How I Guide Her to a 3some (MMF)

March 5, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Hi...just want to share my thoughts and experience as a married man. Should you see this disturbing i apologize. This is more of sharing my experience than erotic story and hoping na meron din same case as mine.

I'm not a good writer, in fact this is my first time to write in my whole life..Just an info about us. Im 39 my wife is 34. Been married for 10 years now.

This is how it started....

I was searching sa net ng biglang me nag pop up when i check its an adult site. Out of curiosity nag browse ako and came to a video of 4 people (2 couples) having sex.Instantly i felt a jolt all over me. That was the first time i heard the word swing. So secretly i started checking and watching the site when i ever got a chance. Eventually like every secret nahuli rin nya ko (wife). As expected nagalit, kasi feeling nya i'm looking for a woman and worse a couple. Sobra hiya ko sa wife ko that time kaya i stopped.

About her, Relihiyoso, conservative, saka moody,but over all i could not ask for more. I believed ako nag introduce sa kanya ng panonood ng porn and she seems to be more steamy every time we watch. May one movie na there's one girl and 2 guys. although hindi sya expressive na tao i knew me effect sa kanya un ganong scene.

Then nalipat sya ng work overseas since biglaan di na kami nag karoon ng preparation so off she goes. hirap pala ng malayo sa asawa lalo na sa gabi na nakakaramdam kami, hindi naman pwede mag cam to cam kasi me kasama sya sa room. One time nag uusap kami na sabi nya skin na un kasama nya raw na puti (babae) nakita nya me vibrator natawa naman ako then throw joke on her, maybe you should get one. Nagulat ako sa sagot nya na wala naman mabibilihan dito, saka kun meron man di nya kaya kasi nahihiya sya, kun gusto ko daw bilhan ko sya.Medyo uminit ang pakiramdam ko sa sinabi nya pero syempre di ko pina halata kasi she might just be playing tricks on me.

Almost a year i decided to visit her. All are set then naalala ko ung vibrator and ask her gusto mo ba pasalubungan ko sya. To my surprise she said yes. 2 months before i leave medyo nag kaka problema na ko sa work ko that time and thinking na to look for a new one pag balik ko galing sa pag bisita ko sa kanya.

Ang sarap pala ng pakiramdam ng yakap mo na mahal mo parang feeling ko bago ulet kami.Pag dating sa bago nyang tirahan ( kumuha na sya ng sarili nyang Room) sobra sabik ko sa kanya pero dala na rin ng pagod at gutom na katulog ako. That night binuhos ko lahat ng pananabik ko then naalala ko un vibrator. Pina kita ko sa kanya at natawa sya. kasi nga first time namin naka kita ng actual na dildo..I started kissing her sa lips then down sa boobs then slowly inserting my finger sa pussy nya. She's so wet that it was dripping. I went down and eat her pussy then slowly reaching for the dildo. Unti unti pinalitan ko ang dila ko ng dildo, bahagya lang muna since its twice bigger than mine. as it goes to her inch by inch i guided her hand to hold it and have it do it on her own. Like sa porn movies when they DIY. Then i position my self sa mid section nya para i can suck her tits. to my surprise she reach for my dick and started sucking it. Fuck ang sarap ng feeling, from that moment i knew something inside me turned on.

Wala yatang gabi na di kami nag se sex. Then unexpectedly i got an offer for a job. Since i was planning to quit na sa current job ko it was easy for me to decide plus she got another 2 years of contract so i decide to stay and work na rin para hindi na kami mag ka layo. Every thing went so well as we go on pero every time we have sex di mawala sa isip ko watching her having sex with another man, minsan i masturbate pa sa C.R. which i don't normally do.

As we goes naging bold and adventurer na rin wife ko pag dating sa sex. Sa car, beach etc. But still same thoughts is in my mind....

On night i asked her to go out. Beach bar...We had dinner then drinks. Nag lakas loob ako sabihin if we could try a 3some. As expected its a big NO! Para kong binuhusan ng tubig but what can i do hindi naman talaga normal un gusto ko. But it doesn't stop there, from time to time sina sabi ko sa kanya ung fantasy ko on a better occation she do foreplay na me third wheel. But all was in the mind.

One time i introduce her sa adult web site and even convince her to be a member and post a picture of her saying looking for a guy for a possible MMF. We were over whelm sa dami ng nang hihingi ng YM. Selectively me mga ilan syang pinag bigyan at kina usap. But most are foreigner, me ilang pinoy pero she throws more attention sa puti particular sa 1 guy na australian. There would come a time na the guy would show his dick to her. I would let her stay in another room. ( we rent our own house na) and they will chat for hours, i could see she's getting into it and horny but there's always something holding here.

Then came our first was so rewarding. Na kalimutan namin/ko about my fantasy. Na focus lahat sa baby. I admit malaki nabawas sa sex life namin but it was all worth it. 2010 my wife and my baby need to go home, namatay kasi father nya so she has to be there for three weeks. ako naman hindi maka sama kasi matagal pa schudule ng holiday ko. Finally na ka balik na sya from Philippines, 3 day before i made a reservation sa isang hotel na nsa taaas ng bundok. She knew whats on my mind kasi i ask her iwanan na anak namin sa bahay. We ate and drink, kwentuhan. Phisically i was with her pero mentally nsa hotel room na utak ko. When we decided its time to go sa room medyo tipsy na kami and since hindi namin naubos ang food at drinks pina dala ko na rin sa hotel. She took a shower habang ako nag se set up ng tripod for the camera, after doing so sumunod ako sa shower. I started putting soap on her back then legs, then sa boobs then sa pussy to my suprise she push me againts the wall and hold my dick stroking it gently lubricating it with shampoo. Fuck ang sarap then after rinsing she went on her knees and suck me like she never isip ko mas na miss nya cguro ako for her to be agressive as this.

After that i ask her lets go sa bed, she comply but ask to give her a few more minutes. Pag labas nya ng shower na gulat sya kasi me camera. I started taking pictures, nun una naiilang pa but she gives in and started making posture of her own.I pull out her dildo and inserted it in a pillow and ask her to sit on it while i film...

She did it like a pro, Hindi ko alam kun dala ng alak or dahil sabik rin sya but who cares..We fuck all night like it was a honeymoon she even gave me the best bj by letting me cum inside her mouth (which is not normal samin).Since then lagi na kami nag foreplay ng threesome using her dildo.

2012 we finally decided to settle dito sa pinas. when the second baby comes medyo nag lie low din kami like sa first baby namin. But recently medyo were getting active on a regular basis we stay sa condo pag bakante . We both love massage kaya what i will do i will book a massage for both of us. At first babae but i keep on complaining na kahit sino masahista basta babae di ko ma feel. ( medyo malaki kasi build ko ).then 1 time sabi ko gusto ko try lalaki baka sakali maramdaman ko masahe...nun una ayaw nya kasi nahihiya sya kasi un na rin mag mamasahe sa kanya but pumayag na rin sya under the conditions na its a legitimate massage therapist and decent enough. Marami kasi fake sa internet.

From there nag karon ako ng idea. Just the thoughts of seeing her being massage by a guy turns me on. So i device a plan...check sa internet, got in-touch with this guy, made arrangement. The night comes, i told to my wife andito na sya lalabas lang ako to get him. When i saw the guy i was disappointed kasi prior sa usapan he would come in uniform, i was shocked to see him wearing shorts and slippers. I said to the guy wait lang have to talk to her and went back to our place. I told my wife the the situation and said to her i can send him back if she dont like since we can always look for another . Knowing her she just said kawawa naman sige patuluyin mo na. But the actual night i gave instructions sa guy what to do and what my motive. That he will massage her until he gain her trust and gradually make it a erotic massage, if she gives in the rest is up to him but if she react dont push. Pero upon seeing him binawi ko lahat un, sabi ko straight massage lng tayo.

I stopped looking sa mga freelance massage offer since nadala ako sa una. I made inquiries sa legitimate spa na nag oofer ng home service. I made arrangement with the second guy and plan na in person ko na lnag sasabihin un gusto ko. So it came, the guy is legit and very polite. I talk to him and said what i want. He seems confused ( sino nga ba naman di malilito). I'm very sure we went inside the house still lingering what i've just told him. After me its her turn, the guy is pretty good he really knows what he's doing but to my disappointment it just a massage the guy didn't even bother to take my wife's shorts. Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko its time. Again we booked with the same spa with the same guy. We were both watching porno (threesome video) while waiting for this guy. 1 hour late na..check with the spa nasiraan daw wait ng konti..2 hours late di na daw makakarating kasi malayo. It ruins our night.

Third guy i did the same only this time different spa service since sobra disappointing un nakaraan. Third guy medyo maliit about 5'4" but you can see he's been regular to a gym because of his built. Before introducing him i told the guy what i want. That he can touch her in her private parts as long as she don't react, anything beyond that if it goes more than a massage is okay to me. the guy said okay............

Its her turn...i could see them since the door is open and i'm sitting sa tapat ng door watching T.V. My wife did not agree to remove her short and bra. He was massaging her legs up to her panty having hard time to see kun hangang saan umaabot daliri ng guy, back then front sa side ng boobs sa taas then put her on a sitting position with both her hands on her un hook na pla bra nya nun na ka dapa pa sya kya nun pa upo nya na laglag..halos sumabog puson ko seeing her topless beside the my angle nakita ko isang boobs ng wife ko what more un guy na katabi nya. After nun tapos na pla.

Talk to her after the guy went out. How's the massage? Di ko na enjoy too soft...sabi ko di bale let's get a different one next time.

4th guy...Looks better than all the previous. When straight to my plan. The guy was shocked but gets it straight away..same routine, me first then her. I can see this guy is doing what i've told him although di ko nakikita hangang saan umaabot kamay nya what i'm sure my wife is really enjoying it. After the session hinatid ko un guy and ask him hangang saan nya nahawakan and told me hangang singit lang kasi nag aalanagan sya, I told him its okay there's always a next time.Pag balik ko sa room i jump on her and to my surprise she was denying me and said mya na ng konti pero syempre di ako pumayag and when i finally manage to insert my finger to her she was wet...although di ko pina halata i knew she was getting horny with his massage..

I have to go out of town for a meeting and she decided to tag along. On our way back i was getting sleepy kaya she tries to keep me up by talking about our sex experience..natatawa nga sya kasi pag kalibugan daw nagigcing ako. Then sabi ko masakit katawan ko nito mamaya pa massage kya tyo tonight.Then napunta usapan namin sa masahista sabi ko he's good na enjoy ko masahe lalo na un sa singit ko, She replied bakit ako hindi mina sahe sa singit? from there i knew what she's anticipating. ( back then kasi pag kaming dalawa lang i massage her sending her... Read More

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