If We Ever Meet Again - Part 2

October 18, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Originally written by me some two years ago. Repost from another site under a different user name.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

I took a few steps forward and I cannot help not to turn around. Josh was still in the same place where I left him, and he was looking at me. I turned around, waved and smiled at him then I went ahead. “What a jerk to just stand there and do nothing.” For a few minutes I wished that he would go after me, but I shoved the idea off. “Very disappointing” I murmured to myself.

It’s lunchtime and I haven’t gotten any decent food since morning. My stomach was growling and I hoped that the candidate hasn't taken his lunch yet so we can have lunch while having a discussion. I arrived at the place and Paul is sitting at the exact location where I was this morning. I could not help but smile. 

“Hi Paul nice meeting you, have you taken your lunch yet?” I said while shaking his hand. “Just finished a while ago, thanks.” He said. “That’s great! If you don’t mind, I’ll just grab a sandwich. Would you like to have a coffee then?” “Yes, please.” I ordered a sandwich and iced tea and cappuccino for Paul. We started having our discussion and like the usual, I recorded it for easier reference. It lasted for only an hour and I headed straight to Shangri-La afterwards to meet with my client. We chit chatted for about forty minutes because she was also rushing for a meeting. I went back to the hotel because I need to catch up with Ria on the task that I gave her earlier. 

3PM. I entered my hotel room and turned on my laptop. I checked the email that Ria sent to me and made a quick review on the research. She gave me a call and we discussed a few comments on her work. After that, I asked her to pass the phone to Alex so I can give updates regarding Paul. It was almost 4PM when we finished catching up. I checked my email and saw the 55 unread emails. “Kill me now!” I shouted wearily. I opened my calendar: 4:30PM discussion with Marcus, 5:30PM to call Linda for follow up, 6PM to call Penny for feedback, 6:30PM Con-call with team, 7:30 to call Pierre for follow up. “Can I just die now?” I shouted irritably. 

I went down in another cafe to have a discussion with Marcus, which lasted for nearly an hour. I returned to my hotel room right after the interview so I can go through with all my pending stuff. I felt so dead tired and my throat was a bit dry. Right after I entered the room, I locked the door, took off my blazer and my skirt. I loosened my blouse buttons and went directly to the bathroom to wash my face. I went to the bed immediately to have a quick rest. I turned on my laptop and browsed through my files for discussion. I dialed Linda’s number, had a talk with her, dialed Penny’s number, talked to her also.

Around 6:15PM, I sat on my bed and started reading and replying emails. 6:35PM when the team con-call started with Alex chairing the meeting. Like the usual team meeting, we went through the project updates per se. I have the option not too join but I do not want to miss the updates and go through it again when I return to office. That will be a total waste of everybody’s time. 6:45 and it’s midway our meeting. My eyes were about to close when the doorbell rang. I ignored it thinking that it’s not actually my door that was ringing. On the third buzz, I cut through the discussion. “Hold up guys give me a second, but go on, I can hear you guys over here.” 

I checked through the peephole to see who’s outside my door and to my surprise, it was Josh! I immediately opened the door and before I could even say a word, he said “Fancy sharing the dinner with me?” as he handed the package to me. “I am busy! I actually have an ongoing con-call.” I whispered to him. “I know, I can hear it.” said he as he stepped inside my room without waiting for me to actually invite him in. Also, would you mind putting on your bottoms first?” Josh said as he closed the door.  

Oh my lord! I was in such a hurry that I have forgotten that I am just wearing my blouse. Good thing it was a bit long and it concealed my undies. I grabbed the bathrobe that was inside the dresser and put it on as I walked back to the bed. Josh followed me and sat on the sofa beside my bed, his eyes fixed on me.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, a delivery guy just dropped by my food” I smirked at Josh, he shook his head in disagreement. The discussion went on for another 30 minutes and Josh just sat there patiently, listening to our call. “Andrea, tell us how your day went before we wrap up the call, if you don’t mind?” Asked Alex, followed by “No plans going out tonight? Party, drink, date out some boys maybe?”

“Go through my calendar and see for yourself if I can still party, drink and meet with some boys. I totally hate you for giving me a very hectic schedule” I snarled back at my boss. “It’s not my fault that you want to go on your own. I told you I can go with you next week but you insisted to go now. Right Ria?” He mocked me and even asked my staff to take his side. Josh on the other hand, scowled at me. “Okay why don’t we call it a day…” I said. “No wait up -- ” my boss interrupted but before he could finish his sentence, I immediately said in a fake tired voice “Boss – is it very important? Otherwise, can we call it a day?” “Okay then, Happy hunting!” he answered. “Bye!” Then the call got cut.

“What-- on-- earth-- are-- you-- doing--here?” I shifted my attention to Josh. “Dinner, maybe? You've been all over the place, your schedule was as mad as hell and I figured out that you are dead tired by now. So I saved you the trouble of going out so that you can rest instead.” I opened my mouth to argue but no words came out. “Shall we have dinner now?” Josh asked me with a tone close to begging. “I need to take another call. It will be another 20-30 minutes or so, and this is quite important”. I said. “Then take the call, I’ll wait.” said Josh.

My call with Pierre finished after 40 minutes. “Fuck my life! Shall we have dinner now? What do you have in there?” I asked continuously and sat next to Josh. “I bought a noodle from your favorite Vietnamese place, but it’s as cold as a dead now.” answered Josh. “Oh pity! But never mind, that’s fine as long as you’ll share with me, okay? I cannot finish that anyway.” He smiled and nodded.

We started chit-chatting about some random topics – how I'm living my life overseas, if I was always as busy as today, then Josh out of the blue asked asked if I have a boyfriend. “Boyfriends are a major pain in the ass” I exclaimed.
“I don’t believe you!” Josh said, laughing.
“Then don’t!” I snapped. “Why are you here though, aside from bringing me some dinner?”
“I just want to catch up with you. We haven’t seen each other for the past 3 years.” Josh answered.
“Hahahahaha that’s bullshit. I mean for chrissake, all along you know very well where to find me.”
“I know… but I have my own reasons.” Josh looked down at his feet.
“Yeah, I know… You and your reasons.” I said awkwardly, and then I stood up and started clearing the table. “It’s nearly 10, I think it's time for you to leave.” I continued.
“I’ll stay here with you, if you don’t mind. What do you think?” he asked as he looked me in the eye. I did not answer him back because I don’t know what to say. Ohmylord! Did he just asked me if he can stay for tonight? Ohmyfuckinglord. Being the flirt that I was, I started to get wet down there.

“Are you sure or not?” I chuckled at him and we both laughed. Josh was leaning on the sofa, his eyes still fixed at me, so I moved and stood in front of him. “What if I don’t want you to stay here?” I said in a very seductive voice. “Then I’ll stay just right outside your door” said Josh. “No, you can’t!” He reached out for my hands and pulled me towards him. I pulled back.

He leaned back at the sofa again, eyes fixed on mine. Then I immediately sat on his lap, our face barely an inch apart. “Do you know how much I am dying to do this to you? Do you know how much I longed to kiss you, feel your lips on mine…” I paused and examined his expression. I looked at his eyes directly. “Do you want me now, as much as you wanted me before?” he did not answer but instead, he kissed me -- a deep and exploring kiss that I longed so much from him. His breath was on my lips and the odd sensation made me want to kiss him some more. Believe it or not, this is the first time I was able to hold him this close, our first kiss even!

He moved his hands over my hips and rubbed it gently. It was not purely sexual, but a loving and comforting kind of rubbing altogether. He continued kissing me slowly, passionately and I got lost that kind of feeling. His kisses were sweet and it started to get too demanding. We alternately sucked on each other’s tongue and it went on for like eternity and then we stopped to catch our breaths.

I looked at him and his eyes met mine. There was I, still in front of him, biting my lower lip and suppressing the feeling that's overwhelming me. “You know how much I am dying to do this to you. At the same time you also know how much I respect you. You know that I cannot go any further than this.” Josh broke the silence between us. “I know. I’m sorry for pushing you too far” I sa... Read More

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