just sat there, quiet... Then she said.. "why dont you ask me what i want?"
So i did.. She ask me to come to bed, and there she told me to do things to her the way that pleases her.
Like when i go down on her, how she likes it.. that she likes these positions and hates these ones.. But also telling me that not all girls like it the way she likes it. That every girl is different..
So that went on for like an hour.. and i got her to cum... 

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