How would you know if your boyfriend is cheating?

June 30, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I've been to a number of relationships in the past. Oftentimes, i am the one who brokeup with them. I am not proud of that, it so happened that discover their unfaithfulless or i have issues with them. Pero iba na yung issue now..

Honestly, my boyfriend and i are just OK. We've been together for almost two years. We met here in our province. We both live here. A year ago he was hired  in a company based in Manila. So our set up became long distance. I thought it was not going to work because i've been to that kind of relationship before - but for more than one year we managed to work things out....until now.

Because of his job, we only see each other twice or thrice each month. We communicate thru phones, skype or fb but not everyday because of his changing schedule. Lately, i noticed some changes (or baka paranoid lang ako). He barely text or call even if he is on a regualr shift on his work. Before, he used to check on me almost every hour.  He also failed to come home twice each month. This month he only visited me once, which is last saturday. We do the usual stuffs, mall, dinner, and church. But there is something cold about him. Wala na yung intimacy. Wala na yung spark (kung meron ngang ganun). This has been going on for two months. I have this feeling that he is seeing someone else. You know, yung tinatawag na instinct. Plus the fact that he created his own social media accounts (fb, ig, twitter). We used to share those accounts before.  

Sorry if i have to share this with you guys. I just want new insights on how to deal with this situation. Is there a thing like "signs if your boyfirned is cheating on your long dis... Read More

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