I'll Wait For Time

May 15, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Lying Here On My Bed

Reminiscing What's In My Head

Then Suddenly I Thought Of You

All Of The Sudden I Felt Blue

I Need To Know The Reason Why

You Left Me And Said Goodbye

Now I Long For Your Presence

So That My Life Will Made Sense

'Cause When You Are Not Here With Me

My Life Is So Dull And Empty

But When You're Here You Make Me See

How Happy My Life Could Be

And Even though We Are Apart

Nobody Will Be In My Heart

The Reason Is I Still Love You

And The Feelings I Have Is True

If Your Heart Is Full Of Doubt

Of My Love And What It's All About

So Come To Me And I'll Make You Feel

That The Love I Have For You Is Real

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