If We Ever Meet Again - Part 1

October 17, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Originally written by me some two years ago. Repost from another site under a different user name.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


The plane was supposed to arrive in Manila at 12AM and by my calculations, I should have arrived in the hotel by 1:30AM. But the flight has been delayed for more than an hour so I arrived in the hotel at 3AM. "Damn!" I muttered to myself while I stared at my phone’s calendar. I shook my head, took a quick shower, and afterwards I went to the bed and checked a few emails, sent a message to my mother, checked a few social networking site, then I dozed off. 

7AM when my alarm filled the silent room. 10 more minutes, I said to myself. I need to snooze some more because I barely had 3 hours of sleep. 7:15AM and I forcefully dragged myself to take a shower. I have a conference call with my client at 8AM and a candidate interview at 9:30AM. Since I am not really a morning person, I got a bit grouchy when my stomach started grumbling and I don’t have much time to grab a breakfast. I turned my laptop on and started to get dressed.

7:45AM when I received a SMS from Alex, my boss: “Get ready, we will start the con-call in a few”. “Got it. Ready whenever you guys are.” I replied back. I quickly grabbed my make-up kit and my Livescribe. I am just too lazy to take notes now so this comes very handy at this point in time. At the same time, I need to multitask and get myself ready for the meeting later on. 

8:03AM when my phone rang and I am midway in applying my foundation. “Hello good morning!” I said, then I turned on the Livescribe and jotted down on my notebook: Discussion notes – Technical Director, Philippines. I put the pen down next to my phone then I shifted to speaker mode so the discussion will be recorded clearly. “Hi Eunice and Albert, I am looping in my colleague Andrea, she is currently in Philippines for a business trip. She is the one in charge for oil & gas vertical…. ”, I continued applying my foundation while my boss is giving a lengthy introduction to our clients. I introduced myself afterwards and both the hiring managers threw in the specifics of the job vacancy.

I started applying eye shadow and made a smoky effect. I took a glance in the mirror and applied eyeliner afterwards. I looked at my wristwatch; it’s already 8:30AM. Man! This guy can talk more nonsense rather than going straight to the point and I am getting really impatient and sleepy at the same time. Thank God he finished already. My boss asked a few questions and discussed our rates and payments and our SOPs. I started to put on my lipstick. Since it is an interview, I decided to use my Ruby Woo lipstick, which compliments the color of my blouse. I am feeling flirty today and of course, I want to make a good impression to the candidates that I am meeting. 

I sensed that the con-call is about to end so I shifted my attention back to them. “Okay since we have agreed on the terms and I think the specs are aligned, we will draft the Terms of Service and we will kick off the search immediately. Andrea will keep in touch for the updates and follow up” Alex said. The call ended.

Alex was still on the line and he asked me, “Got time for a few catch up?” It was 8:45AM. “Okay, I have 5 minutes” I said. “But your interview is at 9:30AM, right?" Alex asked sarcastically. “I know! But I am still in the hotel room, my hair disheveled and all; I still need to fix myself! Now go on, what’s up?” I have a good working relationship with my boss. We always went for lunch together so offline, we chit chat like what normal friends do. He discussed how we are going to structure the search and the fees – the normal ones, which bored me a lot so I started combing my hair, and tucked-in my blouse – “Are you still there?” asked Alex. “Yup, go ahead I’m listening! But I really need to go in 5 minutes" I said. “Update me on your discussions later okay?” he followed-up and I felt like he has the usual smirk on his face. “Sure will do, Boss! Have a nice day over there.” Then I hung up. I took the Livescribe and draw a star on the notebook, and then pressed the off button. Discussions recorded.

I grabbed my bag and put my stuff inside. I made sure that everything was there – My iPad, my Livescribe, and a power bank. I took a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror, fixed my blouse again, combed the stray fringe, and put on my blazer. There I was, neutral tan skinned, 5 foot two inches tall with long, brown wavy hair, wearing a dark ash pencil skirt and light pink button up blouse, looking extra classy. "It's gonna be a lucky day today!" I said to myself then I headed down to meet with the candidate in the cafe downstairs.

It was 9:10AM when I arrived in the cafe. I quickly scanned the place to look for a nice spot to have a discussion. There are a few tables unoccupied in the very far corner. There's one guy occupying a table for two in the left side and opposite him is a table that can accommodate four. I took a seat there and put my bag on the empty chair beside me. From my peripheral vision, I noticed that the guy looked at me for a few seconds and then he shifted his eyes back to his laptop. Meanwhile, I took my phone out and dialed the candidate's number. Three rings and the candidate answered the phone. "Hi Jessie, this is Andrea. Are you on you way here? Let me know when you are near the place. Thanks!" 

I took out my notebook and put it on top of the table as an indication that I have reserved it. I took my bag and went to the counter. "Good morning!" I greeted the cashier. "Look, I am waiting for somebody and I really need a wi-fi connection right now. Is it possible if I leave you my credit card first then I will order later on?" The guy at the counter did not say anything so I just smiled at him sweetly. "Please?" I begged politely. And suddenly he scribbled the wifi password in a piece of paper and passed it to me. "Thanks kuya! You are so kind."  I said to him.

I went back to my table and the guy opposite took a side-glance at me again but I pretended that I did not notice him. I connected the iPad to the wifi and dialed my subordinate's number while I am putting on the headset. When my call connected, I tried my best to lower down my voice because it seems that I am starting to irritate the guy in the opposite table. "Hi Ria, good morning! This will quick, the candidate is on his way here but I need you to work on this right away. Based on the document that I have forwarded to you for the Technical Director role, can you please research on the direct competitors? Just do the normal stuff and send to me by the end of the day. Everything clear?" Ria on the other line just agreed with no questions at all.

Just right after I finished the call with Ria, my phone rang showing another candidate's mobile number. "Hi Marcus good morning!" Marcus asked for a re-schedule because he was stuck at traffic. "Okay, that can't be helped but my schedule is quite full the whole day. I might be able to squeeze meeting the meeting in the afternoon though, say around 4:30-5PM?" And that settles it. I opened my calendar to update it, and I could not help but frown looking at how terrible my schedule was. 

The guy opposite my table ordered his second cup of coffee. Hmmm... The smell of Caramel Macchiato lingered the air. God! That made me really hungry and craving for a coffee. Just as I was about to order my coffee, Jessie came in. I asked him what he fancied for a drink. He said he is okay with Cafe Americano. I asked if he wants to grab a sandwich too, but he said he had his breakfast already. I told him to wait for me in our table while I order our drinks. Jessie and I started our introductions casually, then I asked Jessie if he you don't mind me recording our discussion?" He said he doesn't mind, so I turned on my Livescribe and jotted down on my notebook: Face to face: Jessie Ong. 

The guy opposite the table gave a false, sarcastic cough, so I sipped my coffee and took the opportunity to look at him directly. He had been glancing sideways and it started to irritate me. When I turned my face towards him, he blankly stared at his laptop, as if trying to read something that's not really there. I felt strange because the guy's features resembles of somebody that I used to know. I shoved off the idea and focused my attention to what Jessie was saying. 

Half an hour passed and my discussion with Jessie has become very intensive with details. I have to get all these from him, of course, because I will be representing him to our client. The guy faked a cough again and just as I turned to look at him, he looked at me too. "Damn!" I mumbled. The guy opposite the table is Josh - the same guy who I used to know, an ex-boyfriend whom I haven't seen for the last 4 years after we "broke up". He seemed to have drained all the blood from his face when he saw me. I looked at Jessie again who paused for a while and looked at Josh and me and smiled. "Carry on please" I told him, but I swear, I wished I could just melt right there and then instantly. I sort of wished that Josh would just walk out of the cafe but he just stayed there, eyes fixed on his laptop while his fingers fiddled his keyboard. 

I carried on with our discussion without raising a suspicion from Jessie. Our talk lasted for an hour and twenty minutes and Josh was still there while Jessie and I were wrapping up the interview. Jessie and I stood up to shake hands and as we shook hands, a lady carrying a tray with an iced coffee and cake on it passed. Jessie slung his laptop bag to his shoulders and it somehow hit the lady's hand, making the coffee and the pastry spill all over the floor. 

The last thing I knew, Josh shouted something like "What the?!....", followed by some other words I wasn't able to hear clearly. His right leg was drenched with iced coffee and I have cake icing all over my shoes. Jessie said sorry to Josh then he settled the issue with the lady as they went over to the other corner. I passed some tissue paper to Josh and he gave me a blank facial expression. I started wiping the icing off my shoes when Josh spoke "I have a meeting at 12pm here. I came in early to prepare but look what happened now!" I was point blank and caught off guard but I managed to snap back at him. "I have another meeting at 12 too and this was clearly an accident. Now if you don't mind, I have a room upstairs, you have enough time to wash your pants and dry it up a bit. At least you don't smell of coffee and your pants are not sticking on your skin. Do you want my help or not?" I pursed my lips while I looked at him sharply. Josh did not answer back. 

Jessie and the lady passed by and obviously, they have settled the issue. Jessie ordered something and the lady waited at the collection counter then he waved at me and left the place. Josh, on the other hand, is still wiping the coffee off his pants. I stuffed all my things inside my bag and turned to Josh "It seems you don't have any choice, haven't you? Set your pride aside and come with me. This will just be very quick".  In the end, he stood up and followed me. 

Josh stood five feet 10 inches tall. He is fair skinned, even fairer than me. He was clean-shaven, which gave him the boy-next-door look. When we arrived in my room, I gave him a bathrobe so he can take off his pants. While he is undressing his bottoms, I turned my laptop on and checked my calendar. I am scheduled to call my boss at 11, and then call a client at 11:30. I still need to check on Ria. Damn such a busy day!

I told Josh that he could use the soap inside the bathroom. I gave him a towel just in case he wants to wash his legs too. "Do you know how to hand wash?" I asked. "Of course!" He said. "Okay then you can do that on your own. If you need help, give me a wave. I need to make 2 calls. Hurry up now, you barely have an hour left." I walked away and sent Alex a Message: "I am available to talk now".

My phone rang and Alex was on the line. I gave him an overview about the discussion earlier and my views regarding Jessie. I was pacing the room while giving him the updates. Alex was about to hang up and I asked him "Hey, are you free at 11:30AM?" "Yup!" he answered. "Cool! See, I am scheduled to call Bernice to follow up on the payment for the placement we did. Uhmm.." I paused because Josh was waving at me and I gave him a wait sign. "What's up?" Alex asked. "Uhhmm I am really having a bad stomach cramps, must be the coffee... Can you help to call Bernice instead, if you don't mind? Otherwise I can have Ria give her a call then." "Sure thing. I'll call Bernice then. Are you really having a stomach ache or are you just faking it so you can doze off before another interview?" Alex said sheepishly. "Yeah, actually I am. Thanks Boss!" I said sarcastically then I hung up. 

I went inside the bathroom and Josh was leaning against the sink. The dry part of his pants was hanging from his right shoulders while he was holding the wet part of his pants. I smiled at him and he faked a smile on me. He has this stern look on his face like some sort of expression as "what the fuck are you staring at?" look. "What now?" I asked and I swear to God that my cheeks flushed. "Do you have a hair blower?" Josh asked. "Well I guess this hotel room has, I suppose?" I jeered at him and flashed a wide smirk on my face while I tried to contain my urge to hug and kiss him right there and then -- in my bathroom. "Give that to me. I'll dry it up for you. Hurry and dry yourself up." 

He passed me his pants and I went to the dresser to look for the hair blower. It was inside the drawers and I took it, plugged it and then I started to dry the wet patch on his pants. I wondered if Josh could also dry up the wet patch that I am having now down there. It got wetter and wetter with every second that passed. The fact that we are alone in a room -- God! The thought drove me crazy. 

I was distracted from my thoughts when Josh leaned and kissed my forehead. Being the gentleman as he always is, I know that's the farthest thing that he can go-- but I really can’t tell. "Let me finish that myself, so you can prepare for your next meeting? We should be moving on by 11:50" he said, and then he took the blower from me. There he was, with the hair blower in his hands, leaning a bit while he was doing the thing made him so delectably delicious. But I restrained myself – “Thi... Read More

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