I Hate Saying This!

December 14, 2015 (2 years ago)
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It makes me look weak
I know Im not, that is why I hate saying this
It makes me vulnerable to pain
So, dont make me, please

It will only make you prouder
And me, huhh eating my precious pride
It will only feed your confidence
While Ill be feeling like I should hide

I cant say it, sorry
Even if its the right thing to say
Im just being a hard headed
But if I say it, will you stay?

Then you'll frown or sob
Like a little a kid who lost her candy
It will melt my heart and shakes my head
And just say like its that easy

Sometimes words are not enough
Though you still want to hear it too
So, Ill say it but I hate saying i... Read More

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Its just me, so nevermind :)
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