If We Ever Meet Again - Part 3

October 19, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Originally written by myself some two years ago. Repost from another site under a different user name.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

It was almost 11:30pm when I finished showering; I wrapped myself with a bathrobe and folded my soiled clothes neatly. I was not expecting Josh to be there. In fact, I wished for him to leave while I was taking a shower; yet he was still there. Our eyes met, and I faked a smile on him. I went over to the dresser to get clean undies and a tank top. I went inside the bathroom to put on my stuff and wrapped myself with bathrobe again.

I grabbed the pack of cigars on my side table. I took one stick, tapped it on my lighter and then I flicked it for a light. I opened the veranda and stood there while I puffed my cigar. I finished it in less than 5 minutes and then I lighted one more. "You can’t stay here for tonight." I told Josh with a shaky voice. “Why not?” he asked. “Because I don’t want you to. I don’t want to fucking see you!” I said irritably. "I'd like to stay here with you, just for one night -- ” I did not wait for him to finish his sentence. "Stop patronizing me." I said after I puffed my cigar.

Josh joined me in the veranda. I kept on puffing my cigarette, while I stared into nowhere. Flickers of distant lights made me bleary-eyed. I forgot how tiring my day has been and now I’m spent. I turned sideways to face Josh. He looked at me like as if nothing happened. “You should leave now. Just---” Josh kissed me again but I pushed him away “No! Just leave!” I shouted at him, trying to fight back the tears. But instead of turning away, he moved closer to me and hugged me. He hugged me tight and whispered “I just missed you so much” and gave me butterfly kisses on my neck. “Fuck you very much.” I whispered back and pushed him away.

Too tired to argue, I headed to the bed and asked Josh "Shall we go to sleep then?" It was very awkward having Josh lying there right beside me. He's so near yet so far. I could have wanted to do something else but my body was dead tired, my mind was scattered with unnecessary thoughts, my heart was in pain and my body was in heat. All of these were enough to drain all the energy that's left of me. Looking at the intricate attic, I spoke weakly "Tell me a story, but please don't wake me up if I fall asleep." I told Josh. And he started sharing some of the happenings in his life. Last that I can remember was that we were lying on our side facing each other and I saw his face, he's smiling at me while he was animatedly telling some story that does not register on my mind as I went into deep slumber.

I was awoken by the alarm of my phone. It was 4am and Josh was still there on my bed, his right hand on my chest. Damn! Did he do something to me while I was asleep? I moved his hand away from me as I quietly get up, grabbled the laptop from the side table and sat down on the sofa. I turned my laptop on and stared blankly into the screen while I light a cigar. My eyes shifted alternately between Josh and my screen.

"How could I ever possibly have a man sleeping on my bed and yet he has his clothes on? How did I survive the night without having sex with him? Impossible!" My thoughts were distracted when I saw Josh stir while he tried to locate me on the bed. When he realized that I was not there, he opened his eyes, scanned the room and saw me sitting on the sofa.

He stood up and walked towards me. He knelt in font of me and rested his head on my knees, just behind the laptop. I could not see him, but I could feel him gently rubbing my knees as he spoke "I remember those days that you were too lazy to work and you just sat there in your office and chatted with me the whole day. Now, you have become too workaholic, it's not good for your health you know?" Josh grabbed my hand and held it for a while. “Hm. Yeah, that was before. A lot of things have changed. " I said. He squeezed my hand, stood up and pulled me. "Come back to bed…"

“Nah, I just remembered that I need to do something.” I grabbed my hand and started typing something – random letters on my keyboard. He walked towards the bed and sat on the side facing me. He watched me pretend to be busy, but in fact I don’t know what exactly I’m doing with my keyboard. He stretched out his right hand and said with a tone of begging, "If you please, Ms. Andrea..."  

I put my laptop on the sofa and walked towards Josh. When I was near enough, I stood in between his legs. One more step closer and his face will touch my breasts. "I smelled of smoke and cigar. You don't want this kind of smell, right?" I whispered to him but he did not say a thing. He wrapped his arms on my waist and pulled me closer to him. "Are you teasing me now and then you will leave me hanging later on?" I pulled back but he didn’t let go. He buried his head between my breasts while his hands travelled down to my hips and butt. His other hand untied my robe, which revealed my tank top and my undies. He looked up at me and I stared at him, waiting for him to do his next move. He started sending butterfly kisses to my navel, and then he flicked his tongue to tease it. I kept myself composed even though I was fighting the urge to give in.

He stood up and removed my robe; I heard the scuffing noise as it dropped on the floor. He kissed me and his tongue explored my mouth aggressively. I didn’t know what to do. His sudden advances surprised me; my mind got confused. “Should I keep my composure or should I give in and reciprocate back?” I thought, but before my mind could process the answer to my questions, my body responded so quickly. I took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. He was left with only his boxers and I felt his hard-on. Josh started playing with my nipples with his tongue and lips. I still have my tank top on but I could feel his warm breath on my skin. I let out a soft moan. Damn! How I wanted this so bad!

He laid me on the bed and removed my tank top. His hands trailed down my stomach, lower and lower it goes as it reached the most sensitive part of my body. He leaned down and kissed my ear and whispered, "Like what I have always imagined. Shaved." He started playing with my clit as I let out soft, lustful moans. He sucked on my nipples, one after the other. He gently bites and pulled it with his lips, leaving me wanting for more.

He began to move his lips from my breasts down to my navel. He left traces of hot breath as he went further down. He buried his face on my mound for a few seconds; I slightly opened my legs in anticipation. He turned to lightly nibble my thighs, one after the other. I breathed heavily and moaned softly as I bit my lips when I felt his tongue on my clitoris. He gently flicked on it with the tip of his tongue. I moved my hips to match the rhythm of his tongue as it circles my clit. He inserted his middle finger inside me and teased me some more. "You are so wet, so wet my dear" his voice soothing yet full of lust. It aroused me some more. He removed his fingers inside me and used it to tease my clit as his tongue played with my pussy. “Ooohh Damn!” I pulled his hair and I shouted as I cum.

I sat down and pulled Josh for a kiss. I want to taste my juices on his lips. I pulled down his boxers and it revealed his hardened cock, which I suddenly grabbed tease fully. I moved my hand on up and down his shaft as I moved my face closer to it. I started to suck on his cock while my hands played with his balls gently. I flicked my tongue so I can tease the tip of his cock. I then sucked on his balls while my hand slid up and down his length.

"Fuck me now…" I looked at Josh, but he did not move. "Make love to me, Josh..." And with a swift move, he pinned me against the bed and positioned himself between my legs. I opened my legs wide enough for his cock to penetrate my pussy. He teased my clit with the tip of his cock. He gently inserted the tip of his cock inside me while he slowly thrusts, his thumb circling my clit. "Fuck. Me. NOW!" I groaned as he teased my pussy slowly. I was overwhelmed by lust and every thrust that Josh made sent shivers to my spine and waves of pleasure to my body. I felt the need to explode again.

Josh might have sensed the reaction of my body so he thrusts faster. "I'm coming" he said. "Come inside me, please" faster and faster his thrusting goes and I felt his body stiffened and I felt his hot cum shoot inside me. Josh lay down beside me then I moved closer to him. Our skin were flushed and I could feel his sweat on my skin. We were left speechless afterwards.

Josh broke the silence and said, "Remember, I used to tell you that there's this bad side of me... Read More

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