how to get tested for HIV?

December 29, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Hello everyone! I just did my yearly HIV test this morning. I usually do it in different clinics but the newest one beats the other experiences i had before.

First thing first, you can go direct to the RITM satellite clinic in Leon Guinto or you can make an appointment through the loveyourself website. Here is the site: or just go to and click HIV Testing.

After making an appointment, I went to their clinic and looked for the receptionist. She gave me a form to fill out and asked me to remember my number (for anonymity) as they will call you by your number. 

When you finish filling out the form, they will extract your blood and a counselor will talk to you about the test, answer all your queries and prepare you for the result. The counselor will let you know how long the test will take. It took me only an hour to get the results as there were only a few who went there because its a sunday.

When the results are in, a counselor will be with you when you check the results. You can open the envelope or ask him to do it for you. The counselor will let you know what you should do if ever you get a positive result. 

Oh, i almost forgot. The test includes syphilis and hepa-b testing too. So i got a negative for all three tests yet the counselor asked me to come back for testing after 3 months just to make sure.

Well, i usually do it yearly but i think i'd go for the quarterly testing as i do have an active sex life. Hahaha! I seldom do bareback and i prefer the guys to wear a condom but the thing is, you never know, right?

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