I Am A Child No More

September 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I hunger for love
Which I've been searching
I will follow what my heart dictates
For I am a child no more.

I want to be independent
I want to be free
Free to be what I like to be
For I am a child no more

I want to fly
Discover the skies
See the heaven up above
For I am a child no more.

Tell me not I am still young
I know how love feels and
   it's not an easy task
I still believe experience is
   is best mentor
For I am a child no more.

I want to see the endless
   bounderies of the world
Meet people and races of
   different sort
Set my emotion ablaze
For I am a child no more.

I have loved man of different
   age and race
That is why I feel this way
Give me one reason why can't I
Express how I feel I am a
   child no more.

I know it matters not what
   my age is
How young or old I am
There is one reason why I'm
   like this
Because I believe I am a child
   no more

I am pround to tell the world
That I am stil young
But one thing is a fact
I am a... Read More

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