Its hard to make ends meet, when the other end you want is covered by a pink undie

February 26, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Currently I'm trying to organize my thoughts into creating a suitable manuscript for a better story.

Oras na maayos ko ito, mailalabas ko na ang aking "L". Mahirap kimkimin ang mga hidden desires, lalo na pagka gusto mong araw-araw ilabas ito pero hindi pwede. LOL.

So back to the story, I wish I could finish this quickly and publish it for consumption but time doesnt permit me to use all of it in writing. So, the allegged day-job prevents me from slacking-off - "too much" LOL.

Now this will either be a great interweaving set of stories or just a bunch of text with "oohhhs" "aaahhhs" and "uuummmhhhppps".
Ill cross my fingers and wish that I do finish this in a manner befitting this website, whi... Read More

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