Iyah (Part 1)

February 3, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Hi everyone, good day to you people!! Since I can't post my adventure together with mami08, I would just post my other adventures. 1st time ko pong magsusulat ng ganito
and I really have no idea what to tell, how to explain it or really what to do so please bear with me and thank you kung babasahin nyo to. So here it goes.......

This is a true story that happened 4years ago, I was just 18 by that time and I was on my peak of my libido. I was fucking girls left and right, 2~3 girls a week. And that
continued for a year, but here's my story with Iyah.

Iyah was a 3rd year nursing student in Our Lady Of Fatima University in Valenzuela, I met her in an online social networking site Tagged. We started as a normal chatters
chatting casual things, for a month it was just like that until one time I opened to her the topic with regards to sex. And that's where it all started.

At first she said to me that I was not her type, but I look different in pictures than in person, so by the time that we met, she fell for me. It was a typical date , and then she
asked me if I wanted to watch a movie and I agreed and we watched the movie "T2" a horror film.

Inside the cinema, I made the first move, I held her hand and I was slowly moving towards her chest. She didn't made a move so I started to caress her boobs and I was
doing that with people near us. I was thrilled by that fact so I was getting really hard, I told her that we should look for other seats where there are no people around us. So
that's what we did, and she knelt and started to unzip my pants. It was easy for her to bring out my hard cock that time because I was wearing boxers shorts ( I rarely use
briefs) and she started to suck my cock like it was her first time seeing a cock that size. She was deepthroating it like crazy and she was always gagging.

After sucking me for like 10~15mins , I told her that it's my turn now to please her so she sat down. I started licking her clitoris, slowly and passionately and I ate her for like
20~30mins. We finished our deed by me jerking off and she swallowed all my cum.

We're both satisfied with what... Read More

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