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Lately i've been having internet problems.Specially when its them days or nights na walang internet connection.They then to slow down until finally before your billings arives,you lose complete connections.Drats!But thanks to my 2 sons they decided to do something about it.No they did'nt pay the balanced account to the server I was subscribing to;instead they bought me a CP with internet hotspot capability.Now I get to connect easily as fast as I want too.
One day,as I was surfing,a blip came from my cp that informmed me of a unathorized user in my cp.I turned it off to prevent such entry."Puuuuutresss!Ba't nawala ang internet?Tinig nang 1 babae yun ah?sumilip ako sa labas,ayun 1 babae nasa labas nang bakod ko naka sakay sa kotse niya.
Time to deal with this 1.Bumaba ako sa 2nd floor nang bahay,lumabas at lumapit sa kaniya.Siya sige pa rin sa pag try try maka connect sa internet ko.(Unknowingly,i've changed passwords yet kept it open)Nakikita ko she was trying yet was unable to have access.
"Huh?Ay hello!"
"Hi.i'm Mr.M.I can't help but I heard your voice.Is there something wrong?"
"Ah..actually not really..." 
"Oh ok,see you around then..."
360 aboutfaced and walked backed when I heard her voice again.
"Would you happen to know the access code of this internet address?"she showed me her ipad that was locked in to my internet hotspot.Leaning over to her side I can't help but notice her well endowed chest,curvacious waist and bobbing ass that had 2 skin smooth legs.
"Oh that's my son's wifi,sorry I don't know its pass word"
How sad it is when you see a beautiful face suddenly pouts out.I wish I could dear but really your doing something wrong here.
"Shit,I really need to have access to the internet,its an emergency."
"Tell you what,if I get it you get in but afterwards no more after that?"
"Deal!"with her hand extending out to me to shake with in agreement.Soft fingers I pressed my calloused right hand to hers.
"Wait here,ok?"
She nodded this time she was smiling abit.
I left her outside walked inside and waited her out by counting 60 seconds then walked right back to her again.
"Here's the password its *****"
She typed it on her ipad and now had access to my hotspot.Funny how you notice the sudden change of body movements.1 moment its moving like a dead zombie but give in to its needs it instantaneously changes in an eyeblink.
"Ay salamat!Promise ngayon lang ito.My name is Elizabeth,but you can shorten it too Liz..."
"Wait,you familiar...hey are'nt you that 80's soft porn star?"
"Yes I am.I thought you would'nt notice it,guess I was wrong."
"Oh that's ok,i'm not going to shout it out to my neighbors here on the street."
To cut this blog short,she used my internet connection immediately and thanked me after disconnecting.
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