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Intense Commute

January 13, 2018 (4 months ago)
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My first time to ride a bus alone here in Vietnam, going back home the bus was full so I dont have a choice but to stand and still it was so tight inside.

I notice this young girl around 18yo sitting next to the seat where i was standing I can see her cleavage showing and i cant help it but to have a hard on, my penis is pressing against her elbow and may pants start to get tight as well... and not just that I can sense that she wants to feel me deeply by putting extra force as my penis is twitching inside my pants...

my legs are shaking at that moment and my heart beats fast with fear and excitement... she's young and pretty much doable on her size but I tried to calm my self but I cant, i was really on the peak of my lust on that moment even her mom was sitting on the rear subsequent seat ...I can see the girls sweat running from her face to her neck up to her cleavage... it was indeed a really... Read More

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