Into the Land of Sorrows

December 27, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Trapped in my misery
Turning blind, i could'nt see
That i'm starting on my journey
Back to the land of sorrows i will be

Getting tired of all the beatings i take
Struggling to keep away from a life i foresake
Starting to accept that this is my fate
The love that i felt turning to hate

They say there are answer in prayers
Will it save me from all this nightmares?
Into the abyss i'm starting to fall
Wishing my life woud be over, once and for all

I want to give up, i want to give in
But there's still hope lurking within
Everytime you say hi with a bright smile
All my worries are gone for a while

How i wish that feeling would last
For i can't seem to get away from it fast
All this pain an... Read More

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