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Tears flowed down Kristine’s cheeks when she read the I Love you portion of the note. In fact she was already having a hard time reading the rest of the short note. After reading the note she slumped on the bed at napahagulgol na siya ng tuluyan. Gulong gulo na ang kanyang isip at sobrang bigat na ng kanyang damdamin. The fact that now she knows and confirmed that Kristian loves her not just as a cousin but as a woman did not help either. Ang daming tanong ng kanyang isipan na hindi niya kayang sagutin or ayaw niyang malaman ang kasagutan.

Kristine was like a zombie the whole day. Pilit niya mang pasayahin ang kanyang sarili para sa mga bata ay hindi pa rin maikakaila ang lungkot sa kanyang mga mata. Even the kids noticed her sorrow.

Alex: Mommy, are you okay?

Kristine: Yes baby, mommy is okay.

Angela: I wish uncle Kris comes back soon.

Me: Yeah, why baby, do you miss him already?

Angela: Yeah, we do, but I wish he is here so you can be happy and smile happily again.

And that did it for Kristine, without hiding anymore, she openly cried in front of her children. Her kids embraced her and said in Unison, “ we love you mommy, please don’t cry, what’s uncle’s Kris number? I’m gonna call him, sabi ng panganay na si Alex.

Tin: Know what? I have a better idea.

Alex: What?

Tine: Let’s fly to Manila and let’s surprise your uncle Kris, plus you are going to see your Lola Connie

Angela: For real mommy?

Tin: Yes, baby, that is why you have to go to bed now because we are flying early tomorrow

Angela and Alex: Yeheyyyy, we are going to Manila…

Kristine called her travel agent and booked a flight for 3 for Manila. Then she called Anne and requested her to cover for her patients while she is away for 3 days only. Anne inquired why the sudden trip to Manila. Kristine told Anne that she and Kris had a fight and it was her fault, without specifying the details and that She would go after Kris. Anne was very supportive and understanding and told Kristine not to worry about her patients.

Anne: Go girl, go after him, he’s quite a catch, If you won’t go after him, just tell me and I will, he he he.

Kristine: Gagah, your such a slut. He is mine and only mine. God I’m such an idiot for driving him away.

The next day, Kristine and the kids flew to Manila. They took a cab and went straight to Kris’ house in a posh village in Quezon City. Connie, Kris’ mom was totally surprised, to say the least, when she saw Kristine and the kids. Winelcome and pinapasok ni connie ang magiina. She was very delighted to see the kids who also immediately hugged her. Once inside…

Connie: Im surprised you are here, di man lang kayo nagpasabi at sana eh napasundo ko kayo sa airport.

Tin: Eh biglaan po desisyon naming tita, spur of a moment ba, eh long weekend naman so walang pasok mga bata.

Connie: Hmm, alam mo ba na si Kris ay sa Cebu pa ngayon?

Kristine: Ngayon? As in until now? Yes he was in cebu until yesterday, but I thought umuwi na siya dito..errr so wala pa dito si Kris?

Connie: Wala pa, eh 3 days daw sia duon magstay to sort out some problems, so I guess andun pa sia sa Cebu, why? Di sia nagstay sa inyo?

Kristine: He dropped by, pero hindi po sia tumuloy sa bahay, pagsisinungaling ni Kristine. (Biglang nanlumo si Kristine, ang tanga tanga nia, out of confusion, she forgot to do the most important thing, that is, to ask for Kris’ whereabouts first. She just assumed that he flew back to Manila the next day)

Connie: Anyway, I’m glad you are here, you and the kids deserve a vacation together.. Kids where do want to go, would you like lola to take you to enchanted kingdom?

Angela and Alex: yes lola please…yeheyyyyy,

Connie: I’m gonna call Kris that you are here…(Calling Kris number, walang sagot, tried again, wala pa din)…nag riring lang ayaw ako sagutin, baka busy…

Kristine: Baka nga po.., tawagan ko din po mamaya

Connie: Come on girsl let’s go to the kitchen and see if there’s some ice cream left., tin, hindi ka na iba dito sa house, just go to your usual room if gusto mo magpahinga, ako na bahala sa mga bata.

Kristine: Thanks tita

Kristine went upstairs and entered into one of the guest rooms na lagi niyang tinutulugan pag andun siya sa bahay ng tita nia. The room looked the same, big spacious, neat and very cozy, parang hindi din siya umalis ng kanyang bahay. Kristine unpacked and put her and the children’s clothes in the closet. She also changed into a more comfortable attire. She chose to wear a white sundress. Then she went downstairs and nakipagkuentuhan sa kanyang tita. They talked about many things, including how she is holding up, etc. Until it was lunch time so everyone gathered around the the table to eat lunch.

After lunch, the kids decided to go to the room and watch cartoons. Kristine on the other hand made a coffee and went to the mini garden beside the pool area. She sat on one of those steel chairs under a big Umbrella and started sipping her coffee. Then mustering all courage she dialed kris’ number. It rung several times, no answer. She tried again, still no answer, she tried 3 times more until  kris finally answered the phone na halatang nagising lang dahil sa tawag ni Kristine.

Me: Hello? Who is this please?(Throaty Voice)

Tine: Who is this ka jan, si Kristine to, kakagising mo lang? Nasaan ka ba?

Me: yawning…ha? Why do you even care where I am?

Tine: Look, don’t make this any harder for me than it already is okay? Of course, I’m worried. You left in the middle of the night without saying where you will be going, you are my cousin after all, kaya concern ako sayo of course….

Me: Ha. Ha (Laughing sarcastically) yeah you don’t have to remind me na pinsan kita, you made it clear to me the last time. Anyway, don’t worry about me, I’ m staying in some hotel and I’ll be flying home late this afternoon.

Kristine: Okay, just so you know, andito kami ngayon ng mga kids sa bahay mo.

Me: What? In Manila? Seriously?

Kristine: Yeah, seriously, we flew to manila early this morning.

Me: But why?

Kristine: I’d rather that we talk personally.

Me: Errr, okay, you did not tell mom what happened, did you?

Kristine: Tange, of course not.

Me: God, I’m so relieved. Thanks, sige I’ll be there in a couple of hours.

Kristine: Couple of hours? Kala ko maya pa flight mo?

Me: Nah, I lied. I’m actually here in Manila but just did not go home, kasi baka magtaka si mommy, so I stayed in some hotel at nagpakalasing..

Kristine: Gagah ka talaga, o sia see you here. Bye.

Me: Bye, see you.

Bumangon na ako sa kama, went to the bathroom, checked myself on the mirror. I looked like a mess. I shaved my facial hairs first, brushed my teeth and showered. Before I checked out I called up my driver and told him to pick me up from the hotel. While in the car, I got mixed emotions and I have some lingering questions. Why did tin follow me here? What does she want now? What should I do? I played out the possible scenarios in my mind, but before I arrived home, I decided to just confront Kristine head on and settle the issue between us once and for all.

It was already past 4 p.m. when I arrived home. When I entered the house, I saw mom na nasa sala at nanonood ng tv. Nagmano ako kay mom, also kissed her cheek.

Mom: Hey, alam mo ba na andito sina Kristine and her kids? And she told me na hindi ka daw sa kanila tumuloy?

Me: yeah I know mom, tin called me this afternoon and it was more convenient for me to stay at a hotel than in her house, where are they by the way?

Mom: Upstairs, in their room, maybe taking a nap.

Me: Okay, akyat din muna ako sa room ko, papahinga na din muna ako, just wake me up pag dinner na okay? Love u mom

Mom: Okay sweety, love you too. By the way how’s your trip, solve na problema?

Me: Trip was good mom, problem is taken care of.

Dinner time came and when the kids saw me, they screamed in delight, I hugged and carry them both to their seats. Kristine and I were sitting opposite each other. It was basically mom who did most of the talking, I was simply agreeing or nodding, while Kristine was butting in from time to time but there was really no direct conversation between us. After dinner, the kids and their lola watch some fairy tale show, while I retreated to my study room. At about 9 p.m. I heard a knock on the door, it was mom and Kristine.

Mom: Kristian iho, I am going out tonight, alam mo na mahjong night namin ngayon with my friends (every Friday night, mom plays mahjong with her friends, they take turns kung sino host. Tonight the host is mom’s friend who lives in Makati.

Me: Okay mom, just take care allright?

Mom: Of course sweety. In the meantime, because I will be gone, it’s your turn to entertain our guest.

Me: I looked at Kristine, okay, I think I can handle it…

Kristine: I have no plans for tonight tita don’t worry, so ill not cause trouble to kristian.

Mom: shushhh, you are no trouble to my son… you two used to be so close, it’s about time you spend some quality time together at magbonding ulit.

Me: Geezz mom, okay okay, I’ll think of something to make Kristine busy, he he

Kristine: Bye tita, good luck and take care..

When mom left, naging awkward na naman ang sitwasyon namin ni Kristine.

Me: So..

Kristine: So…

Me:  We need to talk.

Kristine: I guess we do, the kids are already asleep

Me: Let’s go to the bar, I guess we need some help from the alcohol. At least I do

Kristine: Yeah, the bar is good. I could also use some alcohol.

I prepared me my favorite whiskey, filled almost half of my glass, while tin requested just for wine. We were silently sipping our drinks, few minutes passed and still no words were spoken between us. I was nervous like hell, my tongue seemed tied and I had butterflies in my stomach. I glanced at tin once in a while, She was just staring blankly ahead too. I gulped my drinks and poured another.

Kristine: About what happened last night…

(But before Kristine finished her sentence, I don’t know what came over me, maybe out of despair, shame and frustration, I stood from my chair, went over to tin’s and I knelt before her… I was suddenly crying, my forehead to her knees and my shoulders were shaking.

In between sobs, I managed to utter some words.

Me: I’m so sorry tin, I know I hurt you. I took advantage of you and almost violated you. But I cannot keep my feelings for you to myself anymore. I love you so much tin and I have been in love since we were kids. I have tried so hard to suppress my feelings for you but I cannot shake you off from my heart. I evaded you when you caught me masturbating in my room when we were kids, not only because you caught me masturbating, I evaded you because it was out of shame, you actually caught me masturbating while fantasizing about you. And it was wrong then and it is still wrong now, but I cannot help myself to be in love with you. I was pushed to the edge of my perversion last night. While we were dancing, I just felt that my feelings for you could not be possibly wrong. How could loving somebody wholeheartedly be wrong even if it is your first cousin. While I was holding you close in my arms, all the suppressed feelings I have for you just suddenly came rushing back. Don’t you see, you are the reason why I stayed single up to this time.  I kept comparing all my girlfriends with you and none of them can hold a candle to you. I’m sorry tin, don’t hate me but I really love you so much and I love your little angels too..

(When I looked up and met Kristine’s eyes, she was also crying, she was combing my hair, then she stood up from her chair and also kneeled in front of me. She held my chin and looked me straight in the eyes

Kristine: Shushhhh, I already heard what I needed to hear. I love you too Kris. I loved you too since we were kids. I wish I had not chanced on you in that awkward situation because it broke my heart when you were slowly drifting away from me and I knew that it was because of that damn incident. So I also tried to shake you off my system, consoling myself that we could not be together anyway. Then I found my husband, I fell in love with him and I have forgotten about you. Even when he died, I said to myself that I will no longer love another man again. But then you arrived the other day. When I saw you, I got infatuated again. And I saw how the girls love you and how you showed how you love them, I realized that I still love you, but I was afraid na nakikita ko lang sayo ang husband ko. But while we were in the bar, while you were holding me at the dance floor, I felt love again. I was lost in a moment that was why I kissed you. Yes, It was me who kissed you first. Finally, nung umuwi tayo and while we were fooling around at the billiards table, I was really turned on and wanted you also to take me right there and then. But I thought that you might not really be loving me and it was just lust for you so I chickened out. I was afraid that you were going to leave me also because of our blood relationship and what we will be having will not last anyway. I was afraid. I cannot lose you again, I cannot lose another man in my life and I might not be able to recover from it. But now I know that you really love me and I will no longer deny my feelings for you too. I love you Kris, and if you really want us to be together, please tell me that you are willing to take the risk of being ostracized by our families and friends. Please tell me that you are willing to jump into the abyss with me or we will just forget each other again while we still can…

Me: I’m more than willing to jump into the unknown with you tin, and I don’t care what our families or friends will say or do, for as long as we’re together..I love you tin, and I promise you that you will be the last woman that I will ever love.

(Then tin kissed me gently at first, until we were kissing each other hungrily and passionately. We were kissing each other for I don’t know how long, we were groping each other, lips to lips, tongue to tongue, we exchanged bodily fluids and they were the most delectable fluid I have ever tasted. Ang bango ng hininga ni Tin, her lips were soft and her moans were like Mozart to my ears.

Kristine: Make love to me Kris, love me and take me as your woman, oh I love you so much….and she resumed kissing me..

I was about to lift her dress up when she told me..

Kristine: Not here please, make love to me properly, take me to your bed.

Who am I to refuse a request like that, so I carried Kristine like we were newly weds. I walked us to my room which was a few steps away from the bar. We were actually still kissing while walking towards my room. When we reached my room she opened the door, we entered and I kicked the door closed. I gently placed Kristine at the edge of bed, she sat, I lifted her dress, while she was also unbuckling my belt. When she was in her bra in panties, I removed my pants and shirt and I was down to my boxer briefs. Tin removed her bra before she could remove her panties I prevented her hand…I said

Me: Let me, please, I’ve been playing this out in my mind a thousand times, please let me do it for you…Tin just smiled and allowed me to take over.

I kissed Kristine again while moving ourselves into the middle of my bed. I kissed her on her forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, then down to her ears…Kristine was moaning seductively now…ohhhhhhhhh I love you Kris…I kissed her neck, nape, collar bone and then I started kissed her beautiful breasts…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Sinipsip ko ang kanyang mga naninigas na utong, palipat lipat…ohhhhhhhhhhh…Then I moved my kiss lower to her rib cage, abdomen, belly button and further down to her panty covered pussy, which was already soaking wet. Hinalikan ko muna ang pussy ni Tin thru her panty. Then sinipsip ko ang katas ni Tin thru her panty which made her squirm and moan, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hindi ko na rin matiis na hindi Makita at matikman ang mabango, basa at masarap na bulaklak ng aking pinsan na matagal ko nang inasam at pantasya, kaya dahan dahan kong ibinaba ang kanyang panty. Halos lumuwa ang aking mga mata at tumulo ang aking mga laway ng aking Makita ang p*k* ng aking pinakamamahal na pinsan. Mula sa kanyang mga malasutlang bulbol na basang basa ng kanyang katas, hanggang sa kanyang hiwa na kahit dalawang anghel na ang dumaan ay nakatikom pa din. Nang aking inangat ang aking paningin nakita kong nakatingin din si Tin sa akin na may mapupungay na mga mata. Hindi na ako nakapagpigil pa, sumubsob ako ng dahan dahan sa p*k* ni Tin at dinalaan ang kahabaan nito. Masarap ang lasa ni Tin at ang bango ng kanyang bulaklak.

Tin: Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit.. I love you Kris….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Please don’t tease me anymore, I have been so ready for you since the other day. Basang basa na at handa ang p*k* ko, angkinin mo na ako please….madami pa tayong ibang oras para kainin mo yang puki ko, sayong sayo lang yan, pero ngayon kailangan ko nang maramdaman ang t*t* mo please honnnnn…

Me: Sige hon…gusting gusto ko na din ipasok itong t*t ko sa p*k mo, I’ve been dreaming about his moment ever since I can remember, this is the fulfillment of my wildest and most romantic fantasy..

Tin held my hand in her hand, guided it towards her drenched and open pussy at ng itinutok ni Tin ang tigas na tigas ko ng sandata sa kanyang nagaanyayang lagusan ay nagsimula akong kumanyod, pag kapasok pa lang ng ulo ng aking ut*n ay sabay kaming na pa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ni Kristine.

We were looking at each other’s eyes nang bumaon ng sagad sa p*k* ni Tin ang aking matigas na ut*n.

Me: I love you very much Tin, thank you for giving yourself to me. I promise that you are the last woman I’ll ever make love with, I love you..sabay halik sa lips ni Tin..

Tin: Mahal na mahal din kita Kris, I promise that I will only be yours forever…pero tama na drama please, ayoko na umiyak, gusto ko sumigaw sa sarap…make love to me now….Fuck me dearest cousin and lover of mine…

At sinimulan ko na nga ang pag-ulos ng aking t*t* sa p*ke ni Tin…Ang sikip pa din ni Tin at ang init ng loob ng kanyang lagusan…makatapos pa lang ng ilang bayo…ay nag-iiba na ang hininga at halinghing ni tin, nagbabadya na siya ay malapit na labasan…malapit na rin akong labasan…at ako ay nananalangin na sana ay makakapagantay pa sa pagsabog ang aking alaga..

Tin: Oh honnnnnnn…. Faster please….deeper….I’m about to cum…right there…hon…sabay tayo please….I love uuuuu…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Me: Almost there tin…sige lang wag mo pipigilan..ang sarapppp tin…lalabasan na din ako…..Tin…di ko na kaya…ipuputok ko na tong tamod ko sa p*k* mo., mahal kita honnnnn…ayan na tamod ko ahhhhhhhhhh.

Tin: Ahhhhhhhh honnnn, Ang init ng tamod mo…ramdam ko ang pagsirit..shit ang sarapp.. putok mo lahat sa akin…yan….ayan na din ako…im cumminggg hon….please kiss meee..umpppppppppp

Sinaid kong lahat ng aking katas sa p*k* ni Tin. I have never been so fulfilled in my life. Di pa din ako umalis sa ibabaw ni Tin, at si manoy naman at sadyang matigas pa din, pumipintig pintig pa. I also saw the look of fulfillment and happiness in Tin’s face, a few seconds later, tears began falling down cheeks.

Tin: I love you kris, I have never been so happy in my life.

Me: I love u more hon, I’ll never be going away, that’s a promise. (And I kissed her tears away, literally.)

Tin: Whew, ang init, ang lagkit na natin, di mo pala binuhay ang aircon, he he..

Me: Eh excited eh, turning the air conditioning on was the least of my priorities kanina, he he.

Tin: What time ba uuwi si Tita?

Me: Bukas na ng umaga yun, hmmmm, bakit?

Tin: Let’s go swimming, I miss night swimming..

Me: Skinny dipping?

Tin: Tange gusto mo ba maiskandalo mga yaya at katulong niyo?

Me: Oo nga ano, he he, sige tara. (At pagbunot ko ng aking sandata, biglang umagos ang pinaghalong katas naming ni Tin mula sa kanyang pussy)

Tin: Grabe ka huh…andami mo nilabas.

Me: Kulang pa yan, madami pa niyan dito, sabay hawak ko sa balls ko.

Tin: heh, ang libog mo talaga..

Me: Di naman sayo lang..

Tin: Ah, sweet, pero dapat sa akin lang talaga yan, otherwise ooperahan ko yan at papakain ko sa mga aso…he he

Di na nagbihis si Tin, hiniram niya na lang ang towel ko and she tip toed to her room to change into her swimming attire. Ako naman pumunta lang sa cabinet, took a towel at nagsuot ng trunks. Halos sabay kaming lumabas ng room ni Tin. I whistled when I saw her, she was wearing a two piece suit.

Me: Wowaww naman talaga, you look hot Tin.

Tin: Pansin ko nga, eh nakabukol na naman yan oh…di ka pa ba nagsawa kanina, natikman mo na to ah.

Me: hinding hindi ako magsasawa sayo tin..sabay lapit at halik sa kanya ng madiin

Tin: heh… oo na.. tara ligo na tayo before you get any ideas.

While in the pool, Tin and I did some few laps first before fooling around, teasing and groping each other. I had a constant hard on and I can also see Tin’s nipples poking thru her suit like little missiles, so I know she was turned on too. Dinala ko si Tin sa isang sulok ng pool na medyo madilim at doon kami naglaplapan. Ang sarap talaga kahalikan ng taong mahal mo, kahit na malamig ang tubig ay parehong mainit ang mga balat namin ni Tin at nagiinit kami para sa isa’t isa. Nilabas ko ang suso ni Tin at aking sinupsop ng halinhinan. Samantalang ang kamay nia naman ay pilit na inaabot at hinihimas ang aking galit na alaga. Alam kong may chlorine ang tubig ng pool at hindi ito maganda para sa pussy ni Tin kapag doon ko sia mismo sa pool kakantutin. Pero naisip ko na may Jacuzzi pala dun sa isang sulok. Madilim doon at tago sa mga quarters ng mga katulong.

Me: Let’s transfer to the Jacuzzi, mas comfortable dun at maligamgam ang tubig:

Tin: Sige, tara.

When we reached the Jacuzzi, I turned it on, set the right temperature and lumusong na kami ni Tin. Libog na libog na ako sa pinsan ko kaya agad ko siyang siniil ng halik bago pa man kami lumublob. Halatang pati si Tin ay Libog na din dahil agad lumaban ng halikan sa akin. Gusto ko sanang kainin si Tin Pero masyado naman itong kitang kita pag may umusyosong kasambahay. Ngunit habang abala ang aking isipan kung paano ako makakaiskor, biglang kumibabaw sa akin si Tin, tinanggal ang aking trunks, hinawi ang crotch ng kanyang bikini, tinutok ang gabakal kung t*t* sa kanyang p*k* at inupuan, agad na bumaon ang aking tarugo dahil madulas na madulas na ang lagusan ng p*k* ni Tin. Umindayog si Tin sa aking harapan habang halinhinan kong sinisipsip ang kanyang mga utong.

Tine: Hon…halikan mo ako, para di ako umungol ng malakas. Ahhh, shittt..ang sarap ng titi mo ang tigas tigas at ang laki hon….

Me: Ang sarap mo din hon…galling mong gumiling, baon na baon titi ko…ang init ng puke mo hon…sarappp.

Ummmppp, umppppp umppppp, puro maffled moans na ang maririnig mo sa amin afterwards because we were kissing each other passionately and moaned into each other’s mouth para hindi masyado maingay. Kinakabayo na ako ni Tin, sarap na sarap ako sa pagkakabaon ng aking titi sa kanyang masabaw at mainit na puke, hanggang sa:

Tin: Hon, anjan na naman ako… ang sarap.. shit hon, Im cumming again..putukan mo ulit ako please, gusto ko sabay tayong labasan, gusto kung maramdaman ang pagsabog ng tamod mo sa puke ko hon…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Me: Malapit na din ako Tin, ang sarap sarap mo din, ang galling mong kumantot, kantutin mo pa ako hon…..ayan na hon…tanggapin mo lahat ng tamod ko…ahhhhhh shittttttt…..tang ina…hon…..i love uuuuu

Tin: Honnnn ang sarappp anf init ng tamod mo….ang dami pa din.., Im cumming too.. ahhhhh ummmmmpppppppp, sabay halik ng madiin sa akin

After a few seconds..

Tin: Wow, he he sarap…ang libog ko, tatlong taon ba naming tigang…

Me: He he, sarap nga, delikado ata ako, mukhang may ginising ako na sex maniac.

Tin: Hmmmm, ang sarap mo kasi, patay ka sa akin..kaya dapat kundisyon ka lagi…sabay halik sa akin ng banayad na punong puno ng lambing at pagmamahal.

Tin: Tara na pasok na tayo, ang lamig na

Me: Sige tara.

We went to my room, showered together she went back to her room to change into her pajams but we agreed to go to the patio afterwards para magkuwentuhan. Tin and I agreed to take things slowly, agreed that we are in love with each other but we are not going to let anyone, especially our families and friends who know that we are cousins to know about our relationship. Since our company had a project in Cebu, we agreed that I try to visit them as often as I could.

After two days, we were both sad that she had to fly home to Cebu. I promised to visit them a week after.

At doon na nga nagsimula ang bawal na pagmamahalan namin ni Tin. Mahirap dahil we can only act as lovers when we were alone or when we were with persons who have no idea that we are cousins. We were extra careful in front of our parents and in front of the kids. Dinalasan ko ang personal site visit sa Cebu project na medyo ikinagulat ng aking mga empleyado, pati na si wendy, dinahilan ko na lang na naniniguro lang ako na hindi na ulit maulit and nangyaring aksidente.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months at lalo pa naming naramdaman ni Tin ang pagmamahalan namin sa isa’t isa. Madalas naming naitatanong na bakit nga ba mali sa mata ng batas at tao ang aming pagmamahalan. Of course being a doctor, alam ni Kristine na partly because inbreeding causes birth defects. Kaya si Tin ay bumalik sa pagtitake and pills. Naisip ko din na paano naman ako, gusto ko ding magkaanak ng sarili ko kay Tin? Alam kong napakakumplikado na ng aming sitwasyon kaya hindi ko na binanggit pa kay Kristine ang pangarap kong magkaanak sa kanya.

Dahil sa dalas ng pagdalaw ko kina Tin. Mas naging close ako sa mga bata at sila din sa akin. Kung hindi mo nga alam ang sitwasyon namin aakalain mong ako ang tunay na ama ng mga bata.

Ang init naming ni Tin sa isa’t isa ay hindi rin nababawasan kahit ilang buwan na ang nakakalipas simula nang mayroong nangyari sa amin. Para kaming mga teen agers na magkadikit lang ng balat ay nag iinit agad ang pakiramdam. Marahil dalai to ng sobrang pagkamiss naming sa isa’t isa, dahil sa ilang taon din naming pagsisinungaling sa aming mga sarili.

It was a week after our encounter, when I visited her in Cebu that I was able to eat her sweet pussy. Hindi nagsishave si Tin, pero hindi naman malago ang kanyang bulbol. In fact as I have told you already, her hairs were like silk for me. Tin asked me if I want the hairs removed, but I told her no, I like her pussy as it is. When I ate Kristine out of the first time it was on her own bed. But before I dove to the prize, I first kissed and licked Kristine all over. I kissed and licked her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, sucked on her earlobes, neck, collar bone, breasts (medyo babad ako dito kunti), armpits (Yes, mga dudes erotic kaya) abdomen, thighs, knee cap, to her legs. I turned her over and kissed her nape, which made her really squirm, so nagbabad din muna ako dun, then I went to her shoulders, back, spine, down to her ass cheeks, thighs, legs and I flipped her to her back again. I grabbed her ankle, and kissed her toes and sucked on each one of them (Of course they were clean, bago pedicure, I have a foot fetish kasi), Tin was just squirming and moaning with eyes closed. Then I moved my kisses and licks up again, to her legs, and when moved closer to the prize, hayun naglalawa na, may mga marks na ng juices pati singit ni tin. Yun ang gusto ko actually mangyari. So I started lapping at her pussy juices ang sarap di ako magsasawang inumin at himurin yun ano mang oras. I run my tongue up and down tin’s slit a few times. Pinatitigas ko din dila ko at pinapasok sa butas…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, moans lang ni Tin, then I flicked her clit with my tongue, which made tin squirm and moan louder and deeper.. unnghhhhhhhhhh, honnnnn, what are you doing to me, ang sarappp naman niyan, sabi ni Tin. Then I sucked on her clit, played it with my tongue and that did it for Kristine..

Kristine: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, honnnnnnnnnn, moreeeeeeeeeee, that’s it, that’s it….Im gonna cum honn, ang sarappppp, di ko na kaya…sisigaw ako…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lambot na lambot si Tin pagkatapos, nakahiga kaming magkatabi at naghahalikan, then after a few minutes, ako naman ang niromansa ni Tin. Ginawa niya din sa akin ang ginawa ko sa kanya, literally, when she kissed and sucked on my toes (Buti na lang naglinis din ako ng paa ng mabuti) I almost came. Then Tin sucked my dick, she first licked the head, sucked the pre-cum, licked the shaft up and down then tsaka nia ako chinupa, di pa masyado marunong sa chupa si Tin, but what she lacks in experience she compensated with her enthusiasm. Then tin licked my balls, sucked on them .ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, sarap niyan tin, sabi ko….she looked at me, smiled and resumed what she was doing. Then tin bobbed up and down on my cock while playing with my balls..after a seconds.

Me: Tin…di ko na kaya…lalabasan na ako…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, iluwa mo na….puputok na talaga din… (Pero hindi tumigil si Tin sa kakachupa sa uten ko, she just looked me in the eyes intensely)

Me: Hon ayan naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shitttttttttttttt. (I came in tin’s mouth, medyo nabilaukan pa sia pero hindi nia tinaggal ang pagkasubo sa titi ko, ang daming kong nilabas pero laking gulat at tuwa ko ng matapos akong labasan, nakita kong lumunok si Tin…shit…she just swallowed my cum)

Tin: hmmmmm, it doesn’t taste so bad naman pala or mahal lang talaga kita…

Me: I love you tin, (I kissed her and I can still taste my cum in her mouth, weird but it did not gross me out)

Laging mainit ang love-making naming ni tin, dahil na rin siguro na hindi araw araw kaming nagkikita. So lagi kaming sabik sa isa’t isa everytime we saw each other. We do it in her room, my room, shower at one time muntik sa kitchen.

Then one day, dahil sa sobrang pagod namin sa pagniniig, hindi na nakuhang bumalik ni Tin sa kanyang kuwarto at nakatulog kami ng magkasiping. Pagmulat ko ng aking mga mata bigla akong nagulat dahil parang sumikip yata sa kam... Read More

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