Jenna (Part 4)

July 22, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Francis suddenly stopped thrusting and picked me up surprisingly. He was holding my bum while my arms and legs are wrapped around him. “Kiss me.” He commanded. His nose was brushing against mine, his eyes looked like it was searching for something inside me. And so I did what he wanted. I have to say that I love fucking him. He’s got a pretty good size and he uses it breathtakingly. But God, I love kissing him more. I love his taste, I love how our tongues wander around each other’s mouth, and I love this feeling like we’re both in dire need to savor each other’s saliva.

We were so close and I doubt if there was even a gap in between us. He wasn’t thrusting but I can feel his erection still getting bigger inside me. But we were more than just skin to skin or flesh to flesh. We were two naked souls. We were soul to soul. “Francis…” I was moaning in his mouth and so was he.

He took a few steps and I felt the cold wall on my spine. He literally pinned me against the wall. His hand roamed around my body. First, in my tits, then it slid to my shoulders, and up my nape. Then he grasp onto my hair and pulled it down so he can make a way for his lips to my neck. “Jenna, I’ll ever get enough of your taste.” His lips were all over my neck. He was sucking and licking and I guess, I’m getting heaps of love bites.

“I’ll move fast, princess. Hold on.” He said it and I felt the mutual rage we were feeling. I pressed my nails on his back and then he started moving. Really fast. It felt like he’s going to demolish my body with all the power he’s exerting. I was going insane. I was screaming and moaning and groaning and I’ve made every kind of noise a person can do when they are getting a good fuck.

While I was on the brink of orgasm, Francis was quiet. He’s making a few groans but that’s just it. But though he was hushed, he wasn’t so calm. He was sweating. He was breathing so heavily. And he was just staring at me, watching me intensely and I could say that he’s very satisfied with what he is seeing.

“I want to cum.” He finally said. He slowed down his pace and brought me back to my feet. “I’m gonna take you from your behind. Bend over the sofa, princess.” He was talking slow and it was intimidating as ever.

But anyway, I did what he told me. I bend over the sofa and he started caressing my bum and my waist. “Oooh…” I moaned when he began rubbing the tip of his dick against my clit. And he was kind of teasing me by sticking the head in and quickly pulling it out. But it felt so good.

He pulled my hair so he can get closer to my ears. “Tell me what you want, princess.” He kissed the back of my ears and I was just moaning. I think it kind of annoyed him because he pulled my hair stronger. “I said tell me what you want.” I looked at his direction and his eyes was burning with lust and desire.

“I w-want you to fuck me, F-francis.” I stuttered. I will never forget that look in his eyes. It was terrifying but somehow really exciting.

He rammed his dick really hard and started pounding against my pussy. He didn’t let go of my hair and he continued kissing my nape and my neck and the back of my ears. The sensation was indescribable. He was whispering curses in my ears and I was groaning every time his dick hits my walls.

“I’m gonna cum inside you, princess.” He bit my shoulder and jammed his dick inside me one last time. I felt his cum spattered inside me as I also reach my nth orgasm. He rested his head on my back as we both try to catch our breath.

“Damn, you’re so good. I love fucking you.” I said, my face is pressed against the sofa.

“I fucking love you.” He responded with a low voice.
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