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December 5, 2013 (4 years ago)
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One morning i never recieved a text from her. When i arrived at the office, i check if she's online, i didnt find her. I asks our fellow chatters if they saw her and they said no. When i tried to call her a man's voice answered the phone asking who am i. I put down the phone and wait if he/she would call. Days past i never recieved a reply or text from her. Im beginning to panic. So many questions in my mind needs to be answered. What happened to her? Why is she not texting me? Is it her boyfriend who answered when i called her?

One day while chatting one of her BFF PMed me. She told me that she's dying. I felt numb when she told me that. She has a leukemia stage 4. She never told me that she has that kind of medical condition. Ive learned from her BFF also the reason when she came back to chatting is to forget her illness. BFF told me also that she wants to see me and asked forgiveness.

I immediately apply for an emergency leave as soon as ive learned what hospital. At the lobby of the hospital her BFF approach me and lead me to her room. When we reached her room, i saw her lying in bed pale and thin. As i walk towards her my knees trembles. I held her hand. She slightly opened her eyes. I saw again her cute smiling face. We talk for almost an hour. I felt suddenly my tears falls in my cheeks. She wipes it and told me dont cry. She doesnt want me to be sad. She wants us to remember all the happy momemts we shared with her. But i cant help it. My tears continiuosly flowing as she sings our favorite song.

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