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August 31, 2015 (2 years ago)
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“But nothing ever gets me high like this I pick my poison and it's you Nothing could kill me like you do You're going straight to my head And I'm heading straight for the edge I pick my poison and it's you”

The song by Rita Ora was echoing in my ear as I woke up from my siesta in a Hammock in my little island Marinduque. I have lived this simple life in a little island named Maniwaya with my beautiful wife. I stood from my hammock looking as the sun was setting. I was admiring the beautiful sunset when suddenly a beautiful apparition from the ocean sprung up. A beautiful woman with sun kissed skin and body that was as sexy as hell wearing a simple two piece. As she walks out of the water you can see how her beautiful curves of 36 28 38 was making a beautiful shadow, from a far you can see how she puts on her  “balabal” in her waist that accentuate her 5’6 height. She was walking towards where I was standing and seeing those little chinita eyes looking at me with a little sparkle.

As she walks infront of me and gave me a peck in the lips.

“good morning sleepy head , I went for a little dip”

Yes, this amazing woman was my beautiful wife of five years, Amihan.

“Sorry I must have dozed off, but looking at you on that beach woke me up”

She puts her hands on my chest gave me another kiss.

“ohh babe that is sweet, by the way we have clients tomorrow morning”

“really? Will they be going here?”

“yes” She gave me another kiss on the lips and licked my lips after.

As I bite her lip and gave her a passionate torrid kiss as my lips was removed from her.

“then we have to go to bed early tonight”

I grabbed both her ass and picked her up from the sandy floor. As I lift her up her legs wrapped around mine, making it a little harder for me to walk. We kissed passionately as I guide her inside our bungalow. I slid her down our kitchen top as I take off her top and kiss and lick her neck. As I caressed her boobs and playing those nipples between my fingers, she gave me a soft moan. I licked her neck towards her hard nipples. As I was licking her hard nipples I suddenly gave it a bite that made her pull my hair away, as my head was being pulled away I was still biting her.

“oohh sshiitt babe.. “

As I released her nipples from my mouth I licked her other nipple and traced it down to her belly button.

“oohh babe lower please.. lower”

I licked her lower to her right side until I got hold of her knotted bikini, I pulled the string and released the knot. I released the string from my mouth and licked her outer thighs going to her inner thighs. As I was licking her inner thighs I used my other hand to pull the string on the other side. I kissed and licked her inner thighs as my hand was slowly going back to those mammary glands I love to touch. I licked her clit as I touched and caressed both glands.

“oohh babe I love what you are doing ooohh ffuckk”

As I slid my tongue in her wet pussy and licked it like there was no tomorrow and stop when I have to kiss and suck her clit.

“oohh sshiitt sshiitt.. ffuckk mmeeee”

As her juice was cumming out of her pussy I was still sucking on her clit.

“bbbaabbee bbaabbee iii aamm cummminggg.. oohhh ssshhiiitt oohhh fuck..”

After her orgasm I pulled her from where she was seated and turned her around so I can fuck her doggy on the counter top. She knew what I wanted and positioned herself for my entry.

I pulled down my shorts and positioned my hard on 7 inch cock to her soaking wet pussy. I was sliding my cock head in her pussy lips until it was wet and ready for me. When the head came in her wet pussy I slowly pumped half of it in.

“oohh sshiitt babe.. I want it all..”

I pumped harder as my whole cock was inside her throbbing pussy.

“oohh sshiitt babe.. fuck me hard”

As those words came out of her mouth, I thrust rapidly until her back arched where I can touch her boobs again. I stopped awhile as I tried to position myself to fuck her and caress and touch her boobs.

“ssshhiiitt oohhh ffuucckiinngg hell that felt gooddd”

I rapidly fuck her pussy again as she was positioned for a good fuck tonight.

“oohhh ggoooddd babe.. ssshiitt I am cumming again.. here I goooooo..ooohh ffuckk”

After she came I let go of her boobs and took my cock out of her pussy. I turned her 180 degrees and used my left arm to raise her right leg, and entered her pussy again. The wetness of her pussy helped my reentry to her pussy. I pumped slowly as I was trying to find her nipple that I wanted to suck while fucking her, my lips finally found her nipples. I fucked her pussy as I sucked on her nipples.

She was screaming while pushing my head to her very sensitive nipples.

“ooohh ssshiittt babe babe.. ooohhh more pleaseeeee.. ffuckkk meee moreee..”

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