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September 25, 2015 (2 years ago)
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It's been more than a year now, tangina kasing pag-ibig yan. Pero walang magagawa, yun ang agreement natin eh. If one of us or both of us are in a committed relationship tigil muna tayo. And that's what i like about you, marunong ka tumupad sa usapan. And now it's my turn para tumupad sa usapan. Eto kasi ako, single pa rin for almost three years now.

In love ka ngayon, i can see it in your eyes and i'm happy for you, i really am. But that's not stopping me from missing you. Oo may nagiging partner naman ako paminsan-minsan pero iba ka talaga eh. It's like you gave me an itch that no one else could scratch.

You know i'm not inlove with you right? Namimiss ko lang talaga makipag sex sayo. Namimiss ko ang galing ng pag subo mo sakin, namimiss ko kung pano laruin ng dila mo ang dila ko. Namimiss kong hawakan at lamasin ang mga suso mo na saktong-sakto lang sa mga kamay ko. Namimiss ko ang ingay ng ungol mo na may kasama pang mura kapag enjoy na enjoy ka na. Namimiss kong paluin ang maumbok mong pwet habang nakatuwad ka. Namimiss ko ang kakaibang paraan mo nang paggiling pag nasa iba... Read More

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