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JK's First Summer Job

April 2, 2014 (4 years ago)
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The city government offers summer jobs for high school graduates so after graduating I applied for a summer job to earn income this vacation.

After a week the personnel department called me to report to a convenience store for an interview with the manager. I went there wearing my decent, if not my best clothes. On reaching the place the manager interviewed me for a few minutes and told me I am accepted so I am to report tomorrow.

My first job was also my first nightshift. Customers came in trickles and the night became a bore as it went on. However, I noticed a female customer, taking a cologne and powder and placing it under her bra. She doesn’t seem to notice me even as I approached her from behind and tapped her on the shoulders.

Surprised, she gave a shriek when I asked her why the cologne and the baby powder were inside her bra. She stammered and didn’t know what to say except apologize. I asked her to surrender her belongings for checking at the same time get her identification.

Her name is Ryra and I found out she was a call center agent working nearby from this convenience store. I told her that I would have to call the police and book her for stealing items from this store. She pleaded to let her go, that she would do everything to avoid jail.

Somehow I got naughty so I told her she would go free if she could give me a blow job and I fuck her from behind. I was surprised when she asked where to do it. My heart was beating fast due to the excitement so I placed the notice sign to “closed” and took her to the stock room. My mind was in a whirlwind when she opened the zipper of my pants and pulled out my hardening cock.

She pumped my seven-inched cock while licking it from the base to the tip. She twirled her tongue on the head then started sucking it halfway because she started choking and gagging when she tried sucking it all. My cock was all slippery and wet from her saliva and she seems to be enjoying it.
I told her to be quick as I have to go back to work. She pulled doen her panties, turned her back, and placed her hands against the wall and told me to fuck her already.

I put a condom on, aimed at her pussy and started to rub it as I held my other hand on her waist and started pushing my cock in her. I was surprised; despite some tightness in her pussy, it was already slippery. Two more hard pumps and I was able to push my cock all inside her pussy.

Luckily the stock room was airtight except for the exhaust fan; otherwise our moans could be heard all over it. I fucked her for all its worth since time was not on our side and after a few minutes I shot my cum inside her so I would not have a hard time to explain to the manager how the floor got very slippery.

We dressed up, went out the door, and I gave her things back. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the thrill. We never expected this night would be exciting. She gave me her cell number and told me to call when I feel like it so we can “hook-up” sometimes.

As I report the next day I became nervous when the manager was reviewing the cctv footage last night. He asked me what I and the woman were talking about. The video moved on to the scene where I... Read More

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