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February 18, 2014 (4 years ago)
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(Authors Note: The title was suggested by a very dear friend because, I can’t think of one. Legal Affair daw kasi yung first story so Illegal naman daw this time. Anyway, this story is quite long and for those who seek sex scenes right away, sorry guys, this one is not for you. Unconsciously, in my over-eagerness to give you a good read, medyo nagbuild up muna ang plot ng story before dumating sa sex scene. Pero a wise man once said, the longer the foreplay the better the orgasm. I really am not a writer but I was inspired and encouraged by your generous and heartwarming comments to my first story.  But I have to give especial thanks to the person who helped me develop the plot to this story. You know who you are and how dear you are to me. I hope you all enjoy the story)

It was June 10, 2013.

Good morning, Sir. Bati sa akin ng aking Executive Assistant na si Wendy when I entered my office. Wendy has been with me for almost ten (10) years now. I hired her when she was a fresh graduate. She was dedicated to her job, a loyal employee, so last year I promoted her as my Executive Assistant to fill the vacancy left by its former occupant who I fired because of incompetence. But this story is not actually about her but about me and somebody else, na malalaman niyo rin later.

By the way I am Kristian Eduardo Alonso Dela Cruz III, a.k.a “kris”, single, 37 years old, and majority shareholder and CEO of a construction company based in Mandaluyong City. I inherited the company from my father, who died ten years back. But before you judge me that I am one lucky spoiled brat, you are wrong. I inherited the company when it was already on the brink of bankruptcy due to mismanagement by the persons whom my dad trusted while he was already too sick to manage the company. When dad died, since I and mom were the only heirs, we made it appear that mom sold her shares to me. So I became the majority and controlling stockholder. With the help of my godfather who is a damn fine lawyer, I was able to get rid of the leeches who brought my dad’s company to the ground. We unearthed their corruption and used what we discovered as leverage for them to go out of the corporation silently in exchange for our commitment not to press any charges against them.

My story began when on the date mentioned above, I was told by Wendy that one of my construction project in Cebu has a problem. Apparently, my over-eager workers dug into a major water pipe line, burst it open and now we are in deep shit, as the local government and the water company are now breathing down our neck to have the damaged pipeline repaired immediately and pay the damages we have caused. Needless to state that I am wanted on the job site to personally do some damage control and avoid any court action at masira kami sa aming principal. It was a shitty day, as you may say, dahil malaking pera na naman mawawala sa company but fortunately we are prepared for such contingencies as I was able to convince my board to set a buffer for emergencies like these. So, I had no choice but to plan my trip to Cebu.

My ever-efficient Wendy arranged everything, my ticket, my hotel and booked me for three days at some posh hotel at Lahug, Cebu.

Wendy: Sir, diba may pinsan ka based sa Cebu? Yung dumalaw sayo dito last year, si Kristine ba yun?

Me: Yeah oo nga pala, casual kong sagot…I knew that Kristine is based in Mandaue, Cebu, and I could have just actually called her up and stay at her home, but I purposely booked a hotel room instead because I have been trying to avoid her since we were teen agers after that embarrassing incident.

Let me tell you about Kristine. She is of average Filipina height at 5’2” tall, morena, about 40 years old, single mom, with two kids, wavy hair, slim, with prominent cheekbones, matangos ang ilong, medyo hawig kay Angel Aquino. Most of all though she is smart. She is a successful cardiologist by the way. And before I forget, she is my first cousin from my mom’s side.

The next day, I woke up early and had breakfast with mom, Connie. I told her about my trip to Cebu to fix some problems. But I told mom not to worry as everything is under control. My mom is very close to Kristine, she even treats her as her only daughter daw, kaya mom insisted that I should stay at Kristine’s. But I declined the offer. But mom insisted that at least I should find time to see Kristine and my pamangkins. Knowing mom, she asked me to give something to Kristine and her kids before I boarded the car. After I kissed my mom goodbye, she said something.

Mom: Kristian, please find time to meet Kristine. She misses you, you know? She even said that it seems that you have been avoiding her

Me: She talked you?

Mom: We always talk darling, she says me things she could not even tell her mom, we’re very close you know that. That’s why I got sad when she said that you were ignoring her and you were not close anymore like you used to.

Me: Geez mom, okay okay I will see her. And for the record, I was not avoiding her, yeah we were close when we were kids but ganun talaga we grew apart, it’s what you call growing old mom..then I grinned..

Mom: Okay, son, whatever you say.

Then I drove to the airport.

When I landed at Terminal II Airport, I claimed my luggage and started going out to get a cab to my hotel. But to my total surprise, cute little voices were calling my name, Uncle Kristian, uncle Kristian over here, when I looked towards the direction where the cute voices were calling, I saw my beautiful nieces, Alex (Alexandra) and Angel (Angela), I went after them and they run towards me and hugged me. I stopped down to hug back the two beautiful angels. God, I missed these two makulits. After I kissed them, I looked up and saw my ever-beautiful cousin, Kristine.

Kristine: Hi

Me: Hi too, I did not know you are going to fetch me.

Kristine: No you didn’t, but tita called me up and told me you were coming, and since I do not have anything to do and the kids are not at school, we decided to surprise and fetch you. And she embraced and kissed me on the cheek.

I smelled Kristine’s perfume, God she smelled good. She was sporting a jeans and white shirt. She looked damn hot.

Me: You shouldn’t have bothered tin, kakahiya naman. Then I looked around.

Kristine: You are no bother cousin dearest, unless may susundo sayong iba? Sabay tingin sa kung saan ako tumitingin. I saw a sudden change in Kristine’s expression parang medyo nalungkot.

Kristine: shit I forgot, may girfriend ka nga pala dito. What’s her name, ah Pauline, that’s her name, is she going to fetch u?

Me: Ngek, wala ako sundo, wala na kami ni Pauline, at pano mo naman nalaman about Pauline? I get it, mom?

Ngumiti lang si Kristine…

Me: Let’s go then, where’s your car? Since sinundo mo ako, lubusin mo na,

(I told Kristine, kids come here, tell your mom to pull my luggage, and I picked my nieces up, each one to my sife, damn ang bibigat na pala nila…The kids giggled at nagappear pa while I was carrying them..)

Alex: I miss you uncle kris,

Angele: Me too, sabat naman ng bunso (I felt so loved)

I looked back to Kristine as she was following us with my luggage in tow. She was smiling. I can see that she was very happy to see me and I realized that I am actually very happy too that she and the kids fetched me.

While in the car, Kristine sat on the front, while I and the kids sat on the middle seat. I told the driver my hotel and we moved forward.

When the kids learned that I was not going to stay with them, I saw the disappointment on their faces. Kristine told them that I am not here for a vacation but I actually have to work.

Angela: You can actually stay in the house and work uncle kris, please?

Alex: Please please uncle kris?

Kristine: kids, don’t impose on you uncle, he is a busy man, he needs to stay somewhere else (I noticed the sadness in Kristine’s voice)

Me: Okay, okay, you two ladies won. Sige, I’ll stay in your home

(The kids were overjoyed and hugged me, Kristine looked at me, smiled and silently uttered thank you)

I called up Wendy and told her to cancel my hotel reservation. When we arrived at Kristine’s house, the kids were very enthusiastic in leading me to the guestroom. Kristine was just following us behind. When we arrived in the room the kids hopped on the bed and started jumping up and down.

Kristine: Kids, let’s give your uncle Kris a break, he must be tired from his flight…

Kids in unison: Okay mom

Me: Tine, I’ll just freshen myself up and I have to go to the site right away to see the extent of the damage personally.

Kristine: Sure Kris. You can take one of the cars, ikaw na mamili, but I suggest you take the Explorer. It suits you more.

Me: Thanks, tine.

Kristine: Saan ka pala magdidinner?

Me: Oh, don’t wait for me. I may be going home late. Remember Ken?

Kristine: yeah your best friend..

Me: yep. I think we are going out tonight, may papakilala daw sa akin, he he.

Kristine: oh…good luck then, but I again saw the very subtle hint of sadness on Tine’s face.

After freshening up, I went down and tine gave me the car key and we kissed each other on the cheek one more time. I drove towards our project site. When I arrived at the site, I gathered my engineers, asked for a report and learned that there was a mistake on the part of the foreman. I called the foreman and together with project Manager, I fired them both. I then appointed the assistant project manager to take over and make sure the rectification will be finished at the soonest possible time. I am not a mean boss, but I have to make tough decisions sometimes to shake people from mediocrity. At about 3 p.m. my phone rung and it was Ken. I took the call, we chatted for a while until he told me that we will have to resked our gimmick dahil his son is sick at baka dalahin sa hospital. I told Ken not to worry about me and that he must attend to his son first.

I actually also felt tired and so I decided to just go home to Kristine’s house. One of kristine’s yaya opened the gate for me and after parking the car I entered the house. The house was silent. I was thinking that Tine and the kids were taking a rest. I was feeling hungry, so I went to the kitchen to find myself something to eat.

But when I entered the kitchen, I was surprised with what I saw. There was my cousin Kristine, wearing a white short shorts, black shirt, hair on a pony tail, apron on the front. To say the least, her womanly curves, especially her butt, were emphasized. I only leaned on the door frame to the kitchen and was watching and ogling at Kristine. I was beginning to have a hard on. What amazed me more was how Kristine seemed to be floating on the kitchen floor, she was cooking with ease and there was something with the way she moved, that for me it was so sexy and so mesmerizing. Damn, tang-ina, hot talaga ng pinsan ko.

Then I was awakened in my daydreaming when Tine said:

Tine: Hey, kanina ka pa ba jan?

Me: Err… no bago lang, I thought nagpapahinga kayo kaya dumeretso ako dito sa kitchen para maghanap ng matsitsibug sana, he he, gutom ako, di pa pala ako nakapaglunch.

Tine: Sure ka bago ka lang? Mukhang kanina ka pa jan sa may pinto at mukhang busy ka kakapanood sa kung saan.sabay ngiti… (Caught..wala akong maisagot at nagblush pa ako)

Tine: He he he, your cuter when ur blushing cuz (sabay kiss sa cheek ko, I smelled her cologne and it didn’t help dahil biglang kumislot si manoy ko)..

Tine: Anyway take a sit, and Ill prepare you some merienda, tamang tama Im cooking lasagna for the kids..By the way, I thought mamayang gabi ka pa uuwi?

Me: Yun nga pala, ken called me up nagrain check, may sakit daw anak, so I hope you can still spare extra plate for me for dinner?

Tine: Of course naman cuz, I’m actually glad you will be having dinner with us, the kids will be especially happy..

And then the two angels came to the kitchen and when they saw me they gave me a hug and kiss. I lifted both of them and placed them on the chairs at the table. Me and the kids ate, chatted up a little, I asked them about their school, Tine on the other hand also joined us in the table, but she was not eating, she was watching her diet daw, she was just looking at us with a happy smile on her face.

After the merienda, I retreated to my room and rested for a while. I did not know how long I slept until I heard a sweet voice waking me up and when I opened my eyes, I was never disappointed to see my beautiful cousin sitting on the edge of the bed and was waking me up.

Tine: Hey, di na sana kita gigisingin kasi mukhang pagod ka, but I remember na hindi ka naglunch kanina at nagmerienda ka lang, kaya baka gutom ka, so I woke you up..its already 7 p.m.

Me: No, its alright thanks, I guess I was really tired. Thanks tine, I’ll be down in a sec, hilamos lang ako..(sabay alis ng kumot na nakabalot sa akin only to realize that I made a blunder, dahil si manoy ay naka attention at makasiwang pa ang ulo sa butas ng boxers ko..)

Ang mas nakakahiya pa nun, nung pagtanggal ko ng kumot ay napatingin si tine sa may ibaba ko kaya hayun hagip na hagip ng kanyang mga mata si manoy na nakasungaw sa butas ng aking boxer shorts. Pareho kaming nag blush ni tine, para mawala ang tension, umupo ako na patalikod sa kanya at bumaba sa kama, tumayo, at pasimpleng binalik si manoy sa loob ng shorts at lumakad papuntang banyo…

Me: Errr…I’m sorry tine, it was never intentional.

Tine: I’m sorry too, I should not have looked. (Sabay tayo at lumakad palabas ng kuarto), pero bago lumabas ay sabi ni tine…Don’t worry it’s not that it was the first time I have seen it, and from the last time I saw it seems like there was a big improvement..hi hi hi

Me: Kristina….pati ba naman yun papaalala mo pa..I’m already too ashamed now, tapos papaalala mo pa nangyari when we were kids…you are a mean woman…I was blushing again..

Tine: Hi hi hi, don’t worry cuz, I’m just messing with you, you look really cute when your blushing…see you in five, we’ll wait for you at the table.

Dinner was lively, the girls were sharing with me their school experiences, and they tease each other about their crushes which brought out some good laugh from me and tine. Tine asked me about how I was doing, she asked about my mom, business etc. I also asked her almost the same thing. After dinner, we watched some news, tine and I were seated across each on the single sofa, while the kids played with their toys on the carpeted floor between us. At 8:30, Tin announced that it’s the kids bedtime already and asked them to prepare for bed:

Alex: Mom, will it be allright if uncle kris tucks us into bed?

Tine: I don’t know, you ask him? I am not even sure if he knows how to do it…(Sabay tingin sa akin na nakangisi)

Angela: Will you please please tuck us into bed uncle kris?

Me: Of course, it will be my pleasure, and for your mom’s information I do know how to do it and guess what?

Alex: What, uncle cris?

Me: I will even read one story for you

Alex and Angela: Yeheyyyyyyyy

The kids’ bed was large enough to accommodate me so I positioned myself between the girls, the girls are lying down while I was sitting with my back to the board. Tine on the other hand pulled a chair and positioned herself at the door. While reading, I was glancing at tine once in a while and I saw that there were tears forming in the corner of her eyes pero mukhang pilit niya itong pinipigilan. I became worried about tine.

When the story was finished, I tucked the kids in their bed and kissed them goodnight. Tine also kissed her kids goodnight.

When we were already outside the girls’ bedroom, tine surprised me when she kissed me on the lips. Mabilis lang naman ang paghalik niya halos parang smack lang pero sobrang kakaibang kilig at sarap ang aking naramdaman. Then tine said:

Tine: thanks cuz, that was very sweet of you.

Me: Don’t mention it, I do love the girls very much you know that..

Tine: Yes, I know and they know that too, that is why they missed you so much too…

Me: Hmmmm, so mga bata lang nakakamiss sa akin? Eh ang mommy nila?

Tine: tseh, he he, of course I miss you too, (sabay halik sa cheek ko at yakap sa akin si tine. I embraced tine too, her body seemed to have perfectly fitted into mine, we stayed like that for a few seconds, I was savoring the moment. I feel love from tine and It seems I was embracing her lovingly too, as she seemed to have likened my embrace too. I felt I was in love with tine. It was no cousin love, but I felt something, which I have never felt with all the other woman whom I had a relationship with.

Then, to my disappointment, tine broke our embrace, looked me in the eyes, and said…

Tine: I don’t want to sleep yet, It’s still too early and I have no clinic or hospital duties tomorrow, tara samahan moko, gusto ko uminom.

Me: San, labas tayo?

Tine: Hmmm, bakit nga ba hindi, the kids are already asleep, so you wanna go out with me cuz?

Me: Anytime of the day and night cuz, tara bihis na tayo sayang ang oras.

I wore a printed long sleeves and jeans, and my jaw almost dropped when tine came out of her room. She was wearing a pink flowered long sleeves which was almost see through kaya naaninag mo na ang kanyang black bra. She matched her shirt with lack jeans and most of all a 3” pointed heels shoes. Damn, she looked hot, I had an instant hard on.

Me: Huwaww, angel Aquino ikaw ba yan? He he…you looked Hot cuz…

Tine: heh, angel Aquino ka jan, wag ka nga ganyan, hindi ba maganda suot ko? I can’t even remember the last time I wore something like these, then she pouted..

Me: Geeez, tine, you look absolutely fantastic, I wasn’t kidding when I told you were hot, mapapatrabaho ako mamaya niyan kakaguardiya sayo…

Tine: (With broad smile on her face) She took my arms and we headed towards the door to the garage.

Tine gave me the key to her new accord and guided me where to go. We arrived at some bar just a few minutes away from her home. Since it was a Friday, the bar was crowded, luckily we still managed to find a table. Then, after settling down, a woman came to our table and called Tin’s name. Apparently, she was a friend of Tin, nagbeso-beso sila and the woman looked at my direction..

Tine: Oh, im sorry, Anne I’d like you to meet kris..kris..anne:

Me: Pleasure to meet you anne (I stood up and kissed her on the cheek)

Anne: Pleasure to meet you too, kris..Hmmmm ikaw pala ang mystery guy na tinatago sa amin ng babaeng to huh…sabay tingin kay Tine. I immediately blushed and tin was about to say something but I interrupted her…

Me: Ako ba yun? He he…

Anne: Listen, our table is over there, medyo maluwang pa., now if you two lovebirds would like to join us mas Masaya..sige na Kristine, para makilala din ng ibang friends natin si kris. (Tine looked at me as if the decision was up to me)

Me: We would love to join your table Anne and meet tine’s other friends.

While walking towards Anne’s table, Kristine held on to my arms and whispered..

Tine: Cuz..Anne thinks that we are in a relationship, kasi may sinabi ako sa kanya dati na I’m seeing someone but we are taking it slow..kaya yun matagal na intriga yan kung sino daw mystery guy ko..

Me: Hmmmmm, meron ka nga bang mystery guy?

Tine: Ano ka ba wala noh, I just made it up para tumigil na sila kakareto sa akin.

Me: Okay, I wouldn’t mind playing along. In fact I’ll think It will be fun if I act to be your mystery guy tonight ( sabay ngiti kay tine), ikaw will it bother you?

Tine: No it will not, thanks cuz. I owe you one..sabay halik sa cheek ko.

At Anne’s table, Tine said hi to all her friends. She introduced me to them as plain Kris, I made beso beso to the girls and shook the hands of the males. Then the party started…we ordered drinks for everyone and food para pulutan. Tine and I played our acts. Nakaangkla sia lagi sa braso ko most of the time. Ako naman, I was also touchy to her. Hinawakan ko kamay nia o paminsan naman ay nakaakbay ako sa kanya. Then at some point, nagpaalam si tine na pumunta sa CR. I also stood up para sana samahan sia pero she told me to stay at sabay turo sa CR, malapit lang naman sabi nia. So I was suddenly alone with tine’s friends. The moment tine entered the CR, Anne started asking questions with the others listening intently na parang curious na curious..

Anne: Matagal ka kayo ni Kristine?

Me: Actually, hindi pa, bago pa lang, have known each other since we were kids but we dated only recently. We took it slowly, dahil alam nio naman pinagdaanan ni tine, until one day we realized that we are ready to take our relationship to the next level..

Anne: (With almost a teary eyed) we are very happy for you kris, especially for Tine. She is such a sweetheart and she deserves to be happy again. Please don’t hurt her.

Me: I’ll never hurt tin. I love her so much. I love her with my own life.

Anne: Thanks kris, alam mo pansin nga namin na mahal na mahal ka din ni tin. Halatang halata with the way she looks at you and with the way she holds you. You are a very cute couple.

Then tine arrived..

Tine: Hoy bruha (referring to Anne) what did you do to my honey while I was gone. Hinotseat mo anoh? (Sabay ngiti)

Anne: Don’t worry your lover here was a good sport and he did pretty well, sabay kindat sa akin at nagtawanan lahat. Anyway, sayang ang music kung pakikinggan lang natin, let’s dance..

Everyone left the table and joined the swarm of people on the dancefloor. Buti na lang may naalala pa ko kunting moves, he he. We danced on the floor as a group and sometimes as a couple and then, the music changed from hiphop to slow song. Everyone grabbed their partner, including Anne, so para hindi awkward at mahalata, I also grabbed tin’s waist and held her closer to me. She looked at me in the eyes, they were the most beautiful and loving eyes I have ever seen. Then she put her arms around my neck and we started swaying together to the slow song. Then, I held tine closer. While I was taller, the 3 inches heels of tin’s shoes made us almost of the same height. So when I embraced tine closer, we were dancing with each other cheek to cheek.

Nasasamyo ko ang bango ng perfume ni Tin. Nararamdaman ko din ang kanyang mainit na hininga malapit sa aking tenga na nagbibigay ng kakaibang sensasyon sa aking katawan. Nang mga oras na iyon, para bang biglang naging ultra sensitive ang aking mga senses. Ramdam at dama ko and lambot ng katawan ni tin, ang kanyang bangong halos nakalalasing, ang kanyang balat at hiningang nakakadarang.

Tine: Thanks ha?

Me: Saan?

Tine: For being so sweet to my kids and for pretending to be my boyfriend tonight.

Me: Naku, wala yun, kahit araw araw ganito puedeng puede sa akin.

Tine: I miss this, being held like this..

Me: I can hold you like this anytime if you want..

Tine looked me in the eyes, I met her gaze, at para bang may kung anong puersa na parehong nagtulak sa amin. Naramdaman ko na lang na nakalapat na ang aking mga labi sa labi ni Tin. Yun na ang pinakamalambot at pinakamasarap na labi na aking nahalikan. Binuka ni Tin ang kanyang mga labi at para akong dinuduyan ng magsimula kaming maghalikan. Ang mundo ko ay parang tumigil sa pag-inog. Walang kasing sarap ang nectar na nanggagaling sa mga bibig ni tin. Nakapikit ang aking mga mata habang ninanamnan ko ang aming masuyong halikan, di ko alintana na kami pala ay nasa gitna ng dance floor at napapalibutan ng madaming tao. Doon ko napagtanto na Mahal ko ang aking pinsan. Ang aking nararamdaman para sa kanya ay hindi lamang dahil sa tawag ng laman ngunit ito na marahil ang tawag ng pag-ibig na pilit kong hinahanap sa bawat babaeng aking nakakarelasyon. Hindi ko alam kung gaano katagal kaming naghahalikan ni Tin pero nung iminulat ko ang aking mga mata, na halos sabay din sa pagmulat ng mga mata ni Tin, at ng magkahiwalay ang aming mga labi, agad naming napansin na kami na lang pala ang nasa dance floor at wala nang tugtog ng musika..biglang umalingawngaw ang boses ng DJ sa soundsystem..

DJ: Wow, that’s what you call love people, let’s hear it for the two lovebirds…(And the room was filled with applause and whistles)

Both Tin and I were blushing, Tin even had to hide her face to my chest. I felt proud pero na conscious din ako bigla, but I smiled to the crowd and we walked back to our table.

Pagdating sa table, hagikgikan mga kasama namin. Ayos pre, sabat ng isang kasama naming lalaki, ang isa naman ay tinapik ako sa balikat ang isa naman ay kinamayan ako. Si tine naman, nagbablush pa din, Good job girl, I’ve never been so proud and happy for you..sabi naman ni Anne sabay yakap kay Tin. Thereafter, everyone enjoyed the night, we guys drunk some more booze, the girls naman alalay lang sa kanilang mga wines. Then at about 1 a.m., it was time for everyone to call it a night. We said our goodbyes, exchanged phone numbers and we proceeded to our respective cars.

We drove silently, parang biglang naging awkward, neither of us wanted to open up any conversation. I was afraid that Tin regretted what happened as it will crush my heart. I wasn’t sure what Tin was thinking only to find out later that she was more afraid than I was. We arrived home without a single word having been spoken by either of us.

When we entered the house, I was the one who broke the ice.

Me: It was a fun night. I really enjoyed it.

Tin: Yeah, it was fun for me too (but she could not look me in the eyes)

Me: I’m not tired and sleepy yet, do you have anymore booze? Di ko makakatulog nito bitin eh.

Tin: Yeah, may mga wines ako jan.

Me: Kaw, ayaw mo na uminom?

Tin: No, ok na ako.

Me: Di ba sabi mo, you owe me one? Eh pano kung sisingilin ko na now..tara samahan mo ko uminom pa kunti, sabay ngiti sa kanya.

Tin: Ang aga namang singilan yan…pero sige na nga, I guess I really owed you one for tonight.

Tin: Gusto mo maglaro ng billiards? Tara billiards tayo habang umiinom, tagal ko na din di nakakalaro nun.

Me: Nga pala noh, may pool table kayo sa basement, tara sige, tapos pustahan tayo

Tin: Ay, ayoko pustahan na yan,  baka kung anu ano pusta mo, hi hi hi.

Me: Kaw naman, di naman strip pool laro natin, nya ha ha.

Tin: heh, o sia, prepare mo na table, while I’ll get some wine and glasses.

The basement appeared to be maintained and cleaned well. Spacious, may gym equipment, billiard table, chairs and sofa. Tin and I played some rounds, we played 10 balls para mas madali. I immediately noticed that tin was not really good at playing pool, minsan daplis pa tama nia sa pamato. But I did not really care. Dahil pag tumitira  sia eh kita ko cleavage nia at pati na nga cups ng kanyang black bra. Napansin ko na bukas ang upper two buttons ng shirt ni Tin, pero di ko na yun nilagyan pa ng kahulugan. My cock was already at half-mast habang naglalaro kami, kanina pa actually yun ganun simula pa sa bar. Then tin said:

Tin: Ano ba naman to, di na ako marunong maglaro, ano ba mali sa ginagawa ko?

Me: Hindi kasi tama pag hawak mo ng cue stick.

Tin: (Tried to take a shot…daplis, another one, binago hawak sa stick, daplis pa din) waaaaa, pano ba?

Me: Sandali lang (I took a sip on my wine) and lumapit kay tin.

I positioned myself behind tin, at tinuruan ko sia pano hawakan ng maayos ang tako. While doing this, ang lower part ko ay naturally lalapat sa bandang puwitan din ni tin. Bigla ako naconscious dahil nga matigas na ito, baka mahalata nia at maoffend. But I had no choice, talagang lalapat eh, bahala na. Alam kong ramdam ni Tin ang bukol ko sa aking pantalon pero hindi sia nagrereact, in fact paminsan ramdam ko na parang her bum was also applying some pressure on my hard on.

After a few tries, I cannot help myself but smell Tin’s fragrance. Napalapit ang face ko sa bandang ears nia. And when I exhaled, naramdaman siguro ni Tin ang mainit kong hininga, bigla siyang naging stiff, pumikit at nag exhale ng medyo malakas sa ordinary. Di na ako nakatiis, libog na libog na ako, nanginginig na actually ako sa libog. Nangahas na akong halikan ng tuluyan ang puno ng tenga ni Tin…

Tin: ahhhhhhh, Kris what are you doing…

Pero wala akong narining pinagpatuloy ko lang ang paghalik sa leeg ng pinsan ko, ang bango bango ni Tin…I even nibbled on the earlobe of tin, which made her moan all the more. I kissed her neck again, na paminsan ay may kasamang dila then I put her hair aside and sinimulan kong halikan ang batok ni tin…

Tin: Ohhhhhhh, shit…kris, please don’t……stop…..this is wrong…ahhhhh

But I continued kissing Tin’s nape na mukhang pinagtataguan ng kanyang kiliti. Mas pinagbuti ko pa ang paghalik sa kanyang nape, na paminsan minsan ay aking binubugahan ng aking mainit na hininga… puro ungol at daing na lang ang maririnig mo kay Tin..

Sa tindi ng libog at pagmamahal na nararamdaman k okay Tin ng mga oras na iyon, din a ako nakatiis, I looked for the button of her jeans and when I found it I opened it. I was about to pull her jeans down when she firmly grabbed my hands, turned around and slapped me hard on the face. Then she was crying, while covering her face. I on the other hand was holding my cheek. It was painful, but it was nothing as compared to the pain that I have felt in my heart. Shit, what did I just do, I uttered to myself. I have just ruined my relationship with my cousin. I have just lost the woman who I have just r... Read More

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