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I may not have but last night....

February 14, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Hello FSS.Well since yesterday i've been selling Valentine pharaphernalias.Actually it's the usual items flowers,chcolates,cards,heart shaped balloons and the venerable condom.You see I made this package all for a certain amount of money,full deal na yun sa gusto mong regaluhan tonight.Anyway,sa 1 motel nearby na kilala sa buong Metro Manila I offered it to the branch manager.Approved naman sa kaniya so it was added totheir own special Valentine's Day special room offer.So to cut itshort.orders started to come from others later sa motel.Since i personaly deliver it to the couple I made sure. I follow their rules in dealing with their guests clients.
This is where I confess.You can't avoid in looking at the almost or half naked client.Usually it's the male i encountered so far till the next 1 I was deliviring too was gonna surprise me when I do.So as I pushed the door bell and waited I lowered my baseball cap para hindi ko na makita ang face nang client.The door opens and it's the female.
"Yes ."
"Ma'mm Happy Valentines po yung Valentine package offer na regalo ni mister ninyo..." sabay bigay na sa kaniya.Gentlemen the female was wearing the most see thru shortest also kimono i've ever seen.And her package was like a balloon about to burst from that outfit.Rich in form,twins enclosed in her chest.I swear her nipples where protuding.
"Ay sandali!Bigayan kita nang tip..."
Wetaminet!Kilala ko yung boses nang babae ito ah?Pumasok na iniwang bukas yung 1 st door pero medyo naka  bukas yung 2nd door.Di ako sure pero I wanted to be sure if it's the one I once knew of.
"Oh heto 100 php,salamat,ha ."
Ay putris si ex ko noong hayskul days ko!Sure ako it was her.
"Salamat din po ma'mm" pahinang boses para hindi makikala niya.Sabay tumalikod siya,yung pagka iksing kimono ay para bang sa puwet nang itik kung kumendeng,napa sunod tingin na lang ako at eto ang best part....No undies.I swear and may Valentine Cupid shoot me in the heart...I saw her shaved gate of heaven last night.Dali dali na akong umalis,ni lock ko ang 1st door at bu... Read More

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