Interesting Things You Never Knew About Sex

January 18, 2014 (4 years ago)
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You burn about two hundres calories during thirty
minutes of active sex.

Sex makes women's hair shinier and
their skin glow because of all the extra
oestrogen it causes them to produce.

According to the Durex Global Sex Survey,
people normally lose their virginity at seventeen
years old. In the UK, the average age is s*teen
one half

These days, the Greeks have more sex
than any other nationality. They're followed
closely by the Croatians.

American Jonah Falcon has the world's
largest penis at nine point five inches when flaccid and
thirteen.five inches when erect.

The average penis size is three.five to
inches when flaccid and between five-*to Five-seven
inches when erect.

Whales are the owners of the world's
largest penises. The biggest recorded whale
penis was the eight-footer of a killer whale.

The world's oldest father (Nanu Ram
Jogi) recently fathered his twentyfirst child, at the
age of ninet. He also admits that he is not
certain how many children his series of four
wives have borne him - but counts at least
twelve sons, nine daughters and twenty grandchildren.

Homosexuality is a common thing
everywhere in nature. A pair of male
penguins, Roy and Silo from Central Park
Zoo, were a 'couple' for years, even raising a
baby penguin together in two thousand three.

Women are more likely to orgasm just
before or during their period.

Experiencing 'butterflies of love' might
sound romantic, but in France the phrase
'papillon d'amour' means having pubic lice.

In Britain we have on average, ten
sexual partners in our lifetime. The Chinese
have the most with nineteen and the Vietnamese
only get round to having sex with two and a half

There are roughly one hundred million acts of
sexual intercourse each day.

Most turkeys and giraffes are bisexual.

The Ancient Egyptians used dried
crocodile dung as a contraceptive as it has
spermicidal properties. How did they
discover this?

Both men and women can have
multiple orgasms. But for men to achieve
one, their first orgasm must occur without
ejaculation and without losing their

In two thousand five, a couple broke the world
record for the longest unbroken kiss. They
did it for an exhausting thurty one hours, thirty
minutes and thirty seconds.

Twentyfive% of couples over seventyfive still sexually

Women who have been to university
are more likely to engage in anal sex.

The amount of wet dreams a man is
likely to have increases in line with the
number of years spent in formal education
(which very much includes university I'm
sure you'll be glad to know).

Eighty% of men living in the USA have been
circumcised. Less than twenty% in the UK have

Besides humans, bonobo chimps and
dolphins are the only animals that have sex
for pleasure.

Telling a convincing lie to someone is
much more difficult when you find them
sexually attractive.

What do humans, fish and porpoises
have in common? They all have oral sex.

Seventy% of men refuse sex during their
girlfriend’s period.

Apparently on average foreplay lasts eleven
to thirteen minutes.

Orgasms are a great way to relieve
period pains.

Seventy% of men in relationships always
have an orgasm with their partner whilst
only twnetynine% of women do.

In Imperial China, eunuchs held many of
the top positions. These men kept their
genitals in a jar on a high shelf to symbolise
their rise to the upper ranks.

A woman has twice as many nerve
endings on her clitoris than men have on
their whole penis.

Believe it or not, people are on average
hornier during periods of their life where
they are having more sex.

Ninety four% of men say they masturbate, while
eighty% of women say they do.

A quarter of penises are slightly bent
when erect.

Under half of men think their penis is
too small whereas eightyfive% of women are very
satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

Weight loss increases the size of a
man's penis. For every thirtyfive pounds of fat lost... Read More

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