Joker In Love

December 6, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Joker In Love

I laugh at everything, smile to everyone
I'm a joker, for me its all fun
Then you came and shakes everything up
Even my playful heart's been fucked up

No, you're not pretty
But I really like your nose
Did you just gave me a love potion
In double dose

You're not sexy
Even the way you talk seems amusing
But still I'm in your mercy
For your "Yes" I am waiting.

You're the light in my darkness
I hope there's no brownout.
You shot me straight in my heart
But I don't have bullets in this shoot out.

I can't catch you, you're too fast
Then you said, "Slow down boy, I'm not in a hurry."
So, I stop the chase but there you go again
Left me in confusion, then told me, why worry?

Aahhhh, the joke is on me.
But its not over yet
I will keep on trying
Even if I'm losing this bet.

I don't know, I feel you're into me too
Maybe you're just afraid 'coz you know I joke too much.
But don't you think its part of my defense
Because I've been hurt in the past.

A joker laughs, even in sadness
To conceal the pain and the tears.
The struggles I've been through
The heartaches and failures, even my fears.

So, girl if you want me too,
Please say, Yes!
Because I'm serious about you
Even with this smile on my face.

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