If you DARE, Are you strong enough to hold your WORDS?

November 30, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happens to me long time ago i just wanna share lang and know your opinion about it.

It started with a simple hi and hello. We exchange jokes, share some ideas and opinions. Its been our routine to chat on the mainroom. Then after several weeks i tried to send a private message to her. im hesitant to message her since she told in the main room that shes not answering private messages. But she answered it and that started our private messages whenever we are online. In our private message we flirt with each other. When i learned her contact number i also text her everyday from morning till the wee hours of the night. That started the exchanging of flirt messages with each other. In her text she will never miss to ask if i can still pleasure a girl despite my age,She also asks me if im good bed I always said to her "IT FOR YOU TO FIND OUT." She keeps on daring me in her text and calls and i never heed to her dare. i told her that im not a good looking person. she might get disappointed. Inspite of that she still dares me of my abilities in bed. Shes so persistent to see me and know my sexual capabilities. After a couple of daring and persistent text messages andcalls, i decided to meet her and show her what i got. Before the meet up i told her that im not a good looking person and she said its ok with her its not the looks shes after but my performance. When we meet inthe mall at first shes excited but after we have eaten our food and i told her na we have to go where supposed to go she refused. She said that an emergency came up and she had to go home. i know shes disappointed of what she saw. I want to curse her, swear her of what she has done. Being a gentleman i just turn around and hurry back home. I never recieved a text or call from her.

I know some of you will think im a bitter person because of what happen.

Here is my question to the girls "WOULD YOU DARE AN OLDER MALE CH... Read More

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