Hot-ventures in a shared bed part 2

January 8, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I wanted to get annoyed. I was about to come too. I was already so hot, wild and wet. But when I looked at him, I saw his face still so awed and heavenly at the experience.

I pushed him away and went straight to the bathroom to have a quick shower. His sperm is all over my body -something like worth years of hidden desire that erupted at last.

I closed my eyes trying to enjoy the shower when I felt his hands touching my nipples. I just let him...then he started sucking them, licking them alternately. Ahhhhhhh, it felt so good!

He started kissing me down, he continued to play with my nipples. Then I felt his tongue in between my legs as if forcing its way to reach my clit. "Shyet!", I whispered as I slightly opened my legs to allow him to fully lick my clit.

I moaned louder. "Shyet! Shyet!" I couldn't stop moaning. "Ang saraaaap! Ikama mo na ako!" I told him.

He stopped and carried me to bed. We were both dripping wet but we both hot and wild again. He held my hand and directed it to his penis. "Shyett" Ang tigas uli niya. Even much harder than the first time. "Putang ina mo. Ang libog mo!" I shouted at him.

"Ayaw mo? E ang tagal ko na’ng atat sa yo. Putang ina mo rin! Di kita tantanan ngayon! Wasakin ko kepyas mo!" As he said those, he opened my legs - wilder than ever. Then without saying anything more, he started licking my pussy - like all his tongue on my puke!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ang saraappp!" I never felt and experienced such before. I never thought that he is capable of such. "Putang ina mo. Ang galing mo!"

He stopped touching my nipples. Then I felt him insert his fingers into my puke while he continued to lick my clit. At this point, I couldn't anymore control. "Putang ina mo. Ang saraaap....Ayan na ayan na! Ipasok mo na. Fuck me John. FUck me. FUCK!!!!!!!!" I was already wild. He didn't stop. "Shyet, please pasukin mo na ako! Putang ina mo. Fuckkkkkkkk me!"

Then like a wild beast, he thrusted his long, big, hard penis into my pussy. "Ito, ito ba ang gusto mo? Ha, ito! Putang ina mo ma'am. Ang tagal kong nagnanasa sa yo. Akin ka. Akin ka. Akin ka lang. Wasakin ko puke mo!" And so wildly, he pushed and pulled and pushed. "Putang ina mo! Iputok mo na! Ahhhhhhhhhh..shyet. Magcome uli ako. Ayan na uli. Shyettttt!"

"Ayan, ayan na. Sa yo lahat ng katas ko. Saluhin mo. Waratin ko puke mo! Ayan..... shyetttt. Ang sarap mo ma'am!!!!!"

We both laid naked. My pussy oozing with his sperm. Wow! Pagsamahin pa lahat ng pagkantot sa akin noon, hindi man lang 10% ng sarap ng ginawa ni John. I never imagined that a woman can have multiple orgasms. I had 20 plus in one fuck!

I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. Then I felt him move. Pumatong uli sa akin. Shyettt.... Matigas siya uli! Putang inang libog! AHHHHHH!  

Pinasok na naman niya ako ulit at sinabayan pa ng halik sa labi, sipsip ng dila, habang nilamutak niya ang suso ko.  Para siyang baliw na hayok na hayok sa pagkain, walang kabusugan, walang kapaguran.

Pinaubaya ko na ang katawan ko, darang na darang na rin ako at tuluyan na talagang naanod sa bugso ng pagnanasa.  Di ko na inisip ang aming katayu... Read More

Part #: 2

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