Irreplaceable - Part 1

November 17, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Originally written by myself some two years ago. Repost from another site under a different user name. 
I reposted this few weeks back and deleted it, for a simple reason na may topak ako. 

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Written in Josh's POV as part and parcel of my story "If We Ever Meet Again"

9AM. It was the same time I saw Andrea enter the coffee shop three months ago. I could still remember how she walked past me, put her bag on the empty chair next to her before she sat down. She smelled familiar, so I secretly glanced at her sideways. Damn! I could not see her face clearly. My curiosity grew stronger when she took out her phone.

And so I heard her voice, the voice that haunted me for the past three years. The voice that I longed to hear every time I am feeling down and depressed, the voice that I wanted to hear when I'm having sex with somebody else and wished that it was her I am with that time. My whole body froze. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to walk out of that coffee shop but my whole body was fixed there. 

She started the discussion with the guy she met up with. "Oh! A job interview. The guy was one lucky bastard for having her as his interviewer." I said to myself, while I wished I was the person sitting in front of her. Thousand thoughts raced inside my head, how much I wanted to hug her so tight and tell her how I missed her. I was in the middle of my daydreaming when i felt a gush of cold liquid on my right leg. The next thing I knew, I was drenched with Iced coffee and Andrea was passing some tissue papers to me. I was too irritated because I had a meeting that day but somehow I felt that it was fated to happen, because Andrea offered her room in the hotel upstairs so I can clean up.

"Excuse me, is this chair taken?" Some college student distracted my thoughts. "No, go ahead you can take it" I smiled wryly at her. "Thank you!" She said giggly. I shrugged. I stared at my laptop screen, I moved the mouse pointer from one tab to another and then I logged in my Gmail account and saw 550 unread messages. I deleted all of them and found Andrea's email on top of the read messages. There were 8 email messages from her that I did not bothered replying back since she returned to Singapore three months ago. I clicked on the latest one, which was sent a month ago.

She left the subject blank and in the message body she wrote: "Josh, I don't deserve this for the second time around. I hate you for being such a jerk. -A." I felt a pang of anger for myself. I hovered my mouse pointer to the 'Reply' button but I backed out the last minute. I clicked logged out instead.

I took a sip at my caramel macchiato, and I couldn't help not to think about Andrea. Her soothing yet flirty voice, her soft touch, her sweet smile and her eyes-- her eyes that tells so many stories. I could not contain myself every time she stared at me. I just wanted to hug her so tight right now.

I remembered how I felt weird back when we were in the hotel lobby; my heart was beating fast, and even more when we entered her room. She passed me the bathrobe and I took off my pants. She gave me instructions, said something about the soap, about hand washing but my mind cannot process it properly because my thoughts was fixed on her and how I wanted to "get dirty" with her while she was talking to her boss on the phone.

I was inside her bathroom, fighting the urge not to disrespect her with my lewd thoughts. But I could not help it; no matter how I respect her, I still have my fantasies about her. Oh God! How I wanted to pull her skirt up, take off her undies and run my fingers on her pussy lips. I will then insert my middle finger inside her and tease her clitoris with my thumb. I would love to hear her moan as I start flicking my tongue on her mound. I can imagine that she will beg for more--

My thoughts were distracted when she came inside the bathroom. "What now?" She asked. She was so close to me that I wanted to pull her close and lock her lips with mine. "Do you have a hair blower?" I asked her and I cursed myself for asking such a lame question. I saw her cheeks flush and that made me want her some more. I wonder what's going on inside her head, is it something similar to what I am thinking too?

"Uhmmmm excuse me?" The same college girl interrupted my daydreaming again.
"Yes?" I asked bluntly.
She smiled but did not say a word. She handed me a note that says, "Whoever you are thinking of or waiting for... She's not worth it. I'll make it up for you baby. 0917899xxxx- Maddy "

I chuckled as I crumpled the notepad and put it inside my pocket. "What the heck!" I sighed as I shifted my thoughts back to Andrea. “I will never run out of respect for you. Always remember that.” I sighed with frustration. I hate this same feeling every time I thought about Andrea. “Fuck!” I cursed myself for letting her go the second time around.

Scratching my head, I opened my browser, clicked Google and typed “Andrea Garcia”. Josh stalk mode: ON.

About 403 results (0.38 seconds)

The first link showed her Twitter account, followed by Tumblr, Google+, Blogspot, Wordpress, and Oh! She has Instagram too. I always loved stalking her, not because I’m a die-hard fan of hers but because she is such an interesting person, too open minded, she speaks her heart out, her blogs are funny yet sensible and mostly – she’s a camera whore. I clicked on her Twitter account and it was strange that her last tweet was three days ago. Knowing her, she will tweet about how her day went, how some MRT passengers were annoying her, what she had for dinner, or if she’s meeting up with some friends.

“Hmmm strange…” I murmured. “Maybe she’s sick?” – But she will tweet that for sure, I thought. I opened another tab and clicked Gmail. “I hope she’s online.” God! Why am I too worried about her now? “What the heck!” I packed my things and headed home. Good thing there’s no traffic and I was able to reach my place within thirty minutes. I went straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower, still thinking about Andrea.


“Ohh damn Andrea…”

I started stroking my cock as I recalled our second night in the hotel. Just like her first day, her schedule was goddamned busy. She fell asleep after we had our first sex in the morning. She was supposed to have a meeting at 9AM but she pushed it at 12PM-- and then her whole schedule for the day was messed up. I told her that I'll go to work first, and then I'll pick her up at 7PM for dinner.

When I arrived in her hotel room, I expected her to be dressed and ready to go but when she opened the door she was still wearing her bathrobe. She did not say a word as she pulled me inside and locked the door behind me. She pushed me and I leaned on the door. She kissed me and her tongue explored my mouth as she unbuttoned my shirt.

She stuck out her tongue and licked the outline of my lips. I opened my mouth and she sucked on my tongue as her hands move down to unbuckle my belt. She stopped her licking and sucking and instead she looked at me in the eye while she bit her lips tease fully. She unzipped my fly and pulled down my boxers without taking her eyes off me. I had a hard on due to great anticipation. I wanted to say a thing, but I'm just fixed on the door waiting for her next move.

She took a step backwards and untied her robe. "What the fuck?!" I muttered, as she stood in front of me, naked. I grabbed her in her waist then I immediately cupped her left breast and licked her nipple. I gently bit it and Andrea moaned in return. When I was about to do the same thing on her right breast, she pushed me onto to door and she pressed her body against mine. She grabbed my cock and started stroking gently as she tip toed so her mouth can reach mine.

I bent down so my mouth can meet hers. She pulled away and licked my chin down to my Adam’s apple, down to my neck, then to my chest and stomach. She licked the tip of my cock and then its shaft down to my balls. She started sucking on my cock as her right hand caressed and gently scratched my balls. "Ooohhh Andrea... Ohhhh shitttt!" I said through gritted teeth. Her blowjob was good, Oh no! Not just good but so far the best of all blow jobs that I have received. Her right hand moved up and down my shaft as her tongue teased and sucked the tip of my cock. "Ohhh shit! I'm cumming!"

She stopped sucking my cock and stood up as she grabbed my hand for support. She held my hand as we walked towards the sofa. God! Her ass is such a beauty. Andrea made me sit down on the sofa and she stood in front of me in between my legs. She sat on my lap and I felt her damp pussy on my thigh. My hands cupped both her breast as I kneaded them gently. My right hand outlined her torso down to her hip as it goes down to her pussy. I immediately inserted my middle finger inside and damn! Her wetness drove me wild.

Andrea leaned down to kiss me while her hand stroked my cock. She then stood up and shifted her position to reverse. She rubbed her pussy lips on the tip of my cock and then she gently pushed it inside her pussy. "Ohhhhhh Andrea!..." I grabbed her waist as she started to straddle me. She moved up and down my length. She alternated her movements by gently swaying her hips which made me want her so much more. My right hand reached out to her breasts and I pinched her nipples making hear moan so loud. "You-- like --this -- huh--?" She asked me in between her thrusts. "Of course Andie baby, of course!"

Upon hearing this, her movements became faster. She was catching her breath and so was I. "Josh!!!---" she shouted as she cummed first. She knew I'm not done yet so she stood up and kneeled in front of me and sucked my cock again. I put my hand on her head as my cum exploded inside her mouth. She continued sucking my cock slowly. She sucked hard on it and made sure all my cum was inside her mouth. She pulled away, looked up at me as she swallowed all my cum.

I pulled her and made her sit down on my lap again, her face an inch away from me. Her mouth smelled of cum and that made her really sexy all the more. I planted a soft kiss on her lips and then I hugged her so tight. "Josh--?" she murmured. "Yeah?"


“Damn!” I squirmed as my cum shoot onto my bathroom wall. It felt good but definitely not enough. I missed Andrea so much that I want to take the next flight schedule going to her.

I immediately finished showering, dressed up, took my stuff and headed to work. inside the cab, I took my phone and started scrolling through my contacts list. “Aha! There you are…” I tapped on the contact name and tapped “Send message” afterwards. For quite some time, I stared at my phone’s screen; I tried to type a message but then I ended up deleting the whole thing again. Andrea was mad and for sure whatever I put in my message would sound or rather look stupid.

The whole time at work felt like hell as boredom strikes me. Adding up the fact that I haven’t seen any update from Andrea yet, it made me worry about her. For a couple of times I checked her Twitter account and still no updates. Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I took a break and stepped outside our office. I could not take it anymore and I dialed Andrea’s number. My heart beats like mad as I heard her phone ring on the other end of the line. After a couple of rings, I heard her voice…

“Hi this is Andrea. I am unavailable to take your call right now. Please leave a message and I will get back to you soonest. Thank you.”

 “What the heck? Where are you?!” I muttered as I turned off the call. I tried dialing her number again and again and after 15 minutes, I returned back to my office. Around 4:30PM when my phone rang. I instantly grabbed my phone thinking that it’s Andrea returning my call but it was to my great disappointment when I saw that it’s Noel, one of my friends. He asked if I could accompany him to choose the best model for a bass guitar because he’s buying for his new girl so he wants to make sure that the one that he will buy will certainly make a good impression on him. I’ve no choice but to oblige because he’s too insistent. We agreed that he would pick me up at 8 o’clock at work.

Around 7:50PM, I started packing up my stuff and exactly 8PM, I went down to wait for him. I stood up near the taxi stand, put my left hand inside my pocket then I felt something inside it and took it out in an instant. It’s the note from this girl in Coffee Bean this morning.

“She’s not worth it. I’ll make it up for you baby. -0917899xxxx – Maddy”

“Interesting” I mumbled. Then the honking of Noel’s car distracted me. I crumpled the paper and slid it back to my pocket as I stride towards the passenger seat. Upon settling down, he sped his car towards EDSA. Like the usual EDSA at this hour, there was the usual jam but it’s manageable. While Noel was animatedly telling stories about the World War Z movie, I took out a spare phone inside my bag. It something that I used very seldom and only too few people know about that mobile number. I’m not really a big fan of zombie movies so I just pretended that I am interested while I typed a message “Hello there pretty!” It says. Such a lame message yet I chose to send it anyway.

“Hi! I know I’m pretty! Who’s this BTW?” She replied.
“You’re too forgetful. I would assume you passed a lot of papers to the boys around.” Flirting 101 mode ON.
“Oh yeah! You’re the guy in Coffee Bean right?” Maddy replied after a few seconds.
“I’m wondering if you’ve plans for tonight, maybe we can catch up for coffee.” I replied. No beating around the bush.
“Cool. See you at Starbucks Shang if you’re okay with that.” Wow that’s fast. No sweat. Then I agreed to meet with her around 10:30PM.

Noel and I finished buying the bass guitar around 9:45PM and we hang out for a while just checking out some girls inside the mall. Noel is a natural born playboy and this I just found out that this new girl that he’s buying the guitar for is “fresh-from college” girl. Sweet.

Around 10PM we went out of the Mega Mall as the shops closed one by one. Noel offered me a drive home but I told him that I’m still meeting up with a colleague for coffee in Shangri-La. He offered a drive again but I told him that it would be easier if I just take a walk. 10:15PM when I reached Starbucks and settled in one of the tables near the entrance. At exactly 10:30PM, I saw Maddy approaching the entrance. She waved at me and I smiled back. To be fair to her, she’s cute. She’s wearing a tight light yellow mini dress with matching white cardigan. She sat down opposite me and leaned across the table and spoke “It’s quite crowded here now, would you like going somewhere private?” I was taken aback for such question during our first meeting and I am figuring out if she meant it literally. “Did you hear what I just said?” Maddy interfered my thoughts. “Let’s go somewhere else.” Then she stormed out of Starbucks.

I followed her, and anticipated what might happen next and it scared and excites me at the same time. I thought about Andrea. “Damn!” I ran my fingers on my hair. Just in time, there was a cab approaching and Maddy hailed it. She whispered something on the driver’s ear and he sped off.

“This is where it will lead indefinitely, so might as well we don’t beat the bush. It’s kinda late anyway” Maddy exclaimed as she leaned her head on my shoulders. I could not say a word. It seemed like I swallowed my tongue. “Damn! Maddy is such a horny bitch. Wild horny bitch.” I thought. Some malicious scenes played inside my head and I could not help but get a hard on. At the same time, Maddy put her hands on my thigh and started rubbing her hands on top of it.

Just in time, the cab entered a familiar place. And some guy greeted us. "De Luxe or Suite, whichever is available." Maddy said with full confidence. "This girl must be a regular here," I thought.

Once we were inside the room, Maddy gave me a tight hug and suddenly grabbed my cock. I was surprised as she swiftly undressed in front of me and left her bra and undies on. Hastily, she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly, pulled off my shirt and pulled down my plants and boxers. "Are you in a hurry?" I could not help but ask her. "No, not really, buy I just want to see you naked." She giggled. I felt irritated. I don't know why but I felt like I wanted to back out right away. Maddy's style is not my type. But I also thought, there's no harm trying her. Suddenly I remembered Andrea... Damn! I shoved her off my mind. Not now.

I pulled Maddy for a kiss. Her lips were sweet as the taste of her strawberry flavored lipgloss lingered in my tongue. Artificial sweetness. Andrea's lips tasted better. I unhooked her bra and pulled her undies down while she willfully obliged. I cupped her breasts, it's smooth, firm yet small. Cup A for sure. Andrea's breasts were bigger. Cup B, shaped so fine, felt more better than Maddy's. I tried shoving Andrea off my mind, but her touch haunts me, I am so much wanting her. My hands glided to Maddy's body as it found its way to her mound. It has a bit of hair, and my fingers started exploring her mound. My middle finger circled her clitoris, and Maddy's back arched as she started moaning.

I inserted my pointer finger in her pussy. It's warm and wet. I let my fingers explore more, in and out her pussy it goes over and over for a more than minute or so. I heard the sound of her wetness as I finger fucked her, her moans getting louder and louder. She stretched out her hand to reach for my cock and she started moving her hands up and down the shaft. I felt my erection and suddenly I pulled away. "Later Maddy okay?" I said as I contin... Read More

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